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Comic artist and attempted human being, I live life to the fullest. I enjoy comics, cartoons, anime, music, and playing with my ferret.
Wait for it...
Not having another page to upload is weird, so I thought it would be fun to post a little, get to know the characters kind of thing.

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I know there is a cast section, but here is more details/ an updated version.
@deee45: Dylan will grow a heart next chapter. don't worry. :)
Poor little nugget.

So here is the end of chapter 1. I just need a week break to prepare myself more for chapter 2, though I will post a cover art for the chapter next week. But the week after, chapter 2 begins. I'll keep updating twice a day on Wednesdays. I think that's been working out pretty well. And a brief look at chapter 2-

Dylan starts to notice more of Jude and what he is actually like. This then courages Dylan to reach out to Jude, despite them wanting nothing to do with Dylan at this point. 

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This is not good.
It's only going to get worse. 
You smell that? That's fresh hot teenage angst right there.
Jude- Asking the right questions. 
Dylan is a good kid, so please bare with his anger towards Jude. His has his reasons that'll be explained later, which is much more than just jealousy. 
There it is. My heart is now broken. 
I have tissues if anyone needs them.
I wanted to thank you all who read this comic thus far. The first chapter is almost done and there is more to come spread with tons of FLUFF. I can't wait to get more of this comic out and I hope you all fall in love with these dorks as they come to like one another. (Lol sorry for the ups and downs, but that's growing up.) I just wanted to take the time to thank you all because without you, I wouldn't really be here probably. I have fun doing this and my only goal is to give something enjoyable. So thank you all and I plan to work hard for you!

Also, I am finished Chapter 1 and it is all posted on my Patreon. I'll begin posting chapter 2 pages there probably sometime this weekend. So, if you're interested in getting ahead you can follow the link here-

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Anyway, keep warm as the weather gets cold. Love you guys! <3

I'm sorry. :,(
Better safe than sorry to warn you guys. You don't see anything graphic actions. It's just... blood.
Dylan's hot and he's cold, he's yes and he's no!
There's that smolder. 
This is bad...