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Creators of "Hiddenfolk - A story of bullies and trolls"
@VenomCandy: She might test you on more obscure stuff in the future!
@VenomCandy: Yeah, she seems to like that band.
@Coretella: Yes, thanks for pointing it out, fixed now
@ewolf20: couldn't expect any less.
@papierowybandyta: Thanks for the great comment, really appreciated - and you're spot on. The intention is to peel off a layer at a time, and let the story and the discoveries come at natural pace. We're seeing the whole story through Lester's eyes, therefore what he finds out is what we find out, when he finds out we find out.
@Goof: she's not getting top points in the popularity contest
@IronDog: not quite the next page yet - but probably you're right, I'd definitely keep my guard up
@IronDog: thanks, absolutely I spent a little more time than usual on it - I had an idea in my mind and wanted to get it right
@IronDog: he's that kind of character
@IronDog: yeah, it has been seen before but still, couldn't help it
@AngryFishBoi: Thanks! The "colouring" - and in general the artwork has changed and possibly evolved during the story, but hopefully still consistent.
@Curmudgeoncorgi: Thanks, glad to have you onboard - and for telling us that it's "bingeable" material, it's one of the most gratifying things to hear. I really hope you enjoy how the story develops, things will take quite a dramatic twist....soon!
@IronDog: are you good at guessing or you smell trouble in the air?
@StLOrca: luckily there is no pair of scissors in there!
@StLOrca: in the next crossover series!
@StLOrca: best guess is...everybody. (and everything)
@StLOrca: hmmm....I think that by now clues might point in that direction
@StLOrca: thanks! I'm glad you like them, I enjoy having a bit of an oldschool approach to them!
@StLOrca: to be fair he doesn't come off as someone who's terribly used to address the opposite sex in a casual and nonchalant manner...but it might work, I haven't seen Aziza bite any heads off yet (unlike some other classmates)