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Oh-Ou! Garvan's not gonna like that... How rough will it get?
@jayseesall: XD yeah and he couldn't even wait until we decorated the throne room for the wedding!!! maybe that was Yoni's plan: to decorate the throne! :D
@portisHeart: why won't anyone listen to your advice to chill the pluck out!?
and omg now I had to imagine Yoni pooping all over he place XDDD Garvan: "NO! BAD HUMAN! BAD HUMAN, NO POOPING HERE!"

Poor AUM, you're really not up to date with human tech (>_>)" it's my fault I made you that way XDDD >D XDDD
@The Orange Cow: yap! land-and-perch throne :D
@memoryERROR-13: AUM does not steal, he gets stuff from the ravens hehehe Garvan likes shiny things as well but he's more practical with his usual outfits. Which is why I would love to see him at a special occasion where he has more bling on XD
@Liv3lafLuv: Momma, the place was lit, after your son turned on the phone flashlight app. I tried making it look dark without just drawing black panels where you can only see Yoni's eyes XDDD

Well, AUM didn't have that big of a choice, since the ravens brought whoever was in that forest glade XD Yoni then found the throne room *where all the bling is* XD

I guess for Garvan every human stare is a greedy stare. Momma, what can I tell'ya, you'll have to work very hard with making friends with that new King boyfreind of your son's :p

and yes, the throne is a "land-and-perch" kinda deal XD the King + 2 other imprortant Vrani (°v°)
@Miss: as always you are very observant 🌟 seems the Vrani are not up to date with humans and their tech XD there will be more about why that is later.

and Yoni will need more than extra chargers >D *no spoiler so no comment*
@AutumnWolf20: :D *bounces around happily* thank you for the ♥♥♥
@Hangonasec: oooh I'm happy you like the story and Garvan :D terrifying + gorgeous = ♥ XD
@The Orange Cow: wait, are the Illerminati even worse than the Illuminati? ILLUminati >> ILLERminati >> ILLESTminati XD
@portisHeart: "confuzzling" XD ♥
oh the vision / prophecy is coming! the vision pages are my favorite in the whole chapter :D
and c'mon, when did a raven do something irrational like flying amok? ravens plot. they have a plan, a scheme... krahaha
@Miss: well, the vision AUM is talking about gave some clues about the humans as well... you'll have to see for yourself ^_^ you will witness the vision later on in the story :D
and yes, Garvan is pissed XD can't wait until he finally changes his emotions so I can draw more than angry-looking Garvans XD
@LittleMissWissy: I gave it my best with the last panel hehe
now I have to work hard to change his mind ಠ_ಠ
@memoryERROR-13: gnnnn sassy Yoni comment time ♥ haven't been reading a lot of those lately :D
@AutumnWolf20: °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°
@Liv3lafLuv: Momma, it's "Oh. My. MOA." now! MOA is the bird God!!! don't embarris yourself infront of your son-in-law's family!

Tomo would be like: "whatever dude" *chill-pill* He wouldn'T have made for such a fun action scenes XD

Well, about the vision: You'll have to wait and see it for yourself :3
@jayseesall: OMG yes, it really looks like it XD but wait until you see the vision!
@HGAr: yup, Yoni is past the "oh, he actually looks nice" point XD so how do we steer him in the right direction *cracks fingers* XD
Either Garga went against AUM's orders and lured the human into the glade via phone-snatch or AUM is lying...
And yes, AUM glitters when he moves quickly
✧゚・ *(~‾▿‾)~