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Comic artist and attempted human being, I live life to the fullest. I enjoy comics, cartoons, anime, music, and playing with my ferret.
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I forgot Dylan's birthday back in December (Sorry, D), so I wanted to try to remember Jude's. Happy Birthday, lil cinnamon roll. :)

Also, more art too, so yay!
Jude's flirt game increases, yet he probably doesn't even realize it. He's just genuinely being sweet.
This year's indoor color guard was a disaster from the start. :/
I'll see you guys Tuesday with a new page. :)
I'll see you guys Tuesday with a new page. :)
See you in two weeks. <3
If anything, this is the biggest competition Dylan has to Jude's heart. 
Jude is a simple guy of simple pleasures. Just feed him some spaghetti-os, and he's yours.
Jude, you just adorable period. 
Jude is done with your shit, Dylan. XD
Oh, one day we'll see these cuties holding hands and being adorable dorks, right?
Hope everyone has a lovely day! :) <3
Such a sneaky cinnabun. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Using that cute face and cinnamon roll powers for good.
Jude has the making of a super hero. He can be lil Batman or something. XD
"I'm his seeing eye cinnamon roll so-"
Ever see a tough cinnamon roll? Here's one.
First, OMFG Dylan.

Second, Le Gasp! A wild Jude appears.

Third, remember this douchebag? Me neither, but at least he has eyes now. :,D
It's Jude's first day holding your arm. Be easy on him, Dylan. :P
Don't put those on your head! That's dangerous! Glass could poke your eyes! D8

Also, I'm offering a print to claim on patreon. Head to for more info! It's a cute print! ^^
Hello darkness my old friend.