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i want commit not living lmao
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    the fallen angel
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@Flaming_Eclipse: well, sorry you had a stressful day, but doesnt excuse you for tracing

its fine, just remember to give credit where its due
@ultrawandit: yes it is music to the Fires ears
@Flaming_Eclipse: well, yes actually.

you can't just trace art dude, you won't improve, and like i said, p disrespectful lmao

thank you for giving credit
@Rocatex: lmao i approve of the fire fang lara

ur on ur own buddy pal frendo uwu
@ultrawandit: ,,,f i r e f a n g ( l a r a)
@ShadowStalker1128: Fire Fang (FUcck) is deceased
@DarkstripeAF: sorry but Fire Fang (Lara) shall rule all

also love what you did with the site mid

please don't trace, its rude, disrespectful to the original artist, and disobeys copyright laws

please, give credit
can i sue you for being too good at art
okJFNJSCMKJSV hnghhhh no wait blease help him-
s n a z z y
what a good heck muffin