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Hi! I'm Blue, but you can call me Light or Blaze of you wish! I'm just starting to create webcomics, so I apologize in advance if my art doesn't look all that good. I will get better as time goes on, I promise!

It looks great!! I especially like the fins, you draw them better than I can! If I may ask, what else needs to be done? It looks fine as it is! Thanks for making it, by the way :D

Precious little puffball! ;o;
@G.B.A: He could have very well HINTED to Fight Club...
“After that night, GBA and TruDiS were never seen again. When SMF was questioned about it, he just burned the interrogator to death. Since then he has gone on to cause many more casualties.”
That awkward moment when a musical number becomes an argument.
Thank you!! :O I sent it to you!

More kitty cats?! :D *explodes at the thought of more fluffy kitties appearing* I can’t wait to see!
Hello! I just wanted to say that I really like your story. I’ve been reading it for a while, but I tend not to comment on stuff I like, being the weirdo that I am.

First off, let me just say that I finally looked at the character page (usually use mobile, but it is oddly cut off on the mobile version) and had my mind freaking BLOWN. This may sound a bit silly, but all this time I actually thought that Opal was a male ^^’ So to find out that “he” is actually a she quite shocked me lol. The same could be said of a few other characters, such as Diamond, Dirt, and Nettle- I thought they were all male, too. Oh boy, what a fool I am...

Also, could I please get one of my kitty characters to cameo in this as well? If not, that’s okay, but I thought that I might as well ask :3
January 7th, 2018
@Sky207 Oh, okay! I’ll call you Sky, it’s what I called you when I met you :)

And lol alrighty then. I like how the tears are multiple shades of blue, it looks better than just one.
January 7th, 2018

Is something wrong, Elise? (Do you prefer Elise or Sky?)
Okay, I think this requires an explanation.

So months ago a friend of mine known as Felicity made a Discord server where everyone has admin powers, aptly named Anarchy. After many weird conversations, Team Cat and Team Llama were born. I’m on Team Cat (obviously).

If you want to join in on the madness, here is the invite: However, insanity has free reign there- before you ask, Wifi, yes, they do eat cookies with forks. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.
@WildfireK They keep calling me, beckoning

I know that one too! :P

Anyway Shadow’s all like “bow down to me, peasants!” Nice job, Sky!
Happy holidays! Geez, that’s a lot of stuff to happen all at once o_o Good to hear that you finally graduated, though! Any advice for someone who will be starting college soon?

I’m surprised I didn’t already support you on Patreon! I just fixed that ^^
Thank you all! :D

@WildfireK Here you go, sir! *hands him a plate with a slice of cake on it* Also, here’s a question: does Lynxheart have any philosophies about cake?


There’s so much now here, too! The dog keeps coming back inside practically covered in snow after being out there for a few seconds.

@HollyTheFluffyCat You’ve returned!! *dances about in excitement*

Okay! *mumbles a few words and suddenly a slice of cake magically has strawberry filling in it* Here you go! Don’t ask me how I did it- if I told you I’d have to kill you.
I have a challenge for you, Fire Storm >:3 I dare you to draw me! Can you draw a Vaporeon? Let’s see if you can :3c

If you need a reference, there’s one in my Random Art thingy. If you choose to do this, then good luck and thanks!
I’m almost two decades old, woohoo!!! :D
Yes, January 4th is indeed my birthday! And not only that, we’re having a blizzard today, which totally makes my day. Yes, I know that I’m insane :D

Anyone want some virtual cake? It’s chocolate :3
Oh, I forgot to mention: these Pokémon replaced Bulbasaur, Ivysaur, and Venusaur.
So, I am working on a project: I have randomized pretty much every single Pokémon in Emerald, and I will create new Pokémon
based on what I am given to work with. While I may have temporarily lost interest in art, I may post some lineless sketches. Abilities will have to wait until I get home, as I am not near my desktop at the moment and thus cannot check. Pardon the messy sketches, please.


Wyrark- Dragon Type, Spark Wave Pokémon
It detects lightning storms with the feather on its head. Lightning bolts are a treat for this Pokémon.

Wyrvolt- Dragon/Electric Type
Though it preys on electric energy, it will still hunt down other prey if needed.

Wyreus- Dragon/Electric Type
Using the wings it has gained, it will travel the skies in search of violent storms.
What could possibly go- Oh, wait... I'll shut up now ._.