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Fair Enough Lizard. Fair Enough.

I admit i was a tad harsh, but you should still do some changes.

Yes, Please. Keep it to your own, homeade creations and dont steal anymore. Change the comic name, and please, for the love of god, Stop arguing with Riex. XD You wont win that one.

I wish you luck and, for future's sake. Get out of that Furry buisness.
... This is sad.

I thought you were a true, good spriter at first Lizard. Your just a massive fake who cant sprite worth shit. You steal sprites off the internet, and put your crappy peice of shit charachter on there saying, "OMG! I DID THIS! I'M EPIC!" And all you did was make a better n00b of yourself. I'm normally fine but, you stole a good spriters work. Ally, the one that made Teel's sheet, you stole a whole sheet from her and said you made it. Both Teel and Ally are good friends of mine and, really lizard... Thats sad that you go to such lengths to try and get a good reputation. You'll never become a good spriter. Good spriters make good, clean, UNSTOLEN, sprites. Not what your doing. And to all those who think he's doing a good job, Your stupid. He's a very crappy spriter, thats just that. Lizard, Delete this comic. It's a peice of shit anyways.

Oh, And my guess is that your probably some stupid 12 year old who has nothing to do except rip off people's sprites and look up... well... Just look at your Avi. Thats self-explanitory.

So, In ending. You fail, and this comic needs to be destroyed.

PS: I DARE you to delete this. That just shows everyone that your even MORE of a n00b.
Great Idea Lugbzurg. I like it. If i join, Can I make a event?
... DRUGS! I mean... Drugs are bad kids.. DONT TAKE THEM... Just shove a Sword up your @$$. Thank you.

XD I cant wait for the game.
I thought the same thing... SonicxTeel anyone?
Lol Sonic's Taunts.

This is like Yoshi's Superdragon Final Smash. He transforms for a limited time and then attacks.

@ Luzburg: Finar/Lmg77 Transform? I could live with that. Just make sure they have these Final Smashes!
Finar's FS would be a Time Ike-style one. He locks on to an opponent and then smashes them to bits.
Umm... No. Can I do my own then?

One for Finar and One for Author Form, Right?

You have been linked. Check it out.

You have been linked. Check it out.
Dex: What comic? It depends.

BobCheese: Kay!
That was funnah.

And Epic.
Eheheh... Yeeeaaah. I'm having some problems on choosing what species he should be.
@ WaRRioR: XP

@ Dexyen: Okie Doke. I'm guessing Hero.
Srsly Lugbzurg. You make recolors. If you REALLY are a "Master of Paint". Prove it.
Mmkay then.
Well, Yamataro, You'll have to wait to figure that out. Lets just say, Someone knows something we dont.

As for the Cameo, Sure. Villian or Hero?
Thats the exact reaction I wanted Ganato.
And incase you couldn't figure out what happened... Finar awakens in the Black Void, Sees illusions of Terra and Dani. They disolve and SD and the ForFollower appear, They were gonna start a fight, but the Forfollower summoned 2 others and they trapped Finar. SD regained control of his mind and told Finar stuff he couldn't Understand. Then, He warped him out of there.

As for SD, He was Mind Controlled. He had no right mind. He was manipulated by "The Master"(Who you'll figure out soon enough who it is) and then, He was forced to go attack Finar.
Well, This is gonna get confusing here in a little bit. From now until we arrive at the beach, Nobody else is with Finar... So we think.

White- Finar thinking
Dark Grey- Finar
Yellowish Color- Terra
Purple- Dani
Light Grey- StormDrake
Gold- Forfollower
Last panel Grey- Annoymas voice