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Shaede The Black Eevee
I am an eevee that is completely black except for my white umbreon markings. I can melt into a shadow and solidify again. I am a pokemon expert and cats are the best, hands down, no exceptions. <(>w<)>
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you done hecked up
vespyr the awkward puppy has been bamboozled again!
die bitch
i forgot about the abra and how cute he was
@Jazmin Zombie: let's crash this party *pulls out thieves' tools*
sounds fun <( ͡°w ͡°)>
one eyebrow above the hair, one below

also my theory was right
looks bad
@Neolancer: 'Tis only a flesh wound
remember the forgotten
Theory: There is one person for each colour (red, blue, purple, etc) and she's ALL the colours
rare pokémon, eh? hehehheheheeheh~
A forgotten one
I relate to her

also "fishes"
i'm getting some wolf-tricking-red-riding-hood vibes rn
thanks, it's what I do best
ah shit.. read through this just now, what a rollercoaster..
I guess he wasn't so 'lucky' after all