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I'm just that weird guy in the back of the class who draws gay stuff because I'm a complete closetcase.
There isn't much else to say about me.

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@XxKanashiYumexX: It totally is! xD
This can only go ONE way!! xD
Oh I didn't miss much more.. Never mind than!
AHHHH IM STILL SO PROUD OF YOUR ART! Still wish I could do art like yours... You're so talented! *_*
Good work dear!! <333
I am so sorry for not reading your updates sooner! I LOVE THIS BONUS... Gahhh!!!!!!
*Goes to read everything else I missed*
He's so damn fasinated by Julian's... everything. I love it.

Find yourself a man who looks at you the way Hendrix looks at Julian! xD
That is one fucking BEAUTIFUL BIRD!!!
Teach me to draw pretty birds mate!!!! *_*
I swear this is the kind of relationship I want xD They are too cute to each other!
Can you maybe not make out with this guy and just go backkkkkk!! GO TO THE OTHER GUY AND MARRY HIMMMMM!!!!! XD
He's possesive.
I know I asked if I was allowed to ship Kylee and Wes a few pages ago, but it seems like you have already shot my ship down xD
I swear to god.. Wes is like "Heck yeah lets fucking do this!"
Am I allowed to ship Kylee and Wes? xD
He did it on purpose! ... Make him hot dammit!!! xDD
Poor child...
His father is a dick and his rabbit is creepy... I feel so sorry for him
He's clearly ordering Pizza... What do you think Brynn
I dont know Misa, but that nipple is quality xD
"...You want me to bend over now?"

sounds like he honestly just went "wow you wanna fuck already dude?" xD
B: I'll give you anything you want, okay?
G: Then put your cock in me.

me: Except that xD
Please tell me... cuz.. Im on edge here dude
It's probably cain and the girls just fucking with him xD