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Shaede The Black Eevee
I am an eevee that is completely black except for my white umbreon markings. I can melt into a shadow and solidify again. I am a pokemon expert and cats are the best, hands down, no exceptions. <(>w<)>
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@Garchomp joe ;D.: houndoom, yeah. not a representative of a real person, therefore not a vee
actually not all vee characters represent someone but the ones that don't represent real people are dead so..
@Garchomp joe ;D.: i already have an umbreon character, plus shaede's thing..
vaporeon, shiny vaporeon, shiny jolteon, and shiny espeon are open for character spots
um if you're confused about what happened then just ask? I reread it and it might be confusing
yyep. next one has burning to death
Silver's backstory *start*
ollie was the best pirate
frond's not judging you, he only looks like it
yes he is
brotherly love~