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KRA-KRA! (Hello there!) I'm Savina / ameoname and I hope you have a KRAzy good time reading my comic RAVEN KING!
You can write me in English, German or Bulgarian.

@eishiya: if you want to you can reblog this tumblr post l-be-moving
:) Thank you!
@b3nc0: XD I worked hard on every last bit of him!
And thank you very much ♥
@Liv3lafLuv: Momma, you wanna move in with your son-in-law? hehe eternal vacation! a Ratcoon in paradise... only thing is, the place is not non-flying-species-friendly O_O"
@The Orange Cow: we still don't know who has his phone now!!!
@KaiterSkate: that's cause they are artsy-fartsy words ;) ♥
this is a very wild version of type indeed!
@portisHeart: XD aloha? man I sure whish I was on Hawaii right now mmmhhhh sippin' a cocktail and learning to play the ukulele ♪♫♪
Vranilluminati CONFIRMED! XD #pledge
@R.O.-bot: thank youuuuu ♥♥♥ *highfives*
@b3nc0: sorry for the late reply (I'm under a lot of stress these days gnnn)
thank you for the nice poetic comment :D Yoni surely will find new friends... someday? XD
And will he forget his old one??? Tomo and Tourmaline...
@eishiya: Thank you for mentioning the FAQ stuff! I'll update the links :)

Abdominals: He has body fat as opposed to most drawn buff guys XD ♥

since most of my readers are on the RAVEN KING tumblr not my art tumblr I haven't posted on the art blog yet. Twitter is coming.
I'll write you here as soon as I have new posts, ok?
Thank you for offering to help :)
RAVEN KING 3 Cover 🙌 😏
Notice: I’ll be moving to a new city the next weeks and won’t be able to post for a while 😥 I really didn’t want a hiatus but additionally to moving I had to give back the graphic tablet I use to make RAVEN KING and I can’t afford a new one SINCE I HAVE TO SPEND TRILLIONS ON FRIGGIN’ MOVING *angry about how expensive everything is*
😘 If you can and want to donate some money so I can buy a new graphic tablet you are very welcome to do so via PayPal here:
or ask me about bank transfer / cash in case you’re from Germany or the EU and don’t want to use PayPal. Your help is deeply appreciated!
♪♫ Long lives the King ♪♫
@knorq: *loads the defibrillator*
@jayseesall @Clown14:
A lot of the things in the comments are going to happen but not in the order / way you think, as of now ;)
When you get to know Garvan and the Vrani you'll understand why there was no chance in hell Garvan would've had a merriage now :D please don't chop my head off! XD
@Scorpio730: yes! Garvan listened to the vision and AUM and Kaya (lol, it takes all other characters to convince him)
LAST PAGE! That's it for chapter 2 of RAVEN KING 😱👋 Yoni, congratulations for surviving 😇♥
NEWS: As of today you can buy the German print version of chapter 2 as well:
There’s no English print version for now 😢 BUT it is planned 😃 In case you want a German issue but have questions on how to order one (the buyer’s info page is in German only but I have some readers who like to have the German edition and compare it to the English webcomic in order to learn German and such) please contact me, ok ♥
🇩🇪 Band 2 von RAVEN KING ist ab sofort verfügbar zum Kauf:
@kwippo: wouldn't want to trade shoes with Yoni :/ hmmm and I wouldn't wanna trade shoes with Yoni's family / friends.
Nope. I'm keeping my shoes. XD
@jayseesall: XD I had the exact same shotgun comment in mind! tse, you were quicker!
@GessHugh: most straight up morbid comment so far XD You sound like how I imagine the killer voice in my head would sound like XD evil BUT fun loving.
@Scorpio730: I know I have plans for Yoni XD sinister plans? or nice, happy plans? THAT'S the question here hehe
@portisHeart: I am extremely entertaining in real life :) I do have some very silent, observing phases as well, where I just like to listen. Ying & Yang

"like, boom"? Is he gonna explode after he smashes on the ground?

I should just copy paste your teaser text in the comic's description XD
@The Orange Cow: whoops I misread: "only Satan can save Yoni now!"