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In the end, Leo isn't helping that much...but it seems troubles are coming. :O
Never give your dreams up, if you wanna be a pizza, work hard and one day you'll be a pizza! ♥ (That's the moral of the story)
Happy Halloween!

MPN should be back soon, meanwhile, enjoy this little Leo, he's so happy his mom made him a pizza costume!
You can also see that Neil has been a space lover for as long as he can remember :3
Please, read the previous page!
I'm sorry if the text is not very legible, it's me who tried to make it with my old version of photofiltre... and it was hell.

We hope we'll be back soon! ♥
Hi folk!
We'll be attending the Y/CON of Paris next weekend (Saturday the 14th and Sunday the 15th) as simple visitors. If any reader attends it and want to have chat with us, you can send us an email at it would be a pleasure!

I love Sacha so much on those panels, beautiful and pissed off, you could sum her up with those words and this update perfectly shows it.
Who guessed Leo was heading towards the free muffins? :3

We apologize for there wasn’t any update around Tuesday, SemeSadique got some problems with the page. :/
Friendship is magic, it makes you sparkle~
Hey, remember the unlucky goalkeeper?
He's baaack!
You see the last panel? This is my favourite quote so far. Leo is so stupid but we love him this way (ok maybe his sis doesn’t agree with me).

PS: don't miss our coming back picture posted right before this update!
Hi guys, we’re back! Did you miss us? We missed you! <3

Our apologizing for not informing you properly we were going on holidays (we did a trip in France and Belgium but a drawing of the Effel tower had already been made by Seme Sadique). We’ve been back for a couple of days now but I really wanted to post this update (but was too busy studying).
Hi guys!

Last update was the end of Full Moon which purpose was to show you how angry Sacha is (and her reasons). We're now going through a much more "serious" and bigger scene that is important for the story.
I spent a lot of time writting this one for some reason you'll discover later so I hope you will like it. You'll meet new characters and learn more about some other ones...isn't it super exciting? I can't wait, I myself am so excited omg!!!
Early update this week!

Run, boy, run: no no no no limit.

If you enjoy this comic, please, share it with your friends, that would make us happy! <3
@nevergrowup: We meant that nothing can stop him. :3 About the confrontation...well, it depens, in how many pieces would you like to get Leo back ?
When the main character has no limit.
Sad love story of a pervy's unrequired love part 2
If you like our pervy main character I think you're going to enjoy this scene quite a lot 8D
You heard him, boys, enough is enough!
(There is an unlucky last victim in every war. I'm sorry, redhead, your sacrifice wasn't in vain...I wish I could have said it.)
Oh boys, what a mess