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Happy new year everybody!!
Q & A2
The second lot of questions have been answered in our Q&A! Thanks for the awesome questions!
See it here:
Q/A answered!
Well guys, this is the end of Act 1 for Phone Phobia!
Part 1 of the Q&A event from several weeks ago has been answered. It's long so you can read it here:
There's more to come, rock on people!
@WindowMaker: Thanks for the questions WindowMaker!
Q & A
Hi readers!
We're currently receiving questions for PARANOIA play's first Q & A across all our mirrors.
If you have any comments or questions, just ask them below and it may be responded to (with a drawing) at a later date. ;)
As always, thanks for reading!
Styling tweak
We've changed the drawing & colouring style a little from this page onwards because we're now using a more cohesive colour palette. (about time lol) ;)
Thanks for reading!
I've updated the cover because the style is changing later on in the chapter.
We hope you enjoy Paranoia Play. ;D
@Rei_: Thanks for following my story Rei! Means alot :D
PS. Is your avi character Ichimoku Ren(from Hell Girl), or Araragi(Monogatari)?
Version 2.0
Hi everyone!

I've been thinking about it for a long time and I've decided to put this comic on hold and write the story version first.
This is not a sad thing. It means that I will be able to have all of my ideas written out in front of me if I choose to continue this comic version.
So I hope you've enjoyed reading, and no, Red Iris is not dead.
I'll be updating the story on my website page:

Love Dichrome.
Keep swimming~
As always, thanks for reading Paranoia Play!
Check our our website for info about our other projects:
Paranoia play
Hello! This is Dichrome!
Paranoia Play is an exclusive comic on StArt Faire so you can also read it there.
Thank you very much for reading and don't forget to +FAV to follow the updates~!
Here's our Pareon if you would like to support us in return for monthly art:
$1 tier rewards
Hi everyone! I now have a patreon page!
Becoming an artist's patron means supporting them with a few dollars each months and in return, you receive bonus rewards which they wouldn't release anywhere else.
I've drawn chibis(little people) to show you Dichrome's $1 tier rewards.^^
February 11th, 2017
Yay! My newly created patreon is finally launched! :D As a huge thanks for the first 20 patrons (they are always the hardest) we will write you card + postcard and send it to your door. ^^ Thank you for following and reading Red Iris!
Patreon site:
February 11th, 2017
Wattpad & Patreon
An update of the Red Iris visual story is finally up on Wattpad! Please read it for me and tell me what you think!
Thanks everyone for reading my comics^^

Chapter 3 Start!
November 20th, 2016
@amanduur: Geezus Amanduur!! hahaha (also nice man leg)
Chapter 2 START!
The style is changing a little as I'm still figuring things out. Thanks for reading!!
That's it for chapter 1!
To be honest I may not be entirely on schedule next few updates because I'm down to the last few weeks of university! :D
Twitter thing
Yo! I have the twitter app on my phone now so I'll be on there more often.
Even though I'm an awkward duck, I thought I should maintain at least one social network for my comics.
Feel free to connect with me there! :D Also, tell me that you are from Smackjeeves and I'll follow you back and stuff. (
Sorry for late update, I'll try to have the next page up Saturday. (If I can finish the page in a day:P)
I should be working on my essay but I'm procrastinating by drawing comics :D