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Hi! I'm Blue, but you can call me Light or Blaze of you wish! I'm just starting to create webcomics, so I apologize in advance if my art doesn't look all that good. I will get better as time goes on, I promise!
WOOHOO ARSON!!! ... *ahem* I mean, oh no, bad Eevee, shame on you! I totally don't approve of what you are doing, ahahaha...

I like the way the page is worded, very elegant in execution :)


It looks FABULOUS!!! :D Thank you so much! Heatherpaw's expression perfectly portrays her personality lol.
I'm not Mewgon, but Imma give this my seel of approval anyway :P wkk.png

The current one, in my humble opinion, is a little bit cluttered. This one is less jumbled and since the text is at the bottom people can see the images better :D
Done! :D He's added in. Sorry about that, I think I recall you sending a message to me about this but I recently deleted most of my inbox to make more space ^^"
@WildfireK: Yeah fair enough lol. (idk if you noticed, but the comic I referenced was Hey. Didn't know if I made that clear enough haha)

I do indeed remember! It was only like that for a little while after I came, though. But even then I lurked around as a guest for some time before I finally joined, I remember it well. You did a good job with sprite editing!
@WildfireK: Give yourself some more credit! Hey, by the way, how far into the story should the #Shifi side plot appear?
@WildfireK: Same here, there's gonna be so much destruction that I don't know if I can neatly describe it. Such is the Life Of A Comicmaker, right?

@Darvin: But first he needs to find some way of travel. Hmm... I know! I think the S.S. Ships is still at the dock, let's go check!

(I applaud your comment)
@WildfireK: Indeed there is! Don't expect all of them to make it Home alive, the culprit is very persistent...
@WildfireK: I know, right? :O With a murderer on the loose, quite a few of the warriors are On Borrowed Time, that's for sure!

(tried to use one of your comics but I couldn't think of anything XD)
@WildfireK: Uh oh! Something about the WaveClan cats' unnerved attitude is making me wonder what could possibly be Hanging In The Balance. Let's pray that they don't accuse ShadeClan of anything.
@WildfireK: Thank you :') Even though it will be dark there, hopefully up above The Stars Shine Bright.
Craaaaaaaaap D:

You said to add them in, right? My bad! What's their description and Clan?
@WildfireK: Imma join in by saying that when I retreat into the shadows, Forget Me Not!
I bet she's saying "BOI, you need to stop eating so much peanut butter." Idk if she'd complain about eating strawberries with spoons- I do it too and it doesn't seem unnatural XD
@WildfireK: At least one of us knows about physics XD Though my teachers said I was good at introductory physics I decided to never take it again lol.

With all of these rhyming words, I'm getting tired. Maybe it'll be good to rest during a vacation to New YORK
@WildfireK: It doesn't rhyme, but WORK is spelled the same way.

Also,TORQUE is a physics term ;3
Tune in tomorrow for the series finale of "Will Shadow Say Yes!" Will she agree to the plot of a forbidden romance, or will poor Wildfire be left to mend his broken heart after rejection?!
@WildfireK: Curses, outsmarted again! Hmm... Ooh, I've got two!

A STORK is a kind of bird.

You need a SNORKel to go scuba diving.
Maybe Shadowstalk could defect to ShadeClan and cause more tension between them and WaveClan... mwahahaha...

Bad Wifi, bad!