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It’s about time I updated this thing.

I’m LightBlueBlaze (if you somehow haven’t gathered that already), and I would give you a list of names I go by, but it’s grown a bit too long to even bother displaying now. Blue, Light, Blaze, Cerulean, and Violet are just a few.

I alternate between making art and sprite comics, so if you’re a fan of one but not the other, please have patience.
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No hedgehogs allowed?


Isabelle is best pupper though
What are you talking about? I did nothing. :P
How do these sound?

Wishfish (whatever description you want)
Morningdusk/Duskdawn (half light gray, half dark gray?)
Shredbirch (long claws, name is supposed to hint at a paper shredder)
Brokenface (I’ll leave this to your imagination)
Finchbird (again, up to you for descriptions)
Fireflame (Greatstar’s colors but is always on fire)
Nightlight (bright yellow eyes that both pierce into your soul and glow really brightly in the dark)
Clawtalon (do I need to describe this one?)
Footstep/Stepfoot (stomps about everywhere)
Yellowyarrow (yellow tabby)
Spottedleopard (literally a leopard)
Dogears (scottish fold cat with a stubby tail)
Quietwhisper (enough said, literally)
Sandbirch (another hidden pun, this time with sand paper)
Stripeswipe (another rhyme, plus he has a stripe on each foreleg)
Brambletalon (stereotypical disliked and feared cat, like Brambleclaw)
Rabbithare (long back legs, short forelegs, stubby tail, very long ears)
Jumpleap (he definitely did not skip leg day)
Mossflower (if you get the meaning behind this name WITHOUT GOOGLING, I will draw your character Bluepaw eating a cookie :P)
Bluejay/Bluebird (do I need to explain?)
Pinesol (Sol was his ancestor, they honored that with his suffix)
Sunshine (sounds like a Mary Sue, and probably is one)
Mapledapple (just sounds funny)
Marshmallow (never seen mallow as a suffix, but it is definitely a prefix so why not)

I hope you like these! :D
Poor SMF. Something tells me that the healing process has to start all over again.

Also, none of the intruders ever introduced themselves. Rude :/
Two people were sent to the hospital that day.

One of them might have deserved it.
I don’t know whether to love or hate Obsidian’s character. A character that is sure of themselves is nice, but she is rather smugly overconfident. Part of me is hoping that she DOES get in trouble for slacking off lol.

Thanks for the nightmare fuel, friendo.
Blue things AND doggos? :O

This may be my favorite page yet.
Ah this looks nice! :O

I would have asked to be in it (asexual), but I’m not in the server lol. Hooray for pride! :D
I see nothing wrong here.
If Smiffy had any good expectations of you, they are certainly SHATTERED now.



:D :D :D

Thank you for putting him in this!
@Wiispnightmare It’s done! :D

Oh dear lord, was this a challenge. I’m not used to drawing humans/humanoids, but I think this came out fairly decent.

I hope it’s okay that I drew a sunset/sunrise sky for a background, I had already done the lineart by the time you mentioned the golden theme (it was originally going to be a blue sky). I also took a guess for the colors of the pants and shoes, as I didn’t have a full-body colored reference and I didn’t want to bother you. If you want me to change it, let me know!
Cute little pupper :O

You just got yourself some cat lives D:
And then Smiffy proceeded to replace everyone in the comic.

The end.
@WiispNightmare Ooh, this will be a challenge, but I like challenges! Did you want a full body picture, a bust (I believe that’s what it’s called), or something else? Also, background or no background?
@WiispNightmare I’m sorry, I can’t think of who that is off of the top of my head! D: But I’m sure I can draw Underwing C: Do you have a reference or a picture I could use?
@WiispNightmare: Sure thing! :3 What’s the request?
Dammit Moses, you had one job!

Anyway, I need to know- how do you make such wonderful lighting/shading effects? Please teach me your ways! :O