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Creators of "Hiddenfolk - A story of bullies and trolls"
@Curmudgeoncorgi: Thanks, glad to have you onboard - and for telling us that it's "bingeable" material, it's one of the most gratifying things to hear. I really hope you enjoy how the story develops, things will take quite a dramatic twist....soon!
@IronDog: are you good at guessing or you smell trouble in the air?
@StLOrca: luckily there is no pair of scissors in there!
@StLOrca: in the next crossover series!
@StLOrca: best guess is...everybody. (and everything)
@StLOrca: hmmm....I think that by now clues might point in that direction
@StLOrca: thanks! I'm glad you like them, I enjoy having a bit of an oldschool approach to them!
@StLOrca: to be fair he doesn't come off as someone who's terribly used to address the opposite sex in a casual and nonchalant manner...but it might work, I haven't seen Aziza bite any heads off yet (unlike some other classmates)
@Aaron Andermadas: you know I'd love to reply but I caaaaaan't! (but yeah..)
@Aaron Andermadas: as you can see later on that gets answered by Anders
@Aaron Andermadas: who, Sludge or Chemistry teacher Gormley?
@Aaron Andermadas: yes, this babe hasn't exactly earned most of people's trust...we'll see. (can't say much, but a lot will be "surface" in this book!!!)
Sorry for the delay!
Hiddenfolk is back, so sorry to anyone who's been waiting for this party. I really hope you'll enjoy how the story unfolds (and it will get quite hectic!) - and please drop a line if you have any comment, suggestion, or just to say hi!
See you soon.
@Guest: that's what I always say - also with unrelated stuff!
@IcarusHector: semi-opened. It will take him a while to connect all the dots
@GayerThanARainbow: Yeah, they are - behind the safety of their keyboards/phones