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Hi! I'm Emojikitten. I love cats and eevees. I also play violin, alto sax, tenor sax, and some piano. Enjoy my comics and stuff.
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OH NO! It's sideways! Turn your head for now guys! I'm so sorry!
Come back! I need fans right about now! Please? I'm doing some late night updating because I have insomnia and tonight it's really bad. I made a lot. No spoilers. Promise.
Sorry I haven't read your comics lately!
I have been caught up on feeding my daughter and working on my comics. Your comics are awesome! I'll be here more often! Promise!
I'll do an updateathon tomorrow. I made a lot of comics and I'm making future comics too
This is my Boyfriend...
Sorry about the spoilers. But this is my boyfriend. I am not going to tell you anything else about him. There is not mature content in this comic, don't worry. Just some kissing... well I guess I'm going to draw out my comics on paper now. The tablet ones sucked a lot. I'll learn. Suggest good apps below! I love my fans and readers!
I love you Kevin!!!!
See that Umbreon? He's from another of my comic series. If this comic is sideways or upside down please let me know!
I'm sorry I've been very lazy. I actually made a comic, but for some reason it was deleted. I swear I will get it done, because actually, I have defeated the Zombie Cheif with my own sword, had a beautiful child and... WAIT AM I TELLING YALL SPOILERS? Crap! Sowwy!
Anyone watch SAO?
Awww thank you :) Expect more soon. But not today I'm too lazy.
@Eve da cutie: Thanks! I hope you like it.
I made my first comic!
Not trying to steal fans, but I made a new comic (it sucks) you guys should check it out. Here's the link:
I know nobody likes my comics but I just like commenting here *sobs*
For all of you SAO fans
Yes... I named the dragon Pina. So what? I like pina the dragon. Sword art online people. Am I making an anime reference again? Well dang. Anyways, behind our backs zombies are planning to take over. Pina and me don't want green skin, so we're fighting for our lives here! This is the juicy part guys.
Oh little dragon
This dragon has a very great impact on this story. Pay close attention to Kailey's actions with Pina and Pina's action. That's all folks. I'll be making a lot more comics today so stay tuned
@Shaede The Black Eevee: if they want they can go back to the beginning and read all of it
Hey guys! This is gonna be awesome! Let's hope for the best in our future
Hey look at me! I'm not lazy anymore. Ok so do you have some sort of storyline for this or do you just make up stuff as you go?
I wanna see vay again
I kinda miss Vay after that leader thing. How did he ever get so grumpy?