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Heyo everyone, welcome to hell. Hahahahaha-

im not joking

I draw and stuff and sing and stuff and suck at athletics. Queer sensitive moody bean. and i eat memes for breakfast

i am also proof you can art without a proper art program....

I use a frikin photo editor to draw lmao. Its called pixlr, if anybody was wondering

Anyway, thanks for reading this! Have a nice day/afternoon/evening/middle of the night

Um....I don't know what else to say ;-;

Why are you still reading?

WHat do ya want from meee?

You're not gonna get anything.


your determined, aren't cha?


just like her

amisit rosea et sororem
soror autem eius perdidit par
culpat in unum obumbratio
et rosea aggressi

At illa novit,
perdidit omnes

in ruinam

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    queer moody mess (tm)
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@LightEclipse: srry lmao

you dont have to use this, ill draw a better one later

can i just say that im rlly proud of the eye

heck mid this is amazing

i love the furrr

@Luna_the_absol:3: Ah.


Er... did you just take them without permission? Some artists don't really like when people do that, and I don't want you to get in any type of trouble.

I'll try to find them.
Um.. hey, if it isn't too much to ask, could you please leave links to the original owner of the art under each pic?

@Midnight-fox18: mid lmao

ok so actually the missile thing cheered me up from my edgy vents

I loved it lmao

and also your not annoying


the sketch drawing is better looking than the "tired of me" vent I posted before

mid I love youuuuu

I'm not good at words at all

but I love you

hopefully at least one of you guys love me but I know that I think about it loves a little bit too strong of a word for me

anyway I love youuuuuuuu

and iiiiiiiiii

will alwayyys love youuuuu

(I'm sorry for sounding so drunk, I'm kinda loopy from today's school day)
is that me oml

I'm chokin
lmao thanks
I think the answer is no
@Guest: I honestly would be kinda pissed but I'm too tired to care anymore

in fact I'm laughing congrats lmao


also the answer is who knows
@WildfireK: wifi what have you done I'm screaming

I dunno multiple butts is just...aaaaa
@WildfireK: tbh this is actually kinda funny though Cody is a mi n o r

so lmao
@WildfireK: lmao DANGIT I was gonna comment that
@WildfireK: also ss ships lmao

ok either somebody's doing this as a joke orrrr not
so in case you were wondering the cat is my new cat persona pandora

named after well pandora

please don't ask what the plastic is

it is quite literally plastic

yknow the one you find around shoelaces and shit


anyway thanks for sticking though all these vents that's all for today

I'm going to sleep now and hope tommorow is better