Hi! I'm Blue, but you can call me Light or Blaze of you wish! I'm just starting to create webcomics, so I apologize in advance if my art doesn't look all that good. I will get better as time goes on, I promise!
@WildfireK Great, thanks for asking! :D The Meddlers- *ahem* I mean The Few are about to come into play, and Lynxie has put Vega in her place >:D
@Darvin I miss that comic D: I have to wonder why the author took it down, but I'll respect her decision. Did you like it a lot too?

So, I just realized- what does Power look like? And are there any random OoP names you want me to use?

Oh, and your favorite psychological ball of fluff has finally made a cameo :3

I want to say 50%, but it's not a definite because I haven't yet decided whether to make "the important scene" *don't want the peasants here to know >:3* longer or shorter. Once I feel as though I've gauged that well enough, I'll send you one final preview before the final draft!



This is a wonderful piece of art! :O
>Inspect the symbol on the wall. Why are there conveniently arrows pointing at it otherwise?
Dang it SMF, all you had to do was look behind you and he never would have been able to sneak up from behind! You've failed us all.

Great page, SMF! :D
"After that night, Rune was never to be seen again. She was reported as MIA and no one had any information or leads. One lady was reported to have strands of black and white cat fur on her shirt, but there wasn't enough evidence for her to be convicted. The investigators distinctly remembered her saying something a little suspicious: 'I just love cats! I must pat ALL the kitties!' In any case, the investigation has hit a dead end."

I don't think that whoever dropped the wallet would be so generous as to leave their personal info in there for you to find. However, you might find some cash in there...
Ooh, what horrible thing does our precious little Halloween ornament fear? :3c

I'll post the next two pages as buffer, there'll be one each Sunday!
I was wondering if this was too much exposition, but after a chat with the lovely Shadowstalker, I decided to post it after all. Damn, I've had this page and the next for two whole months now... ._.
Aw, they're sharing puns in ignorant BLISSEY. I RELICANTH do any better, but they sure have skills. Yeah, that's right, I'm talking about MEWTWO over there! I should honestly GOLBAT to school so I can learn more puns. Maybe this time I'll LITTEN better, and not get so DROWZEE that I'll have to sleep. Ninetales and Sylveon should come with me, I'm sure the people there can PICHU a thing or two. We can learn about PORYGONs and DECIDUEYE forests, and even see who will STARLY in the next school play! But never mind that, with your hard work making puns it would BIDOOF you to get some ice cream, maybe VANNILISH flavor. Not all of us get the LUXRAY of eating sugary sweets! Would you be a DEERLING and make some more puns for me? On a random note, I heard that electric tools can ZAPDOS GRUBBINs right out of your garden, so they protect the plants! I think I've rambled too much, I'll take my LEAVANNY now. ARIADOS!

Wtf did I just do O_O
@WildfireK UM



Note that I said "if I push myself." I admit that I tend to slack off after a while, but I think I know what I want to write for it. It's just a matter of getting down the words XD
@WildfireK That was Coal? :O I couldn't tell if it was him or Lynxie, but the former makes more sense lol.

Also, in unrelated news... if I push myself to do it I might be able to post the next chapter of the Sixfold Saga tonight. No promises, though!
@WildfireK I didn't even think of that XD

Maybe I should color it black and give it yellow eyes
I don't know.
I don't even think I can justify making this.

Idk, I haven't posted anything here for a while so- *throws the page*

I made this in about 2 minutes XD
Let us have a moment of silence for the two brutally destroyed automobiles.
Rune, I'd suggest running from the crazy cat lady, they must have kicked her out of an animal shelter for a reason!

I hope this investigation doesn't hit a "wallet" was getting very interesting.

... I'll take my leave now.
@WildfireK YES

"Sorry Lynxheart, but your apprentice is in another territory!"

Plot twist: Coal IS the final boss XD
Oh noez! Rubystar kidnapped Coal because Lynxheart abandoned her! Someone needs to rescue Coal, before it's too late! RESTORE ORDER, FROSTSTAR!!!

... Idk why the hell I typed this XD
@WildfireK AAAAAAH I forgot to include her in the picture!!! D: D: D: Plz don't kill meh, Holly!