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i draw furry kemono things now at or 0:
i never did finish that first sprite sheet lol
i'd post animations here or something but no traffic haha
no i probably wont actually be posting here lol i have a demo reel to make
have you ever considered seeing randy with a nice dinner date
but how many flavors of this shave ice
theme song plays in brain..
cash it in for dollar bills yes
mom that's rood
p dum tbqh
I like my potential romantic interest the way I like my coffee; around my age and over the internet U^U
I feel like these comicker thinges should have a skype group, ircm or shared tumblr account, or something of the sort for easy organization
or Google Docs however that would work
gosh DT just swipe at them
and look what happened when the failsafes were gone gosh pam
alternatively crazy Eevee man did it on purpose and Atticus is about to be mauled by a swarm of cute critters
So is this the Pokemon equivalent of "crazy catlady"
I bet he drew a dick on one of Abel's Eevees with permanent marker
*turns out George was the evil mastermind all along!*
-and then she invites Atty to her even more heartless organization