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Comic artist and attempted human being, I live life to the fullest. I enjoy comics, cartoons, anime, music, and playing with my ferret.
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He is beauty, he is grace, he'll throw a flag in your face.

So, quick update- I'll be uploading multiple pages about once, hopefully twice or more, a month. That way there is more content to read in on sitting and I can enjoy myself doing pages at this pace. :)

Thank you for reading! stayed tuned for more!
How many "ripped arms" does it take to toss 1 flag? The world may never know.
Hello self esteem issues. :D
And theeeeeeeeen!
Me too Jude. I made those faces drawing this.
Jude is slowly learning his power of cuteness. He'll be a great hero some day.
Jude is great at describing things. :P
Dylan, you got a fan boy.
Jude likey.
Sorry for the lack of page today. But I've been thinking- uploading multiple pages at once when I upload. That way you guys get more pages at once (which I find fun to read). But at the moment, it would be at random. Again, let me know on your thoughts about it below.
Also, come check out my Twitter and Instagram @Kikaescoolio.
If you look at the phone, you'll see that Jude is that friend that send you memes. Cherish that friend.
Remember kids- Oxygen is your best friend. :D
You could to Jay B....just saying.
He's like a sad puppy. Don't worry, Jude. He'll be back.
Okay, first page made with my new iPad and I gotta say, Dylan's face is now decent. It's a start to improving, but I'm already pleased.

Too bad, their plan didn't work. :(
I forgot Dylan's birthday back in December (Sorry, D), so I wanted to try to remember Jude's. Happy Birthday, lil cinnamon roll. :)

Also, more art too, so yay!
Jude's flirt game increases, yet he probably doesn't even realize it. He's just genuinely being sweet.
This year's indoor color guard was a disaster from the start. :/
I'll see you guys Tuesday with a new page. :)