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Hi! I'm Blue, but you can call me Light or Blaze of you wish! I'm just starting to create webcomics, so I apologize in advance if my art doesn't look all that good. I will get better as time goes on, I promise!
@Pokemontrainergigi: Not a problem! Hey, I’ve bet a lot of people have done that before- I certainly have! Sometimes your brain can’t juggle multiple similar phrases, and the sentence comes out wrong. Could or can, that is the ultimate question! XD
Too bad he’s not a fourth-wall breaker, or else he could have said, “Nice going, ‘monochrome-boy.’”

Also, I’d like to point out a grammar error in this page. “You COULD CAN buy those.” Which one is the intended word?
@WildfireK It’s a Briarlight clone! Quick, we must eliminate it!!!

@WiispNightmare Y E P

Luckily, he’s miraculously fixed now, but I’m still debating about having him be crippled in the allegiances. What do you two think? :3
Uh, Burnnose, are you okay, buddy...?

First my game glitches with the material cost, and now this. I think I’m going to have to update the allegiances and say that he was paralyzed in the forelegs due to an accident.

@WildfireK: That’s fine! Thank you for pointing that out for me, I had no idea. o_o I contacted Pocapp, so hopefully they can assist me with fixing it. Fingers crossed!

To try to make an explanation for it, maybe the dragons weren’t pleased with the idea of just one statue, so they were going to build four more...? Those greedy dragons! *shakes fist in anger*
@WildfireK: Wait, seriously?!


Well, this just got ridiculous. I know that they are trying to build a golden statue, but the number did seem a little off... Here is proof of what I’m talking about:
@WildfireK: Hahaha, I have a bit too much free time, it seems... ^^’ Even with a job, I still somehow manage to finish quite a few quests every day.

The only level 10 cat in my Guild is Braveclaw (Conan), but I have a handful of 9s, and a lot of 8s, so we’re getting there :D

But seriously, 150 GOLD NUGGETS?! They must be out of their minds!
@WildfireK: Wait a moment...

*checks Nolan and Baz’s section*

*sees that they both cost money*

YOU’VE GOTTA BE KIDDING ME. I thought you could get them for gems! D: I’m saving my money for something at the end of the month, so I’m probably not gonna buy them either. We shall see, though!

Ah, okay! I was wondering, because I think I’m catching up! I’m level 31, and currently at quest 51. That material requirement though... please, send help ;-;
Why am I not surprised that you had your cat say that? XD

I don’t quite know which cat to go for, but I’ll see if I can get Nolan first. He looks like Indiana Jones, I’d be mad to not attempt to get him!

What level are you, by the way? And what story quest are you on?
I guess they are trying to say that it’s TIME to forget about it...
Ah, you got Juliet! Do you already have Romeo? :P
Glad I could help! :3

*slowly puts down the pitchfork* There are no problemos here XD
*gets a rioting pitchfork*


lol You do have a point with the eyes, but it looks so much like a Vaporeon! Shouldn’t that make it less creepy to you?
@WiispNightmare: LOL Not quite! I bet he did get chewed out for using a pickup line at some point, though.

What did you think his pickup line was? I’m curious as to what would make you murderous :O
@WiispNightmare: Will do! In fact, check the next page... :3

That makes you a good friend, Wiisp! XD You are truly a master of diplomacy.
Does this make you happy, Wiisp? :D

They seem to be fighting again. Ah, love- it can make you do incredibly odd things. And yes, that includes verbally assaulting your lover.

So, here’s the question for you all... What do you think Alderleap said to make Featherbreeze angry? I already know the answer :3c
So, I’ve noticed as of late that Alderleap and Featherbreeze have been avoiding each other. Like, one will be on one side of the guild, and the other one in the opposite part.

Luckily, Thrushlight realizes what’s going on between her feathery friend and the scarlet-coated cat, so she steps in to give Alderleap “a friendly peptalk.”

Oh geez, now I’m tempted to make a short story about this. Not multiple chapters like my Warriors story, but just one single chapter. What do you guys think?
I knew ^^ I was doing some guesswork months ago in Discord, and I was told that my guess was right. I had to keep quiet about it, though. Great job hiding it, Neko! Most of the readers were truly stumped.
@WiispNightmare: Featherleap sounds adorable!!! :O

Alderbreeze isn’t bad either, but I definitely like Featherleap more ^^