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A Comic/Illustrator trying to write a decent comic about adorable and not adorable things.

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Just an announcement, I've abolished the tier 3$ and put it with the tier 5$ now on patreon for reasons.
All dem fox gloves. -squints-
@dmr11: Yea, but a lot of moves aren't going to work exactly like in game mechanics, only similarly. Also they vary based on the user, their opponent and what they excel in in fights. So the results would vary. If something would bypass an accuracy check, then instead it'd have a much higher chance of hitting. Just like Mach Punch.
January 30th, 2018
-claps- I love this page! And those designs are so cool. Great job with the bats.
You can support this comic over at:
Every little 1$ helps.
The next page should be up either later today or early tomorrow.
@Guest: Thanks.
"bits" is right. He says some words strange like that.
@Critic: She might be.
I've been pretty upset about whether or not I wrote this dialogue out correctly enough for people to understand what I want to convey without getting confused.
@Russhu: Also want to mention I clean up a lot of pages after I finish each chapter. So don't expect some of the words to be the same.
@Russhu: Sure you can do that. As long as it links back here.
@Tehpikachu: HUEHUE Its the side affect of being so fat. ;-;ikeepdrawinghersofat
Hah! April Fools! The real joke was you saw the page a week early.

I'll have to make an Extras space or something so you can continue seeing it in all of it's fluffy glory. If not, just leave it there. whoknows
Everything about this page is glorious and hilarious.
@TeddiGuy04: Hmnn yes, this is true. Who did this page???
What are these THIIIINGS getting in the way of our JOURENYYY???
Ugh! The way you draw that Weavile is so amazing
Technically, no one in AoTS speaks English. It's all mostly in it's own language. What can be heard/read and understood will be in English, otherwise it'll show up with the symbols of their native language.

I'd also like to add that as soon as we catch up to current pages, AoTS will be updating once a week every Friday!

Also, don't forget to help support the Patreon if you're interested! It has lots of cool stuff like concepts and more art!