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Creators of "Hiddenfolk - A story of bullies and trolls"
@jellylegs: interesting how the general consensus is not to trust her.
@IronDog: Ha, thanks, and hopefully there will be more action sequences soon. Actually this one sneaked in before its time - Fixed it now!
See you soon with book 7:#shatter
@Fairportfan: I don't think she's a pro though! Luckily she doesn't swallow it whole
@CarlitoChico3: I often say that nowadays they tend to do over-carbonated beers.
@indrawata: thanks! Really glad you're enjoying it - hang around as it will get even more exciting!
@IronDog: Straight to the point, no messing around here!
@IronDog: Reality bites back, it happened to me the other day with a huge spider. I had more or less the same reaction!
@Bealoreas: Thank you, I'm glad you are - and absolutely, the best is yet to come! And it's good to know you appreciate the small ironic moments as well.
@SoulRaider116: at least not entirely so! But yeah, I'd honestly rather stick to gin with my tonic.
@PigsWILLFly: Hiddenfolk is all (especially when Sludge is around) scattered with small Easter eggs. I will be curious to see if someone catches the more obscure ones later on!
@MissyZ: Pretty much so. There's no limit to some people.
@SoulRaider116: So glad you did, thanks! Will try to keep it that way then!
@ChainleeZ: And I gotta say, wow, words like these are a huge encouragement! Thanks!
@Nijuice: Thanks, and I'm looking forward to hearing what you think about it - I really hope you enjoy it.
End of book 5: #wake. See you soon with book 6: #hidden
@Oly-RRR: Ha, you'd say that with the pile of books in your avatar/drawing. But absolutely, especially if you have a vivid visual imagination.
@Oly-RRR: Why, wouldn't you expect to find a guest at a wake in the bathroom tub?
@Oly-RRR: Do you mean the Andrew Scott version? Yeah, probably there are some common traits in some of the behaviour.
@Oly-RRR: I knew they would...I wouldn't have told you otherwise :D