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These are Elder Demons we're talking about. Their definition of kill is most likely most peoples definition of overkill.
I beat the game 3 times before I realized it. Way to easy for a Kirby game, even Kirby Air Riders was harder to really beat.
I have to agree that the BWARGH mouth would ruin it. Good job though.
I have a challenge for all of you.

Combine a Eevee with a Ninetails, then combine that with the dreaded Tails Doll and Bwwarrgh it while maintaining redeeming features from all of the parts.

Anyone one of you can do this so you could see who makes the best one between you people.
I like the Ghost and your version of Dark for it (even though you thought it was a normal type when you made this,).
Word from the wise
When you say somethings obvious and people know what or who it is they'll say the wrong answers instead.
Definitaly the captives.

Um Cream what are you doing?

Cream: Smacking you.

Me: Why?

Cream: your in the way.

Me: What kind of Fu- *Wham*
It's not a rip-off.
I've landed many times in the minus world when I've played mario games through the level pipes.
Oh my, it's, oh boy can't wait to see what they did to him.

Bass did get rid of his special equipment and shadow found it in the trash.
The games were based off Archie but then became it's own thing and turned into a video game cannon.
Well the oringinal cannon of Sonic the Hedgehog. There is no master emereld and all the chaos emerelds are green.
All of the emerelds have infinit energy like the master emereld in the game cannon.
the 2 ninjas for hire and the mouse thing from the looks of they're outline. They are from the other comic.
Now now remember what the good doctor said.
Have you forgotten about robo tails? I haven't.

It's a safe bet for Blaze to think that.

It's 70,000 dollars of the taxpayer's money.


Vanilla is being ether really stupid or angry or something, about the whole thing.
Thats a lot of good backup.
Mass destruction you cause is always fun.