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Cool Bird Chie
I love cheesy cartoons/videogames for kids and this is all you need to know about what kind of content I create. I also make music sometimes
And we're back! The news about all the Smack Jeeves changes are a bit of a bummer, I really liked the classic feel of this website, but I'll keep posting the comic here until further notice.
@Pow Pow: true! But Velvet's pronouns are they/them ^^
@Guest: they didn't even bring any gifts
@Guest: that's a nice one!
Happy birthday, Infinite! I know, it's 1 day early, but my update schedule can't yield to you
@KirbyandPokemonFan: I don't actually know the guy, so whatever that is, it's probably unintentional
@Guest: haha, well, for now Velvet is protected by a wall of Other People Infinite Is Really Mad At
@PsychicNature: he's been through a lot with these noisy goobers
@Guest: thank you! Glad you're enjoying it
Hello to all the new readers! Really happy to have you here. Hope you'll enjoy what this comic has in store! (in store hey hey yeah try to reach inside of me try to drain my energ--)
@littaly: thank you! ;; this is wild
@mrjacob77: thank you! I'm glad you like it
@Pow Pow: thank you!!
@Pow Pow: thank you for this comment! I started making this comic because it was something I wanted to see as a sonic fan, so seeing that the sonic fan in you resonated with it brings me a lot of joy. Hope you'll enjoy the rest of the story!
Cool Bird Chie
September 28th, 2019
oh boy Violet, baby, run
He did go to the left, huh
@littaly: aw thank you! It's kinda chilly in that forest (and also I got a bit tired of drawing her arms/gloves)
@littaly: thank you!! I'm really happy to hear that (btw I love your comic)