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Creators of "Hiddenfolk - A story of bullies and trolls"
@Guest: that's what I always say - also with unrelated stuff!
@IcarusHector: semi-opened. It will take him a while to connect all the dots
@GayerThanARainbow: Yeah, they are - behind the safety of their keyboards/phones
@IronDog: that's one thing I will not spill any beans on!
@Florance: well, he might have changed his mind (like so many do), and it also depends on how. He's a boy, it's natural he'd be shocked.
@IronDog: The priest is another character that has been climbing the ranks in terms of relevance...but as you say, a bit like Game of Thrones, don't get too fond of characters!
@IronDog: Well, all I can say thank you, it's always encouraging to hear (read) such words and pushes me to get better.
@IronDog: That's why it's there! Yeah, it started as a one off, but then it become a recurrent theme.
@mahigan: Thanks, both for being a lurker (i.e. although reader sounds nicer), and for now breaking the silence, very nice words and much appreciated. Actually I set out from the beginning that the focus would be on readability, telling a story and defining characters (also in my mind), so if that comes through I'm really pleased.
@Nocta: In that kind of town probably it would. (then I think it's more about becoming numb to anything "strange")
@IronDog: thanks, greatly appreciated as it's something I've been working on as I went along - when I started doing Hiddenfolk I had a slightly different direction in mind. Anyway I like to think it's because I chose to do things almost entirely in a traditional manner, so pencil and inks on paper - less precise, apparently more laborious (not really as I don't allow second thoughts - if a panel is not great I stick with it) but hopefully more raw and direct.
@IronDog: Anders is. In his own way.
@IronDog: Actually that's one thing we really enjoy focusing on - the interaction between characters and developing the personality. Yeah, I agree, they make a very good team.
@Nocta: or just ignoring Cal's babbling...well, the cop did look quite defenceless. I don't think pepper spray would be much use with a troll.
@Nocta: I'd say you nailed it - a bit of both. Teary because Lester is showing such affection - and yes, probably he's a bit proud. But he soon recomposes himself to a more serious stance - as in "you shouldn't be messing around here"