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Drawing crap day by day.
Working hard to kick procrastination to the gutter.
Currently working on Nuzlocke: Blazing Red.

Feel free to drop me a message, I would love to get to know you guys better.
Constructive criticism welcome, please tell me how to suck less.

love ya ~ <3




@MR Paint: I mean, just gimme an actual Teddiursa.
Yo, sorry for being away for so long guys.
Trying to make a schedule so I can start uploading on a more regular basis again.

Love yas ~<3
@MR Paint: *Hides photo of MR Paint in wallet*
@TheJGamer: Hey thanks man, I've finally got motivation to start releasing again.
Been having a rough time since the last update. good to be back again though :)
@TheJGamer: Glad to be back! I have weirdo schedules but I'm trying not to hide in the shadows too long lol.
@TheJGamer: Who wouldn't fight for the life of a technical acquaintance?
@TheJGamer: Squirtle best starter! come at me :^)
We back boys!
While today's page is up, I'm probably going to take my time with further uploads after this. meaning we may not have a regular schedule just now.
I hope you continue to enjoy what I post though and I'll see you guys soon.
@shakyskunk: <3 Love you xx
Forgive me if it sounds selfish but hurry up with them pages dude! I wanna read your stuff lol :P
For those who may be curious about what one of the Weedles is saying. He's got a Scottish accent going one.
@TheJGamer: Alas she is still nought but a baby still. The dreams of Pidgeotto is still strong though :P
@Ian Evans: King Louie? Lmao, that'd be a fun page to draw. Everyone just breaks out into skat music
Aaaaaaaaaah! Sorry about the late upload guys.
@TheJGamer: Ah ah ah! All may not be as it seems :)
Potential for the cover alone is amazing, looking forward to reading in the future :)
@Ian Evans: Hey thanks my dude, I will do *weeboo fist pump*