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@Nocta: yeah, I wouldn't really trust him with a pair of scissors, let alone some ancient Nordic weapon
@dremma: I changed my social media profile names to avoid being tracked down..
@dremma: Of course it was - all the time!
@Nocta: Yeah, you have to forgive's not very likely you'd keep such stuff inside a cave hidden behind a waterfall - not much use for it!
@IronDog: As Cal put it, something way better than the book!
@Nocta: A typical case of "Curiosity killed (wet) the cat!"
@Nocta: Hmm, don't know, besides the actually getting wet and staying wet, it might be an interesting experience!
@Nocta: Who wouldn't? First thing I think about when I see waterfalls!
@IronDog: Glad to have you back, and thank you for your kind words!
@IronDog: She does get that reaction from people - years of super popular girls (and guys) has educated us!
@Nocta: Ha, you'll have to give me the chance to draw the rest! Actually, all of book 8 is already storyboarded and I do have some pages already done as a buffer - but not that many, it has caught up on me!
But in any case - thank you for reading so far, really glad you're enjoying it.
@Nocta: very well spotted. Actually there is a little bit of a backstory - this is a mistake, but the original intention was to drop one from the first page and hint to what's to come. Decided against it but then forgot to correct this!
@caftw11: really glad you are enjoying it - and I hope you carry on doing so in the future!
@SoulRaider116: Ha, I should ask Kris (the writer) - on my side he is somehow an archetype, which is a direct or indirect result of that one's seen around.
@caftw11: interesting...really. I've never been sure whether it's obvious or not.
@Guest: well, he probably did have a pretty good idea it could be in the woods, as it had been "stolen" from him at the edge of the woods (i.e. in his home). How he knew where it was exactly - either he got very lucky or there must be some other explanation! (sorry, but I can't give too much away!)
@Karma Kay: he prefers the (really) hard stuff!
@Pestlakare: Ha, thank you, I wish! Actually Hiddenfolk was written and I started drawing it quite some time ago, so similarities are accidental rather than intentional.
Anyway the main thing is that you and other readers enjoy it - that already means a lot to us.
Lester and Cal go in search of the lost book of trolls - but find something so much better.
Hiddenfolk book 8, starting January 8th 2018