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Big birb <3
What a wonderful moment for character development! :)
@AssaultBird2454: "Once I get a team together, I can get sweet revenge on everyone who has wronged me!"
@MouseWithADinosaurTail: I mean, I was leaving it open cause you haven't confirmed that there WILL be either, but still

Hoooo boy, despite transformed humans being so instrumental in PMD stories, somehow the possibility never hit me for this one. ...Now I'm gonna overthink and second guess how that could play into the plot/characters, even if there are no plans for it.

What have you done to meeeeee
Can I just say how much I love the bartender Kricketune? And a Flygon main character? That's awesome! Don't stress out on delays; these pages have been very much worth the wait. :)
@Nekomata-chan: I wasn't saying that saying it's too long is a compliment. I was saying that it would help to balance it WITH a compliment, like saying how well it flowed as a scene or something like that.

Again, I wouldn't say it's a nitpick, but I understand the frustration. I did say that my perspective is from what's here and nowhere else, so I'm sorry if I came off as harsh. It's definitely not something that should be hammered into the ground like it has, so yeah. Best to move on.
@Nekomata-chan: The thing is, the complaints have (mostly) been civil. (Or at least the ones that I've seen.) Nobody was saying the fight was bad, or poorly thought out, or whatever. It's just that regardless of quality, it's natural to get antsy after around half a year of it.

I do agree that there should be more compliments to balance it out, though. It's still a very good sequence.
@Morzone: Don't get me wrong, it's great to have a thoroughly thought-out fight scene. But considering the fight started all the way back in January? Much like the other commenters, I'm relieved this is finally starting to wrap up.
The moment I saw Alyssa and Tony I started clapping ecstatically. Caught me by happy surprise. Aaaaa they're so adorable! Tysm! ;v;
Inb4 they find one of Charlie's feathers and think he and Rachel did it because they were failed again.
Alyssa the Helioptile
Wears a royal blue scarf

Tony the Buizel
Wears a royal blue wristband, tail is non-forked and floofier than a normal buizel's

Like some of the other submissions, these two are on a team together.

Cruddy MS Paint reference:
@Rune Knight: I'm currently running a Pokemon Mystery Dungeon RP with some friends, but it's my own system that's a mix of D&D, Star Wars: Edge of the Empire, and simplified Pokemon concepts. I made a (very messy) personality quiz inspired by the one here and they got Shinx and Zorua. We're three sessions in so far and while my stat system needs tweaking, it's been a boatload of fun.
Super excited to see how this goes! As for the main characters, I don't think there's much reason to reroll them. Like Flamel said, both their species and personality are unique and I'd hate to see them go. :)
(Super late comment here whoops)

I really like how you handled this prologue. The way you blended the establishment of setting and scenario was neat, and it was the perfect length. And of course, the art is top notch.

Super excited for Chapter 1! :)

Pretty sure that's an Axew, but I just can't stop second-guessing myself.
Everyone's commenting about the Lugia in the background, but I just can't get enough of that farmer Klefki. That's a role I've never imagined a Klefki taking, and I love how you pulled it off! :)