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Comic artist and attempted human being, I live life to the fullest. I enjoy comics, cartoons, anime, music, and playing with my ferret.
Time to learn more of what the butt Cassidy is. 
My cinnamon roll can't catch a break. :( Don't worry. Not next week, but the week after Dylan will EXACTLY do something to make him smile.

In fact, I REALLY want him to do something so bad the pages might be up on my Patreon over the weekend. If you're interested, check it out then and just check it out in general. :)

You can check it out here-
REJECTED! lol well, I don't blame Jude. Don't worry, things will get better soon enough. 
Ah yes, this madness has only just begun.
That was only the beginning...
Everyone works hard. No one is born with talent. A lesson learned, brought to you by ANGST
why not... ask him?
"Bliiiinded by the light."
So, on top of the holidays I also have been working on things for my table at Kotoricon. If you are in the philly/ south jersey area or going to Kotoricon, come find me. I'll have cool stuff as well as some fanart stuff. It'll be fun.

Heres a link to the convention site-

Also, sorry for lack of update. We recently had a snow storm and work decided to have normal hours with barely anyone there. So I've have no spare time to work on the page. :(

But normal updates will resume regularly next week. So stay tuned!
Sorry that the first update was late. My computer charger crapped out and I had to run out during my lunch break to get a new one. But we're good, we're here, and if you are interested in reading ahead, we have at least +3 pages ahead posted on my patreon. Here is a link to check it out-

Also! If you are in the Philly/ South Jersey area or are going to Kotoricon, look for me. I have an artist table there this Saturday. I'll have all sorts of cool things, so come and say hi and check it out.
Poor Ev is done with this. :(
Will Ev stop Cassidy in their raging rampage?  Tune in next year to find out! (Aka Tuesday. Have a happy new year!)
This is just sad overall. I'm sorry. It'll get happier...eventually.
Aw, Jude. No. :(
Happy Holidays everyone! Thought I'd post a lighter cute image since things in the comic aren't doing to well...- enjoy the hot cocoa mustaches!

Also, no new page tomorrow. It'll come Thursday due to HOLIDAY MADNESS! See you thursday!
Happy Holidays everyone! (If only they were like this on this holiday, but next year!)
I love Ev. He is such a trooper with a good heart. I wanna hug my boi.
And what happen, then? Well, in whoville they say- that Dylan's small heart grew three sizes that day.
He's learning...
My son. :,(