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Shaede The Black Eevee
I am an eevee that is completely black except for my white umbreon markings. I can melt into a shadow and solidify again. I am a pokemon expert and cats are the best, hands down, no exceptions. <(>w<)>
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this is so unhealthy but i can't help it
also, i spent like no time on this, how does the blindfold look so good
i drew this in class. I should be doing schoolwork. I should be drawing comics. I should be drawing dragon submissions. I'm late for all my work. what has my life become
do it tangled-style w/ the pan
it looks like he's playing a gameboy
@Silver the Eevee: you'll still get bad memes don't worry
It's hard to focus on comics rn, and people always judge when i draw them in-school
comics should be updated more regularly when summer comes.

In the meantime, i'll post random art of SRC
Inspired by survey done by T.S.
Take survey here:
frick it's sideways they're all sideways
Inspired by drawing done by W.I.
Take survey here if y'all want me to draw you a dragon:
it's sideways
Blind Wyrm inspired by survey done by W.V.O.
Take survey here:
Inspired by drawing done by @Garchomp joe ;D.:
Seal Wyvern inspired by drawing done by Matrix
it's sideways
Both dragons inspired by drawings done by J.A.
it's sideways
Designed by me
it's sideways
Dual Winged Salamander Sphinx inspired by survey taken by A.L.A.
Butterfly Amphithere inspired by drawing done by T.S.
it's sideways
Inspired by dragon done by T.S.
it's sideways
Inspired by dragon drawn by A.L.A.
it's sideways
Ogre Dragon inspired by "art" by W.V.O. (initials)
Shadow Wyvern originally designed and drawn by ME
it's mine
it's also sideways
arrrright guys i'm in dragon mode rn so send me your dragon drawings/doodles they don't have to be good (i've worked with very little) and i will draw them

i've already done like 10, some of my own mind and some of other's, i'll post them sometime
(this one was just a doodle, the others will be on paper)