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KRA-KRA! (Hello there!) I'm Savina / ameoname and I hope you have a KRAzy good time reading my comic RAVEN KING!
You can write me in English, German or Bulgarian.

@portisHeart: XD HOTTEST tux indeed XD very good pun action, Portis *high-fives*
@R.O.-bot: yes yes, we'll keep and nurture this precious relationship ♥ :D
@jayseesall: OOOOF COURSE I know what ya thinkin' XD TAM-tam-taraaam, tam-TAM-taraaam, tam-TAM-taRAAAAAM-tam-taraaaam-TAM-taraaaam ♪♫♪ lol I hope you recognized the song! my type-singing is bad XD
@MemaiShirosaki: Kraraa! She'll introduce herself later ;) soon!!!
@bent0: Thank you VERY much for the kind words :D
@AutumnWolf20: (>ö<)♥♥♥ the cutest Vrani around!!!
@portisHeart: yeees a chick XD I took upon the task to master drawing chicks as well, not only pecs XD so here she is hehe
and OMG the Vrani tux is ♥♥♥ This would make for a great Garvan diss towards Yoni XD
@Scorpio730: LOL yeah or at least a Vrani-For-Dummies book XD Dummies = all humans in this case XDDD
@The Orange Cow: not in a cooking way XD ;p
@portisHeart: I misread: lederhosen are great for FRYING creatures O_o XD I'm yet again hungry and my brain is giving me subtle hints XDDD
@b3nc0: She has been given a lot of tasks involving Yoni XD He should be thankful she agreed (that's her opinion XD)
and yes, he needs some preparation for the end of this chapter XD

aaand she's blushing in panel 2 (=°V°=) and now she's blushing because you ♥ her XD
@portisHeart: but maybe because of how bad everyone ELSE has treated Yoni, someone nice would be perfect for the job hehehe sneaky sneaky
@portisHeart: XD I would love the Lederhosen version as well XD Welcome to Bavaria, here's a pretzel and a beer! Zum Wohl!
New update, new character! No one saw HER coming! Not even Yoni! Fluff those feathers, girl 🌟😆
@dellacero: *circle of life plays in the background*♪♫♪
@Liv3lafLuv: XD I whish I could hear your anxious Ratcoon noises!!!

Yes Garvan totally ditched the tour -_- He's not the guide type... but Yoni will get a Vrani-For-Dummies lesson in the next chapter ;)
@IronDog: thanks :D ♥
@boiseboo: "LilYoni VS BigG - Tough Love" ♪♫♪ inspired by your "little Yoni"
@Scorpio730: as AUM mentioned the Vrani never had a human in their caves before... The expert is good in talking XD
Groom: "The bride's awake? Here. Hold my glass. I need to congratulate..." *tumbles*