Drawing crap day by day.
Working hard to kick procrastination to the gutter.
Currently working on Nuzlocke: Blazing Red.

Feel free to drop me a message, I would love to get to know you guys better.
Constructive criticism welcome, please tell me how to suck less.

love ya ~ <3




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@shakyskunk: <3 Love you xx
Forgive me if it sounds selfish but hurry up with them pages dude! I wanna read your stuff lol :P
Hey dude, dunno if it's just me but the sites no showing this page :(
For those who may be curious about what one of the Weedles is saying. He's got a Scottish accent going one.
@TheJGamer: Alas she is still nought but a baby still. The dreams of Pidgeotto is still strong though :P
@Ian Evans: King Louie? Lmao, that'd be a fun page to draw. Everyone just breaks out into skat music
Aaaaaaaaaah! Sorry about the late upload guys.
@TheJGamer: Ah ah ah! All may not be as it seems :)
Potential for the cover alone is amazing, looking forward to reading in the future :)
@Ian Evans: Hey thanks my dude, I will do *weeboo fist pump*
Hot damn, I've fallen in love with this art style. <3
Yo is that blood or eyeliner coming out of Gary's eye?
@TheJGamer: Gen 3 lol but I don't really feel the need to put the Venus symbol in there seeing as I'm giving them feminine names anyhow.
@TheJGamer: I plan to go more in depth with mommy issues later on :)
Well here it is guys. New page starting off the new schedule. One page a week for as long as I am able lol.
Hope you guys like what's to come.
New Chapter, New Regime
Here we go guys!
Cover is all set up for the new chapter.
What I'm thinking is that I'm going to try and start releasing a page a week. I have several pages almost complete now so It's not entirely unfeasible.

So I'm thinking that I will upload every Friday. A nice weekend treat.
Whether This Friday or next is yet to be seen but I shall try and stick to a rigorous planner.

So thank you for all the support so far and I hope you all enjoy what's to come.

Love ya's
~Fanatic <3