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beep beep d e a t h

prof pic was made by midnightfox uwu
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    the fallen angel
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lmao look another pandora alt
but here she at

she cri
something about this just holds a certain energy and it scares me
oh no tobi's gonna die
yeah, let her go and just totally ignore the fact atticus is kinda fucking dangling in there too-
@ShadowStalker1128: CRI TY,,,
im yelling louder wrow i just realized how much harder it is to use touchpad than tablet-
im gonna scream pen pressure is a blessing to this world
siri how do i get good art like ultrawandit thanks
@Silver Eevee: damn honestly thats a good bet,,,
@oof: dont know who you are but this comment is a daily mood lmao
im sobbing ur improvement is hardcore amazing
@hade: cri,,

valid plan i appreciate
peep is superior to the inferior egg uwu
<s>im literally crying the fur texture is so gorgeous-</s>

but oh hey that doesnt sound good, wonder what happened :)
haha furry-

but sobb,, this is grogeous what the hell

good luck-
everyone: hey uh brokensky what do you have there
brokensky: a roCK!!
everyone: nO-

but im sobbing its back and my babi is picking up rocks
@ShadowStalker1128: tbh yeah lmao

i just have. no motivation to redo the shitty pages and that makes me sad because i really like this comic but like. the first pages are b a d and to continue i need to fix them

babi gorl

she's from an upcoming comic and uhh yeah