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By day, a mild manner office supply jockey trying to make ends meat. By night, a comic artist also trying to make ends meat. But I like making comics more than selling office supplies.
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I will be going on hiatus from the comic until December 31st! I work retail and have been pulling some very long weeks with little time off so until the holidays are over with, I'll be away! I do apologize for being away for so long!
Sorry this page is late everyone. Between pet issues and getting ready for a staff meeting I'm leading and getting over being incredibly sick, I feel kinda crazy right now. Stressed out is one way to put it. And I still have a whole week of work ahead of me...
Chance is probably the only character in this comic I still am struggling to figure out his style. He's only 10 and he gives me more grief than anyone else.
Probably only the one page this week. With Thanksgiving and Black Friday being next week (I work retail) so my time is going to be limited. Hopefully it's just this week but we'll see! The holiday season is upon us and I very well may explode.
This week has been really eventful. I got a $2 an hour raise at work (I've worked there for 8 years and was recently promoted but the raise wasn't super impressive) and I've found more time to do comic work so I'm going to do my best, at least for now, to post two pages a week. But we'll see how it works out; definitely a page on Sunday!
It's always awkward needing to talk to someone you reaaaally don't wanna talk to. Never ends well, either. And look who got a make over! Everyone complains about itchy beards and I can't imagine how annoying that would be.
There will be an EXTRA UPDATE on THURSDAY this week! See you then!
I've always felt my comics work better as comic BOOKS and not episodic pages like a lot of webcomics are. It's tough since I feel comics need that little break so it's not nonstop action. But lingering on that break for a week makes it rough on the readers. It's not as fulfilling for them.
Sorry just musing! I promise more interesting things are on the way!
And now it's time to go back to being an adult in the real world. My friend is flying back home today and I go back to work on Tuesday. The comic will go back to updating once a week on Sunday though I would love to try and upload two pages at a time per week but we'll see what happens. I hope you all enjoyed all the extra pages these past two weeks!
A quiet page to set up the mood. Stupid monsters running amok! They should really be more considerate of other's feelings.
I'm going to try and update this upcoming Sunday but that's the day my friend flies home so it may not be 'til later in the day.
Thanks again everyone! I won't be able to do the 2 page a week thing for a little while but this was a nice vacation!
Everyone's getting a little stressed now... Hopefully things will get better.
Going to try and update again this upcoming Wednesday! My friend is still visiting until this upcoming weekend so we will see how much I can get done while she's here.
See you guys soon!
Just like I promised, a special super duper page addition on Wednesday! I'll probably do this for the next week too; update on Sunday and Wednesday since I'm on vacation til November 1st. It'll help make up for those times this year I wasn't able to.
This is kind of like that scene in Beetlejuice where they wind up on Saturn when they go outside but not NEARLY as cool.
Wanted to get this out before it got much later; my friend is visiting for two weeks from Pennsylvania so we got a lot to do. I'm going to see about posting another page on Wednesday so peak in then to see!
his page took awhile longer than I anticipated! I have exactly one week left until I'm on a long, 3 week vacation and I cannot wait. I would like to try and post several pages per week while I'm on that vacation but we'll see. I only have so many buffers right now so the plan is now get pages ready so I have those buffers!
Now if you're like me, you start celebrating Halloween on October 1st so HAPPY FIRST DAY OF HALLOWEEN EVERYONE!
And also with it being October 1st, I really want to try Inktober again this year... who knows if I'll be able to do it. Work has stopped me every time from achieving it...
Not much to say about this page except that Sadie's getting pissed and this creature as over-stayed its welcome.
Early update today! I finished this page last night and I have stuff to do today; only one day off this week bleh.
But Sadie is here and she's ready to kick some creepy monster ass!
A shiny new penny to anyone who can place where this homage is from!
I'm trying to figure out Chance's hair. It's been trying but hopefully it'll come to me.
Next week, we will have actual dialogue again!
And yes, I think I was going for a weird love-mix of Gollum and a Rake. He still doesn't feel as scary as I wanted him to be but I'm still working on designs for creatures. Hopefully I can only go up from here in terms of the spooky scaries!
I know this update isn't too exciting either but we're getting somewhere!
I also want to say sometime in October, I'm going to be posting A BRAND NEW COMIC here on Smackjeeves! More details as they come! Until then, I'll continue posting pages to Ghost Network every Sunday!
So sorry about the unnecessarily long absence there! I had a LOT happen in that time frame. I was working an absolute ton, I hired someone new and had to train him, my inlaws came up for vacation, and I just got back into my regular schedule.
And I bring you... a sleeping montage.
I promise next week's update will be better.
This is page 2 of the 2 PAGE UPDATE.
What's this? TWO PAGES? What kind of witchcraft is this!
I wanted to test myself and see if I could do two pages a week and, as it appears, I can. I don't know if I'll be able to do this often because I can only produce so many buffers at a time. But these two pages went well together so I'll keep them together!