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Comic artist and attempted human being, I live life to the fullest. I enjoy comics, cartoons, anime, music, and playing with my ferret.
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WELP.... F!@K!

Also, thank you again for all your support with whats been happening. I'm sorry for asking for help and still ask, but I'm grateful for everything thus far. You can find out more info on how my babies are on my social media-

instagram- Kikaescoolio

And on the Go Fund Me page-

Please support in anyway you can either by donation or sharing the page. It would help out a lot and I'm grateful for all your support as is.

I'll have more boys next month! Love you guys! <3
Oh no. What to do.
It's time... I guess.
Jude isn't still salty about that, right?
Sorry to jump cut the show, buuuuuut we have like 12 other competitions to story so we'll see some eventually. Besides, 40% of Jude's stuff would probably him sitting and starring at the crowd like "Welp....this is awkward." XD
He only sees sparkles.
Welcome back to the competition scene, cinnamon roll.
My gurl has returned in full force! I'm excited to bring her in the story more. She's a sweet pea.
The cinnamon roll says not to worry. It'll be okay, right?
Oh no. The moment of truth for Dylan's group.
Woah! Finally, the first competition. Going to other schools to see how much nicer they are was always a fun thing for me. 57106100268-ec80a33879a94180&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter&utm_c ampaign=p_cf+share-flow

Im sorry again this isn't an update. Hopefully this week I can get it up. For now, any help from you guys would be amazing. Love you guys! <3
Pfft, you kids were not making it to school.

Anywho- FINALLY!! This chapter, this section- I can move on to more fun things than this chapter! Thank you for being patient with me. It's been a hell of a ride this summer and I'm doing my best to pump out pages on top of finishing up with moving, new job from the beginning of the summer, pet issues, and more! I hope to start Chapter 6 soon. Like, really soon. Love you guys! <3
Now the real mystery is how Dylan found his way to the bed, in the dark, with terrible vision. Im sure he knocked down stuff on his way.
It's past your bed time, cinnamon roll.
He also has some of your hair taped to the back.
Jude got cute parents. Gotta show them off, you know?
Now that the sad stuff is out the way, roll in something cute.
Give him the biggest hug you can, Jude.
Why everyone being so mean to my son?? I'm throwing eggs at them all.