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gonna color this asaiht (as soon as i have time)
@Umbergal888: maybe she will... MAYBE....
YO! Sorry about the break. Between exhaustion, hurricane, and having to espionage my way towards getting job interview without my bosses knowing, it was weird

BUT WE HERE! 4 Years! Of! UNDERTALE! (if toby hurts noelle im going scream how dare she become a lost girl)
(I'm starting work on long overdue character pages. This will not be the new normal; just once a month or so.)

Despite being one of the happier endings, the Neutral Run where Undyne gives up on everything is quite a shocker. To obtain the ending, you must play Pacifist until you’re able to go on Undyne’s date. Then, kill Mettaton. Seeing Undyne broken like this is like seeing her mirror self; how could the one who was so vibrant and focused just lose herself completely?
Oh! I really love the mettalic effect you used in panels 2 and 5!
@allislaughter: hey! thanks so much :3 alcohol markers are great for this kind of texture
@LKWayvern: yeeeaahhh... this is one of my most egregious continuity errors in this comic. i realized too late that this pap was in a tshirt not his iconic look XD
My personal rule for writing/drawing Undyne: Make It Anime


No. M O R E.
@Guest: Yup! Imagining how and when certain lines would be said by the same characters from different timelines--especially the most polar opposite timelines--is something I find fascinating. Thank you for noticing <3
@YolkenEgg: Thank you so much! It varies, actually, since I'm always trying new things, but if you wanna try this out I'd recommend looking up crosshatching tutorials! It can take awhile, but it's pretty relaxing :3
@WiispNightmare: alphys has a lot on her mind...
Dont hurt the precious, you say? >:3c
@WiispNightmare: its not like sans can hop dimensions. otherwise there'd only be 1 of him
@jellyfishin: it's the secret tunnel flowey mentioned a few pages ago