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Shadow The Unborn
It seems as though Smack Jeeves is falling into a state of disrepair. The site has fallen to the dogs in the sprite community.

It makes me sad to be a part of it, but I do not have the artistic ability...

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Hello. I know I keep popping in and out but you know what they say. When it rains, it pours!

So now that Photoshop is working, I got a more stable internet connection, getting my sprite sheets organized and such, I’m coming back.

Concerning my other comics.

I have come to terms and have realized that my ideas are far bigger than my ability. I got no dedicated sprite team or a personal artist so I have to scale back my ideas. So I won’t be producing anything like some kind of grand epic like I had originally hoped to make with Another Kind of Shy (Nephina), Star Legacy (Lisa), Yu-Gi-Oh 7E’s (Fuga), Fey (Annabel) or Self Worth (Roll) so effected immediately I have deleted those comics. Anyone who had cameos in those comics will get them in my newest one. A slice of life series. We got too many action sprite comics here anyway, so trying to join that market will be a rather stressful ordeal to say the very least.

Also, since I’m limited in stuff, I won’t be how I was, trying to desperately stick with certain bittages. I’ll bit mix, and if people don’t like it then fuck them. I lost too much time already trying to figure out what I wanted to do. So many years spinning my wheels, too many years not being on this site. Too many years not keeping some kind of contact.

Yes, my life is busy with college work. So I have abandon my aspirations of trying to be recognized as a “top dog” in sprite comics. I only got so many years left of my life left. Trying to be on top with this is just going to cause me stress. Remember how I had epic fallouts with certain authors? Remember when some jackass thought it would be funny to try and harass me from site-to-site? I ended up taking that particular trolling to heart, and took the attacks personally. That told me it was time to step away from it all.

But now, I want to come back. I feel I’m ready and Apple, if you’ll let me, I’m going to help with the 12 Days of Wintmass once more. I’m not sure when I’ll be ready to come back fully, but it’s depending on my college workload.
That's mighty kind, Rent. I'll gather m things and send you the info. *hugs*
Sorry for my absents
Apologies. Life ended up picking up on me. Finals got me, also some other trouble.

I see the comic has progressed (haven't read them yet) since my disaprance. I would be more eager to update, but I'm STILL lacking a bunch of sprites for Lisa. If this doesn't get fixed soon I'll be forced to fold.

Is ANYONE here good with Jump style and could help me out?
Last I checked, Blaze was a cat. It's in her species surname...Blaze THE Cat.
I'll roll out one tomorrow. And rather than dismantling the 4th wall for a justification why not just remake the comic, but the guy who did make it passes the script to you youdont12know and give him your feedback as to how you think your character would react. This is why my comics take longer.
@ Godmod: I had marked a door, but Clock overlapped it in the update. To get rid of the words on the bottom you just take a screen shot, copy/paste it into your favorite image editing software, crop and you're done.
@ Martin: No, I don't think its serious, I was just saying.
Well, seems like the place is filling up.

Though if we don't get more females soon Lisa is going to qualify for the Smurffet Principle.
The one weekend I got a ton of schoolwork to do and that's when everyone starts to update. Let me get caught up in the reading, and make possible corrections to Lisa's personality if needed and I'll update one all the intros are done.

As for Lisa not caring...I guess its cause her sprites are limited and no one knows what to do with her. Is ANYONE here good with Jump style?
I can do the next one to wrap up the fight. I just need to script it and go to class later on tonight, so I should have it up either when I get home, or tomorrow afternoon.

Also, that guys suit must be flame retardant. Or the jet lag is catching up to Lisa.
Now if only someone could expand on Lisa's sprites...
GMC should had made sure the sprites were given to EVERYONE since he STARTED the plot before leaving.

This disruption alone has tied things up. Clock, I think you should make the next one if GMC doesn't respond in 24 hours.
Here all.
Here's the Head Gangster recolor, complements of Martin Prower:
Seems to be a communication break down. I'll get it to ya Martin.
Sooooo...anyone did the recoloring of the gangsters yet? hell, who's next to update?
HAHA...Art pun for a title
Sorry, schoolwork delayed this greatly.

Also, someone needs to recolor the Gangster Sprites to look like the head guy. He's even more limited than Lisa. Would ANYONE be skilled enough in SJ style to expand on her?

Also, the comic looks lazy cause...WELL, its damn late here.

ON TO THE COMIC: I guess the paint brush is mighter than the thugs...then again they're mooks, so...
People...I'm sorry I'm taking so long. Something happened and my folks needed help. I'll be updating tonight.
@ Clock: Try not to get lost in their.

Also, I think certain tropes that are subjective (like Badass) can't be placed on the page by default unless by popular vote.
@ Godmoder: If you wanted to show it tonight, do it. I'll tweak the script accordingly.

ALSO, later on this week, I'm going to mess around a bit and make a page for character bios. It will be with a single picture of the character, brief rundown of them and just for fun, tropes associated with the character(s).

It will be expanded upon as the story progresses.
I'll be going to class soon, won't be able to make a comic till I get out of class, but I'll be working on a script and passing it to you, Clock to make sure the personality is in tact.