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Comic artist and attempted human being, I live life to the fullest. I enjoy comics, cartoons, anime, music, and playing with my ferret.
September 21st, 2017
If I could, I'd have one too. Also I wanted to spoil you guys today with another page. :P
Welcome to Chapter 5! Enjoy.
September 21st, 2017
Welcome to Chapter 5. Enjoy.
You let your dork show, Dylan. 
lol I love this comment. Don't worry, his douche heart will melt away soon.
The "D" in Dylan stands for "Dick" at the moment. 
At least talk to the kid. Jeez, Dylan. 
"It's only one class." he says- PFFFFFT!
If only he knew....
I hate coding
Hey, guys. I don't know if you've seen the wonkiness of the site. Again, I'm sorry it's like this and I've learned that the coding for this is out of my control (Thanks speech bubble layout).

I've been trying to fiddle with other layouts, but coding is the ABSOLUTE worst thing on the planet for me. I'm pulling my hair out over this freaking page.

I just thought I'd update on the process there. I'm trying.

He's full of jealousy and that makes him a doughnut hole. :P it's okay, he'll warm up eventually.
Push ups are hard though. Just saying.
Jeez, Dyaln. He's just a cute cinnamon roll.
My first convention appearance ever! I’m super excited about going! Not only will I be in the artist alley with cool stuff, I’m also hosting a panel about starting a webcomic (like the harsh beginnings of making one and some advice and steps). If you are going, totally come find me!

I’ll see you there! ❤
Hey, I just wanted to post a thing, so while you wait for chapter 5, you can check out other things like our patreon, social media sites, or our other webcomic Toss of Fate. On our social media we'll be posting updates and what nots and on our patreon, we will have early posts of chapter 5. So feel free to check them out!
And thus concludes chapter 4- FINALLY! So what does this mean now? 

Well this time around I won't be doing an extra comic since this chapter was long and kind of concluded on it's own(?). I may, however, do some Saturday cartoon comics again to hold you guys over until the next chapter. And that is going to be a while.

You can check out the Saturday cartoons comics here-

Chapter 5 will begin September 21st, 2017. Hopefully I'll be prepared and have a butt load of pages ready, because this chapter is going to be just as long or longer than chapter 4. Here is a brief summary of chapter 5 to help get you a little excited for what's to come.

"Anything Inc. is going well with business and the happiness of their employees. A mysterious man walks in requesting a simple job- To bring Gil, the first client they had and recent father, to a little get together. However, things quickly go south as Everett and Cassidy experience something they have never experienced in their lives."

It will be a lot darker than previous chapters and things may be triggering so I'll be cautious to add the warnings before the chapter and before the scenes needed. This chapter will also be very plot driven and more questions will be answered. So please, stay tuned because this chapter is HELLA important.

And thank you so much again for all the support and love you guys give to this comic. It warms my old little heart. In the meantime as well, feel free to check out my other webcomic, Toss of Fate (You can find it on smackjeeves as well) . That will still be updating while this one is on a break to prep for Chapter 5. 

ALSO THE BUTTONS WILL BE FIXED BY THEN!! I am so sorry that I've neglected the buttons below and I will make sure during this break that they are nice and pretty.

I'll see you guys in Chapter 5! <3

The word of the day is "fate", kids. 
One more page and then we get to big important plot things in chapter 5!
Only 2 more pages of chapter 4!
I decided to spoil you guys with another page. :P