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I am a piece of garbage making stuff. Hope you like my stuff.
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This was a nightmare to make, but it's been good practice for my patience and concentration.

Also, important notice, the style of each page may differ dramatically during the first chapter as I try to find something I'm comfortable with. I really do hope you bear with me on this one for a while. But I still stand by my promise to give you all the best pages I can make. However, it's important for me to find a suitable style that I like so that I can focus on making the pages as good as I possibly can.

Otherwise, I will be trying to shoot for a comic page a week to challenge myself. I will most likely upload over the weekend so I hope you look forward to it.
@Cryinator: Thank you so much!!!
This is officially the first page of my first ever webcomic! I'm so excited! :D
Thank you all for already showing interest in my project, 13 fans in just two days! And with only the cover page! I'm proud and amazed and am so happy that all of you want to find out more.
I'll post the next page as soon as I'm done. I'd like to aim for a more regular update schedule, but it's pretty impossible right now because school just started and I need some time to get into the swing of things.
Thank you all for taking your time to read this!