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i love to read, write and draw, i'm the biggest nerd in the world! bt sex is cool!!!!!!!!!!
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Love it's love at first read! love i tell you love! will you marry me?
LOL that was great! lol lol lmao!
when will you re update?
sad just sad... and sooooo not funny!!!
i'm lost.
the one who's been sent to the room, is a boy? or a girl? i can't tell... i wanna know, i love this anime!
You're back!!! OMG! please keep updating! ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...
OMG! cloud clan?! cool! is the one gray cat that fell into the lake a cloud clan kitty??????????
this is the coolest!!!!! LOL

>o< (love I'm in love!!!)
!!!!! O_o
i love the pic of the emoo kid in the 4th thingy! i love it!!! (drool) OxO
happy new years! try to make "drawling better" you're resolution this year, okay????
WTF???? even Iruka is FUC*** up!!!

thats the coolest character and you fucked him up... and wouldn't he look a little older?
is that suppost to be the inner sakura???? horrid!!!!
Truly horrid!
This is suppost to be a naruto fan flick? well it sucks! this is an insult!

1.) you're suppost to have Hinata as the mother.

2.) Sakura sucks!!!!

3.)how can you call this a "naruto" comic, when theres no naruto????

sorry, but i had to say the truth. and the truth sucks!

:3 <(meow)
RAMEN!!!!! is so good! what flavor is it there eating????? (better be shrimp!)
weres all the pokemon?????!!!!!!
is the one with the dark hair gay or something? but bamb there hot O_O (DROOL!!!)
December 16th, 2007
and then...
and then what hapens? what what what what what what what what what?????????
December 16th, 2007
you HAVE to update!!!!!!!

Ilove you!!!!!
you have no idea how much i love you! i love the warriors, novals and i have been waiting for an anime of it!!!!!! thank you!!!! i love you!

(i hope you're a boy, it'll be kinda wierd for me to like a girl, sence i am one) ;3
look at the kitty!!!!!!! :3 MEOW :) i love kitty cats!!!! my nickname is catty! cause I'm a little coockie for kitty's!!!! lol