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Hi guys!

Last update was the end of Full Moon which purpose was to show you how angry Sacha is (and her reasons). We're now going through a much more "serious" and bigger scene that is important for the story.
I spent a lot of time writting this one for some reason you'll discover later so I hope you will like it. You'll meet new characters and learn more about some other ones...isn't it super exciting? I can't wait, I myself am so excited omg!!!
Early update this week!

Run, boy, run: no no no no limit.

If you enjoy this comic, please, share it with your friends, that would make us happy! <3
@nevergrowup: We meant that nothing can stop him. :3 About the confrontation...well, it depens, in how many pieces would you like to get Leo back ?
When the main character has no limit.
Sad love story of a pervy's unrequired love part 2
If you like our pervy main character I think you're going to enjoy this scene quite a lot 8D
You heard him, boys, enough is enough!
(There is an unlucky last victim in every war. I'm sorry, redhead, your sacrifice wasn't in vain...I wish I could have said it.)
Oh boys, what a mess
Red shirt has now a name and he's angry~ I don't think anyone would exchange their place with Leo's right now, ahah!
We're sorry there is only one page this week, Seme Sadique was busy, but updates will go back to a normal schedule next week
Everybody seems to hold a grudge against Neil...except Blaise who in the end is the only one amused by the situation (even if you can't see it anymore on this update). xD
Even life censures Leo's stupidity!
Leo is hungry all the time xD
As you can read above, SemeSadique is busy with school and I think nobody want me to try to draw a page again. xD
We’ll be back soon, please wait for us! <3
I love Seme Sadique's trees so much but she dislikes them. T-T
Time to start a new scene! We hope you'll enjoy this one :D
It seems perversity is sort of running in the family...  :3
Happy Easter weekend to all our readers!
The truth is finally revealed! (Please wait, authors are currently wondering what they are doing of their life.)
And so, after 7 months of updates, appears the mysterious neighbour's name!