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It’s about time I updated this thing.

I’m LightBlueBlaze (if you somehow haven’t gathered that already), and I would give you a list of names I go by, but it’s grown a bit too long to even bother displaying now. Blue, Light, Blaze, Cerulean, and Violet are just a few.

I alternate between making art and sprite comics, so if you’re a fan of one but not the other, please have patience.
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Happy Pride Month, everyone!

The kitty’s original design was created for me by Moonkitti, I think I might use it again at some point.

Does this mean that I’ll be posting more often? ... Probably not, but I’ll post whenever I’ve got something to share!
Poor Conker didn’t stand a chance. Rest in peace, good sir.

Well, he still avoided a fate worse than death- being stuck forever in Pokemon Home, aka Pokemon Prison. I think I’ll be staying with all of my Pokemon in Alola, thank you very much.
Originality is dead. The time has come to submit to our one pixel overlords.
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@Okaun: Ah, it is CLEAR that you have a point, though wouldn’t the world be EMPTY without puns?
Something tells me that we should aVOID that.
There’s a time and a place for saying things like that. This is unfortunately not that time.
@9rainbowtails: Ah, I think I remember you mentioning him a long while ago! My apologies, I’m very forgetful. And I can definitely see a connection with the clue you gave (I didn’t even think of that lol), but I don’t know what it entails. I wonder what it means... :3c Thanks for the answers!
Such a cliffhanger! I wonder what’s going to happen next.

I hope you don’t mind, but I have two questions: Firstly, what does EQUI stand for? (Sorry if that’s a silly question XD) And secondly, why was it stuck to Donny? Carla was holding it first, so why didn’t it happen to her? You don’t have to answer if it would be a spoiler lol.
The farm is a community, G.B.A!

You greedy son of a- *quits the game*
I just took a look at the page on DA, and I am absolutely speechless. I’m so glad that people like her! :D I had a bad day yesterday, and seeing this today made it all better. That fanart of her and Rig looks amazing, too. Hopefully this helps Rig get into practice when it comes to being a mother, if she is indeed expecting. Can half-demons carry children? That is the mystery. Also, may I please take the picture of Jora in the seventh panel of the latest page to use as my Discord avatar?

I hope the Widower doesn’t kill Neitha and discovers Rig’s whereabouts, something tells me that that’ll happen.

By the way, I saw that someone commented “Jora looks like Rhiker.” That was not actually the intention, I just like gray, blue, and silver shades lol.
Oh my lord!

I forgot to comment on the initial page Jora appeared on, but thank you for including her! I especially like how she’s an adorable little blep dawn. <3

You’ve got to wonder, does Rig feel flattered that these two are looking to her for protection, or horrified? We’ll have to wait and see.
Oh, silly G.B.A.
Mew came before both the egg and the Torchic!

Finally, I have a shiny space dragon! Thanks Arceus! :D
P.S.P has to be stopped- no matter the cost.

Especially for doing THAT dance.
I woke up this morning thinking to myself, “I really feel like making a cake.”
So that’s just what I did.

This is quickly drawn and messy, but it works. It also ties in with an advertisement, though I know many people don’t check out this mistake of a comic to begin with.

I’ve noticed that a lot of people here are fans of the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon series. Two weeks ago a friend of mine introduced me to a game known as Pokemon Mystery Universe- PMU for short. It’s an online Mystery Dungeon MMO. You can play by yourself, or with others! I tend to visit it a lot at night, so you might see me there as well. They are currently getting ready to celebrate Halloween, so they decorated the main area accordingly! See for yourself (I’m the Manectric taking a nap):

If this seems to be your cup of tea, check out the website!
It’s awful, but I have nothing better. I’m sorry. :(
Here’s another character of mine, Lily! She’s a fairly minor character in the story she’s a part of, but gains more importance later on. Her favorite food is persim berries, and she’s about to eat the one you see there.

... I’m probably never going to draw a persim berry again, if it’s avoidable. It looks so bad.

I think Lily came out okay, though!
@WiispNightmare I think whoever made the prompts must be confused about what month it is. XD I can just imagine this scenario playing out:

Random guy: Hey, did you get your costume this month?

Prompt-maker: Uhhh what for?

Random guy: Halloween, of course!

Prompt-maker: Oh, you mean the holiday with the turkey and the feast?
@WiispNightmare Yes, you can hug him! :D

Now that you mention it, you’re right- you did recommend ice cream flavors for the name, but the random generator chose Pine. I’ve actually considered restarting the Nuzlocke, but in Ultra Sun instead. Thoughts? If I do, I might choose a new name for him, and it will definitely be an ice cream flavor (though he will be occasionally called Pine in the story if I do make it, as a reference to his old name). :3c
“Hey, it’s Moonkitti. With an ‘i’ as in, ‘I’m already so done with Inktober.’”
I told myself I was going to draw some scenery today.

Then, a headache came.

So I ditched that idea, at least for today.

For those of you who don’t know, Moonkitti is a YouTube user who makes hilarious Warriors/Pokemon/Wings of Fire/miscellaneous videos! Go check out her channel, if you have a moment: