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Welcome to my page! Sorry about the mess, I didn't know you were coming.

I write a few comics for a hobby, and the most polished (ish!), Pokemon Uranium Nuzlocke, appears here!

If you read this a while ago and are thinking - what happened to that comic Monkey Trifecta he was going on about? Easy answer - I got bored and made PokeOldMan and Zimbelocke instead!

This all began after I started a Youtube channel, and one of the nuzlockes I was working on seemed to be making a story without me trying, and now look - a regular release on Monday and everything!

If you want to ask a question or do a co-author thing, do send me a message.

Thanks for reading! Now, on your bike!
The art of this page was done by the brilliant Bynine, an artist who makes amazing monsters among other things at:
This is absolutely amazing - I love the art, and the story is peculiar and fascinating! I really look forward to part 2!
Are you planning on a print version?
I'm really enjoying these! You have a really good talent for getting expressions across in the Pokemon's faces, considering how different they all are!
I like the dice ruling system! A touch more forgiving than usual.
@venami: My friend, it really is! But I may have got a good run with a Nidoran F going (of all things) - watch this space!
@ZHODY the delfinator:
Hey, thank you! Glad you're enjoying it!
@uythygyti57: Nope! None of that.
The purified safe zone of Lavender Tower is unavoidable, so I guess one use of that is necessary, but the whole point is to struggle against the lack of PP and rely on randomised TMs - which I did forget to mention...
We're back with a comic after a long hiatus!

I'm messing around with layouts and a new piece of software for everything, so hopefully it's all coming together a little better.

Next time, the dreaded Nowtoch Normal Knockout!
@RecklessHero: Thank you for the reply - I'll check them out! Keep up the good work, it's a great read!
This comic truly is amazing - I'm enjoying it thoroughly! How do you have the time to keep the quality so high?
AngrySkitty, your comic is fantastic. Tuesday and Thursday are fast becoming my comic highlight of the week!

You really are making these at a professional level! I'll support your Patreon when I can.
These are absolutely great - I've just read through the lot! Your art style is really enjoyable too!
A squirtle in a cap is a wonderful idea! He looks so sweet!

Brilliant comic so far!
Honesty cuts like a knife!
The Oddish Dad has given me a new perspective on all Oddishes in existence - absolutely brilliant!

I would love a series on just him and his adventures! Look at that stubble and the stare...
Looking great!
This is a great idea - I can't wait to see more!
A two month hiatus occurred!
So, here's a comic to get back on track!
@EpicChild: Thank you! I love making it, too!
@Maka152: He does! I always knew they would be best friends eventually.
Thank you!