Shaede The Black Eevee
I am an eevee that is completely black except for my white umbreon markings. I can melt into a shadow and solidify again. I am a pokemon expert and cats are the best, hands down, no exceptions. <(>w<)>
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Look at Vespyr being a cocky bastard...
Just started reading through this comic, great storyline idea!
Is it over? Don't leave us on a cliffhanger!
@Silver the Eevee: Pan: IKORE PUT IT BACK

Ikore: *runs off to get the collar*
@Silver the Eevee: (he'd flip) *uses badges to teleport back*
As soon as he's not about to die, Vespyr is immediately a cocky bastard
sorry I tried to punish you for your awful crime, Atty
@Silver the Eevee: Pan: WHAT!?!

Ikore: It caused bad dreams.. and stuff..
@Guest: Pan: IKORE!!!

Ikore: I-I .. thought it was bad..
@Guest: Pan: Ikore.. did you take his collar... (I'M REALLY PISSED U DON'T EVEN KNOW)
@Silver the Eevee: (So I may be on a scratch hiatus for up to 3 days. THREE. DAYS. WTF. I WILL HAVE A MILLION MESSAGES.)
@Silver the Eevee: (that doesn't work like that..)(btw I'm currently pissed at Scratch b/c I had some random thing up that was apparently bad? a "remix if you care" project that I remixed when I first started Scratch.) Ikore was oddly silent.
@Silver the Eevee: (sure) Pan: WHAT HAPPENED TO HIS COLLAR?
basic logic there lol *thumbs up*