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Uh oh, Zaddy's in trouble~~~ hehe
And the plot thickens. Jealous Zaddy is adorable. Val needs to come and check what's going on >.> I haven't rad this in a while, I was surprised at how many pages behind I was, but...I'm glad I got to read so many. Now then, cliffhanger...why...

I approve of this... ;)
He means Val...

YAY PR0NZ, You know me so well... :DDDD
August 13th, 2011
I think Val's had just about enough of this "friend's" date Dx

YAY PRONZ <33333
OMG yes...I did enjoy that speedo very much >.> the chibi's now are just TOO adorableeeeeeeeee~.

Random girl moving in on Zaddy's woman. QUICK, DO SOMETHING MANLY.
Feel better soon!
LMAO. oh my god, Abel is so freakin' adorableeeeeee

[A sketch of Glory at the beach, wearing a speedo... it's a rather OOC picture..] <---- THIS. <33
Pahaha. Poor Val~
LOL! Poor Zaddy....

Ohmygosh, another comic? Yay!
LOL. That makes perfect sense though. Of course he didn't pay for Abel...looooool.
June 13th, 2011

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LMAO! Awhhhhh poor Val :( He's like "whatever gaize" stoic as per usual. Vallllll we love you~
Well, at least Zadel knows... lmao
Not an attention whore?!

I think not ohohohohohoho~ S'okay Zaddy, we love you that way <3
Leave it to Zaddy to ruin poor Abel's fantasies... hehe
OMG I WANNA WORK THERE! Then I could big Abel all day........ Ohohohohoho
OMG, poor Abel! He's so adorable! Why can't his clones feed the pets for him? D: