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October 21st, 2017
@Kique7: Is this Arenak's last child?
September 30th, 2017
This is a really interesting conversation.

I first want to make point that I have been keeping in mind the website header images that Johann has been using. The past...three? Have been featuring Rogio.

I'm constantly reminded that he is a native, and we don't -actually- know anything about his past or his upbringing; the first time we see him, he is already a trusted, integrated member of the MT. Nothing has really been revealed to us about this particular character and what shaped him, unlike the quick peak into the past that Ferah narrated when explaining to Roamer about Kargo's aggression early on.

We know all about Roamer's background, especially if you've read the first comic, because we know the family that he's grown up with and their attitude towards spirits and the gods. Not once in Home have the 'evil' green gods and their weird black alien dogs been mentioned, so we can assume that the adults just never went into much detail about the fact that gods can even have a bad side, or maybe they just don't consider the green guys as gods altogether. Roamer is consistently showing moments of naivety. He's still in the stage of accepting every new piece of information about the land he finds himself in without stopping to ask too many questions, similar to how children repeat back what they've been told as solid fact. (At least Rhov openly said he doesn't think they shouldn't question, you go man).

A large part of me thinks that Rogio's foreshadowing about how there's something inside of him waiting to break out will come to fruition if he goes to that hotspring. We just don't know enough of what Rogio was like in the past to assume that he'll be A-OK if he jumps into the hotspring, something that could be potentially fatal. Savannk44 mentioned this in their comment, saying that the MT forced all the males to do horrible things, everything from rape to torture to what is considered murder, and we have seen clearly that Rogio is willing to do a 'betrayal'...he's done so at least twice, with killing the previous jarl and with helping the three escape from the MT.

I think it's very hard for Roamer to accept the idea that gods have different personalities, some cruel, others benevolent. I can't wait to see what happens! Especially with Rogio's eventual confrontation with Ranach.
August 24th, 2016
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