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Penna Halfcrow
Well, I'm a girl who is currently in highschool wanting to grow up to be an author/animator/movie director person. I like anime, books, music, film, and furries. I don't know that much else, sorry! ^^;;;

I do a Slice of Life comic called Furry Life and a fantasy adventure called The Last Dragon! Goo see 'em!
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I've gotten a few messages asking if I am ever going to continue the webcomic... As of right now, I can't say for sure whether or not I will or won't.

I have quite a few projects that are in the works, maybe Last Dragon will return, but for now that's not something to put in stone. Through the course of two years since I put this on hiatus my skills in both drawing, comic building, writing and photoshop have grown and changed. Creating all new pages right after these would become such a spike in style that it would be too awkward. But that's not to say that I won't continue it.

Who knows, maybe you'll see Kaia and Sam reach the capitol of the kingdom, find out the mystery behind Kaia, and see if Sam ends up getting a few pies along the way. But one thing IS for sure, if/when I begin work on this again, I'll be sure to provide a link here so whoever is curious can find it. That I can promise. ;)
Based on a true story, sometimes I'm way too polite to people. :P

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Yep, I'm still making these.
So I've finally gotten the time and art spark to draw another FLDL. And I'm also playing around with Kirby's hair. That's pretty much how my hair lays over my face.

Oh, and yes, I've ALWAYS wanted to do that. There's pigeons all over the place, and they're so... ADORABLE!!! I'm not lying, I LOVE the pigeons here! They walk around rather than fly away and go all "U haz fuds fur me?" >w< Daaaaaaaaw!

Oh, and that armadillo is modeled after a scrapped character for the comic. He's based on my English teacher from my fall classes.
So I got free Portal on my steam account on my Mac... Gotta say... Fun game and very effective on a computer that couldn't play as many games before. :3

And yes, this is totally based on truth. XD
I'm at home for Christmas, hope you all have a relaxing and happy one.
Thus we conclude our little story arc of the guardian angels.
Don't take this as a sign of possible return anytime soon. But you might want to take this as a sign of my possible starting of the script for The Last Dragon. Kaia's going to be changed quite a bit, don't worry, she'll still have a temper.

You might also want to notice that I'm going with a less anime cartoony style. I've been trying to better my art skills and try to leave the cartoony stuff for the less serious work.

Expect a new Sam sometime this month, and maybe a new drawing from time to time. I love this story and these characters, they're not going on a shelf anytime soon.
More introducing of the characters! Yes, I do have a gryphon in my room as well. He's a puppet, and I named him Henry. Apparently Folkamis (the company that made him) discontinued their gryphon puppets, but here's a link to what he looks like

Upon browsing the Folkamis site again... I might buy more from them... >3> I see a burrowing owl puppet with my name on it!
If you notice the date, I did this a while ago and just left it as a backup if I hit comic block on an update day.

So yeah, those "I'm a Mac, I'm a PC" commercials. I hate them. And you can't tell me I don't have the right to. As an owner of both a Mac and a PC, I can gladly say they both suck and rock at the same time.

There are some basic things I can't do on a Mac without performing circus stunts on the keyboard whereas with a PC it only takes a single button. That virus thing? It's only a matter of time before all you Mac fanatics will start getting them too.

PCs already have viruses, and they ARE complicated. But that doesn't mean Macs are wonderful godlike computers. To me, they're overpriced pieces of metal that you can't personalize or fix yourself at all.

My opinion. They both suck. And those commercials are pretentious bullshit.
Daylight savings time cuts down sleep for college students. Don't care that we gained an hour, we had to get up early to sign up for classes. Poor Reba, she's having a bad day...
This actually happened. Yay for being able to eat what you want because you burn it off anyway by walking wherever you want to go!
Sorry guys, I know it's been a long time since a new page. I've been going through a few big shifts in my life, college homework, getting food, looking for a job, and other kinds of stuff really gets in the way of comic making.

Besides, looking back on this gem gives me the willies every time I see it. Since starting this comic, I've gone from colored pencils to OpenCanvas to Gimp to Pen to Sai to Gimp again to OC again and on to Photoshop. Right now I'm loving Photoshop, I don't have to transfer the entire page to MS Paint to put in the speech bubbles. But it still doesn't make me feel better about it.

For the longest time this was an excuse to practice whatever digital art program I had at the time. But comic pages for a story I'm fond of don't equal challenges.

So the comic is going on a permanent hiatus, and eventually a redux. But I'm going to do it properly. Like, with an actual script, then a plan for what the page looks like before I start drawing it on the Mac.

I'm really sick of looking back on this comic and seeing nothing but doodle like illustrations, cheap coloring, run-on sentences, and no background.

Gimme at least a year before you start seeing concept art for the new version. I'll keep these crappy pages up for you guys to look back on as proof of the terribleness before the new shiny version.

You can still keep up with my other comic, Furry Life: Dorm Life along with my DA account(located in my personal page here on SJ). Once again, sorry guys, sorry to force you to look at these crappy comic pages!
Big brother hugs make my sternum hurt... ;x;
Yep, this is continuing as a half-assed storyline. But expect once in a while one shot breaks from the storyline.

And yes, my mom almost Hobbes glomped me.
This page was practice for my drawing style. I'm trying to steer away from the whole chibi anime style and more of a Chuck Jones style when the characters are really expressive.

... And yes, I DO own that plush...
Just letting you good folks at home that this is the last FLDL you'll see...

Until October!


Yep, first quarter has ended and I'm going home for the two week break. President Obama and a bunch of other world leaders are coming to Pittsburgh for a meeting and the school wants us OUT. I'm happy to oblige anyway, I miss my family back home. Get ready for some doodles as I am bringing my sketchbook with me, if I can, maybe I'll upload some comics while I'm down there! :D Only time will tell!
This is, of course, based on that huge controversial purchase of the mega comic corporation known as Marvel by the mega family corporation known as Disney and how everyone and their kitchen sink think that it's a sinful act.

Now, just to throw it out there, I didn't grow up on comic books. I had no comic book stores within reasonable distance. The only comic books I was around are the Sonic comics, and they were owned by my brother. Any superheroes I grew up with were by the cartoon shows, X-Men, Spiderman, my favorite is Batman and he's not even owned by Marvel (so Batman is safe from Disney and will continue to be dark).

What I see here is NOT the death of a comic industry, I see a business deal. Yes, the Miramax info spouted here is the truth. Technically, Dogma, The Crow, and even Princess Mononoke are owned by Disney. All I see in changes happening are Marvel getting more money in productions. Maybe THEN we'll get a Spiderman sequel that won't SUCK!

Feel free to flame me, this is my opinion.

And I know this actually happened a while ago, I just got so tired of the whining. Drawing Mickey Mouse like some evil corporate takeover villain does not make you seem like a good person to me. I love Disney, and I'm not afraid to defend it when all it's doing is business and nothing else.
Just moving along with the story... And do we have a new character? HMmmmmm...
This is Reba, she and I are sharing a room. We get along pretty well... Except for the fact that she doesn't listen to stuff that's as heavy as I do... But she's a 60's music Beatles fangirl, at least she's not a Brooke Hogan fan or anything. :3

The song in question? Here it is. It's made of sex.

(And I'm aware of the error in the fourth panel, I'll try to fix it soon)