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By day, a mild manner office supply jockey trying to make ends meat. By night, a comic artist also trying to make ends meat. But I like making comics more than selling office supplies.
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Hi everyone! I'm so sorry I didn't update last week; the cord to my tablet straight up died on me and I had to wait a million years for its replacement. So I couldn't update and I'm sorry about that. But we're back in business and I'll keep updating every Sunday! Thanks for understanding everyone!
And here we see something a little interesting. Sadie? What's going on there, sweetie? This is something I was playing around with in my head and I'm still figuring out the story so this may or may not go anywhere. But for now, BEGONE DEMON!
I'm having a poopy week so I'm going to do what any person who's having a poopy week does: do what you enjoy to forget the poopy. So I'm posting TWO pages today! The next one will be out in about an hour! We get to see a side of Sadie we've never seen before!
A special extra page this weekend to commemorate me coming back and working on comics again! Thank you all for supporting me and the kind words on the last page! I'll be going back to updating every Sunday now but we're getting close to the end of the first chapter! I'm excited for it!
And we're back! Sorry about that hiatus everyone. My surgery is done with for the time being so I can go back to posting comics. I lost quite a few fans during this hiatus (again I'm sorry!) so I'm going to try and update tomorrow too to kind of make up for vanishing. Thank you to all of you who stuck with me!
Little bit of news everyone! I won't be updating again until Memorial Day weekend (May 27th). I'm having some off and on dental surgery this month and between that and my work schedule, I'm not having as much time to work on comics! But I'll be back at the end of the month and I'll try to have multiple pages for that update! Thanks for understanding!
Special additional page for the week because the last one was pretty simple. I'm feeling a little under the weather today so I'm going to come home and sleep after my shift tonight. Luckily it's a short one...
There will be a SECOND update tomorrow before I head to work! I was able to do two pages this week since this one was pretty simple! See you all tomorrow with a special extra page!
My first week as a temp manager actually went better than anticipated. So good that my store manager let me close by myself on Friday and Saturday (it was really sunny those days so who knows if it was trust or wanting to be in the sun). I'm going back to a regular work schedule so I'll be back to posting things to my Patreon hopefully next week. I have new things to show so it's exciting! See you all next week!
Cripes this week has been insane. We lost 4 associates at work (they just up and quit) so I'm working double duty to try and make up. I'm getting a temporary promotion (hopefully it'll lead to a permanent one) but I'm already spread pretty thin. I probably won't be posting much to my Patreon for a little bit but it's still open and I still have previous things there as well!
Happy weekend everyone! I hope everything is going well. This week was hectic as all get out but I'm happy to have the next couple of days off. I'm going to post some more Patreon goodies this weekend including a new painting I'm working on and a ~secret~ comic project as well. Hope to see you there!
Happy Easter everyone who celebrates! And happy April Fools for those who like that silly day! I'm running a little late because of a wind storm but here's the page! Also, I'm posting several things to the Patreon every weekend so if you're interested, please take a look!
I go back to work this week; boooo. If you like Ghost Network and want to help support the artist and comic, consider visiting my Patreon! If I get enough patrons, I will start posting TWICE A WEEK!
ITS HERE! I've finally finished setting up my Patreon and am happy to announce it's ready to go! I'm still fine tweaking it but here we are! Thank you in advance for taking a look! I will start posting rewards this weekend! Also, I may not have a page ready for next weekend. I'll do my best but it's been a busy week. Thank you again everyone!
Two more weeks til my vacation and boy do I need it. It's been a rough month so far and having a solid week off sounds great. I'm going to be celebrating my 13 year anniversary with my husband as well as going comic-drawing-crazy. My Patreon will also be opening then! So stay tuned, it's coming up fast!
There's a Michaels opening up here shortly in the town over and I'm heavily considering applying to it. I've been at my current job for 8 years and it's slowly killing me due to stress and lack of support from my associates and managers. So... there's that in my life now.
We got even more snow! How weird! But I think this is the last winter storm we're getting. I love the snow but I am getting sick of shivering. Also thinking that by April I'll be opening my Patreon. I hope it's worth it!
It snowed last night! Not a whole lot, like maybe an inch at best. It's not unusual for this time of year up here but it's a little weird! I'm just glad I don't have to be out anywhere today. I plan on doing art and comics all day! Good times!
I've only got one more page after this one in my buffer stack. Today and tomorrow are my days off so all I'm doing is working. It was a long week last week but I'm back to normal now and that means comic time! Thanks for reading once again everyone!
Page 50! And see, it was kinda a gremlin. But I won't lie, I love Zoe. She is a good kiki. Only one page this week; I'm down to 2 pages left for my buffers and I'm not going to have a chance to draw more until this upcoming weekend so I need to make them last! February is going to be a busy month so I'll try my best to do my every Sunday post!