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AHHHHH I love this cover!!!!!
Tumblr is right over here. We're well into Part 3 over there. I understand if reading in an actual comics format might be easier, but the best I can do over there is this link, which will allow you to read Part 3 in chronological order.

There's also some pages that aren't scanned in, but that's due to the aforementioned broken computer. I should be getting those pages re-linked soon.

Sorry about this!
hah, yeah.... thats basically life for you, and sans isnt out there helping anyone
wallis u lil shit
Seems like an odd time to say hi, but this isn't part of a batch upload.

Anyway thanks for reading! I just wanted y'all to know that this comic actually started in December 2015, so I'm uploading over a year's worth of comics here as mirror to the tumblr site (theysayheshattered.tumblr.com; updates tuesday/thursday/sunday). There's currently over 150 pages and I'm in the middle of Part 3 over there, which is why I'm able to update here every day.

Just and fyi! Thanks again!
can pi become a more recurring character? i love him, even if he eats his sandwiches like that
what the heck is up with this guy eating their sandwich from the bottom XD

also i had to look twice bc i thought they were reading a book