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i want commit not living lmao

(prof pic not drawn by me, drawn by WispNightmare
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@Aura9301: b l e a s e s a v e m e

im too g a ¥
h look its gay and badly drawn
@Creamy Eevee: aight sorry but like

scruffy is good, yeah, but her art is pretty simplistic
she has a bit of anatomy flaws too

meanwhile, eons art is amazing currently, and she has detailed and amazing artworks

people improve
and "*cough*" im crying-

if you're gonna give criticism, give actual godamn advice instead of actually like.,,,,, just comparing ppls art
November 10th, 2018
a n g e ry
im joining this wait a sec-
@Midnight-fox18: hh tysm!!

tried my best to implement your criticism,,,

and yeah warm colors are really nice hh
anatomy's hard and so are backgrounds help

any advice?

i would upload on my da but i haven't updated on here for a while
@ultrawandit: mmmmm yes what a facey face

he c k
ill just launch myself-
your arts amazing you heck and youre even more amazing if you dont believe it i shall make you eat your own face

and blease vaccum me into the sun with you-
blushing nerd
rudy's eyes are so creepy like hoo my god

poor emilio looks so uncomfortable
@Rocatex: i also only see beauty