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10:18 June 15

welcome to drunken sleep deprived heckin holly

im fighting to keep my eye open and im kinda failing

ok no but like what would giraffes look like wiht short legs
that ywould be amazing like oh my god
frolicking around with those legs and tripping over themselves

aaaa XD

this has been drunken shit hwith holyl <3
Heyo peeps, welcome to hell. Hahahahaha-

im not joking

Memes are my meals.

i am also proof you can make semi-decent art with a photo editor (pixlr)
Then again i have medibang but it crashes so im sticking with pixlr. XD

Quick bio!

Name : ????? Just call me Holly.
Gender : Female
Age : Unknown lmao
Sexuality : Homo/Biromantic pansexual
Personality : Friendly to a decent degree, socially awkward, still pretty nice. Pretty emotional and sensitive.
Strengths : Art, singing, to a degree acting, managing to be social and not at the same time, and petting cats.
Weaknesses : Jumpscares, haunted houses i stg, sports, dancing, myself lmao, and math.


anyway thats it
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@Guest: thats a lot of hearts


but seriously, thank you <3
@#403: thanks dude

yeah i tried to be consitent with the breath stuff

<3 again thank you
you're amazing
i take a breath
bracing myself
as i see her
painted in my memories

the same soft tawny hair
gentle gray eyes
warm smile and

its all the same
its all repeated

memories and memories
of times that are better

i close my eyes
i dont want to
think about her

i dont want to
worry about her

i dont want to
worry about this

i shut it out
out of fear
and go back
to hiding in the


i take a breath
a ragged breath
as tears pour down
my cheeks

grating thoughts are
screaming, yelling
the truth about me
about who i am

she triggered it
my mother
from the too sharp
words that pierced
me and broke me

i turn everything off
reach for it
but then hesitate out
of fear and the truth

i curl up in the corner of the bathtub
wanting nothing more
than to take a last breath as
the pain pierces my brain
after 2 minutes, the
breakdown seems to have
ceased through the tears
marking the floor below

the pain seeps out
leaving only a empty husk
i get up, look in the mirror
disliking the person that
seems to stand before me

i take a breath
and walk out


i take a breath
as i see a battle
before me
words written and
deleted within seconds
everything pushes me
closer and closer to snapping

somehow, the echo seems
to just blame it on me
like always
but the anger seems to
speak louder this time

and i hold my breath

i write out a response
close my eyes

as regret pierces me

you shouldn't do this
you should learn to stay
quiet, learn to keep silent
and fucking do nothing

nobody cares anyways

i take another breath
sharper one

i should stop listening
but its the truth at this
point of time

i hover over x

and then click submit

i breathe out
and then breathe in

it doesn't help
but i'm starting to speak

i took a breath in
and took a breath out


i take a breath
and let out a subtle
sigh of annoyance

a meeting with a
somebody over my
first school year in
the new school

i know him well
hes nice and funny
a pretty cool teacher
but the last thing i
want to remember is
school and her

we start talking
its basic at first
mindless answers
but then he starts
on the topic of math
and grades

how i cant get better
if i dont even try to
get better in math
and that saying i "suck
at math" will get me no
where in the subject

something seems to
grab onto my tongue
my mouth tastes metallic
and i feel the familiar
prickle of tears

he struck a nerve
and he doesn't seem to
notice that he did
he keeps going
and going
and FUCKING going

he doesn't notice
probably he doesn't care

until a stray tear works
its way out of my eye
i grit my teeth and
narrow my eyes

mom goes outside to
get me some water
or something
while shes gone
he starts the questions

i take in shuddering breaths
as he asks if it has to do with
school, family, and then
he asks if it has to do with myself

a silent nod
just a response

he asks if i'm still going to therapy
forced out the truth, that no, i
haven't been there for a while

i don't miss it at all, i hated the
atmosphere, hated the lies i spoke,
hated the person i'd become

and with that
i shut off
not externally
but internally
my soul withers
and falls like dying
roses, gone
and forgotten

i take a breath
and rip apart the tissue i had in my hand


i now take a breath
today is the day
i make change

that i force myself to
try to be brave

i will make it
and if i don't
i can say that i tried

i can have a fresh start
i wont mess it up
i wont listen to the echo

i'll be alright
or as alright as
i can be without
my friends through
the screen

i'm taking a breath
and maybe now i can finally

let it all out
@Pinkeevee222: assumed so

something about that vaporeon looked slightly edgy XD
it seems hair over an eye is a specific style for greenpaws XD

is that vay in the 6th panel? or a random vaporeon?
i love these black and white pieces! theyre all so,,,pretty :o
that is one angery bean

i feel like she would bite me if i boop her nose but like, i really fucking want to for some reason XD
@WhiteRose the Warrior Cat: going for so long without food, while you might eventually lose weight, it wont be through a healthy method, and i entirely agree that this stuff is horrible
yey he likes it
@ShadowStalker1128: ohhh

its fine though, you dont have to find it rn or anything

just giving a heads up
@ShadowStalker1128: oh oof,

copied off of him accidentally with brokensky XD
oof, the page vanished :o
did he have a power?

or rather, did you think of a power for him, or is he just dead? XD
@ShadowStalker1128: oh no, its fine! <3

dragontear, ooo snazzy :O

hnnghghghhghg the design is so soft and nice jesus
@ShadowStalker1128: boi quality isnt going down you hecc
even if it is, it still looks snazzy XD

its fine on the site, coding isn't instant or anything lmao

o h


who are the other submitted cats? i like the winged one's design :O

<s>i forgot how colorful i made brokensky oof, sorry if shes a pain to color</s>
@LightEclipse: insanity, i can shoot you a pm of a summary of what you missed if you'd like
@Sky207: its not really you being whiny, just you lying and leaving things out of context

thank you for apoligizing at least for posting

while you were upset, you need to learn to keep a level head while being upset, so that this bullshittery and stuff can stop happening

like people said, this isn't the first time

if it was your first couple times, i would have pardoned you

but this is just...too fucking much
it seems at this point you dont even try to restrain yourself

im not asking for apoligies though
im not asking for words

im asking for change

so please
for the love of fucking god

try to change the things that keep leading you back to this hell

i did say that someday hopefully i will forgive you, did i not?

and that is true
but the key word is someday
and someday is not today