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Shaede The Black Eevee
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Name: Pouli Gilean Savant
Eevee # : 68
Grades: 6th, 8th, or 10th
Paragraph: Pouli is a tomboy, gritty and rough around the edges. She doesn't care for stereotypes, and heavily dislikes sexism. She is ready to beat up anyone who puts her down, or her gender. She is a kuudere/tsundere type mix, but is loyal to those she calls friends. She tends to get along better with males over females, as she finds many of them shallow. She has a short temper.
( 6QWjjSvIwWMg8C8BCC4CX4XpIoAQcrlcTqez2WzmcrlyuVytVmma5jhuukCAtkDgtgRgtHFbclBPEwRwXnG E0FtHAjWhHC.png i can draw a better reference if needed, especially bc the old one is outdated and in my terrible old art style)
hello lesbian development
i am so happy this updated!
also oof anokin
i'm having naruto flashbacks lol
lmao i bet he holds his drink well
tobi just kill him
here's george, the "angel" over atty's shoulder
to guilt him into doing the right thing
nikol has a crush >:)
g i v e u s t h e c a t b o i
@mcslurpi: yeah ik but tbh it looks sick af m8
@Guest: way back in my middle school years, the boys bathroom had marijuana edibles that closed everyone's bathroom privileges
lovurly chirldren
"nobody liked it except those who did"
tired baby
@Guest: yyeaahhh it's stupid short eevee comic, it's really popular :/
@Guest: stretch marks