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Heh, I didn't know you were still making these...
Suprised you didnt use the old "smackjeeves was down" excuse.. thats mine.. *nukes own comics* MWAHAHA IM FREE *handed a whole new comic series* aww crap....
heh, not bad for your first sprite comic..
Hey this comic looks pretty cool mid, im gunna fav this and read back issues at some other time.. (cause its like 6am here)
Yeah there is... and i did the same thing... the story is hillarous(sp) but im to conceeded to explain >.>
Woohoo you took my advice and saved as .png and the comic is pretty funny.. >.>
Wrong on sooooo many levels and *gasp* Space ghost in the background... >.>
heh, pretty good >.> and please if your going to destroy and make fun of/parody sprite comics please mention that there are some GOOD ones out there and they are not all piles of smouldering(sp) crap, and tater salad.. i wsh i had ak's in my afro...
February 5th, 2006
Wait.. is this hinting that water melons DONT count? oh dear lord...
February 5th, 2006
Thats gunna hurt in the morning...

anywho nice comic dude
thats fucked up... good.. but fucked up...
haha sweet keep it up
EVEN THE INTRO HAS TO BE RANDOM DAMNIT! >.< ok now i have had my little outburst.. back to shooting random things
February 4th, 2006
uh ok >.>
sometimes i think the way you got these sprites possitioned you should be giving this a mature rating xD
haha classic!
heh, nice comic i didnt know pokemon could make me smile..
This comic is exactly what its like inside my brain >.>
>.> riiiight no prostitution got ya *wink wink* anywho yeah.. still cramming those characters in huh?