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beep beep d e a t h

prof pic was made by midnightfox uwu
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    the fallen angel
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oo that'd be really cool!
ive given up on doing actual animations for a while since i have the motivation of a depressed rock but if you can do it i'll def like it-
@WiispNightmare: it isn't im just really bad at talking and dond know what to say-
@WiispNightmare: hh
cant say much except im sorry about that
well darn I seem like more of a problem child than you-
I’m pretty sure you don’t actively argue with your mom at least once every week and get yelled at by her every two days :,)
@WiispNightmare: alright, I’ll pm you later satisfy sinxe it’s five am right now

you aren’t and shouldn’t have been responsible for his emotions and his actions. he was getting distant but he didn’t accept any help. from me or from the people he cared about. he was in a pretty bad mental state and he just couldn’t take it after a couple fights, and you couldntve really stopped the fights. so yeah, you aren’t at fault
@ultrawandit: yes you c o w a r d
@WiispNightmare: :000 oooooo-

and im just in a constant state of laziness tbh
@WiispNightmare: they can't be grumpy because of you you're cool >:oo
i swear to fucking god mid i dont care what that son of a bitch thinks he's an absolute piece of shit and he didn't deserve somebody like you

literally he was justified in ditching a couple people, but not you
not you

dont feel guilty please
its not your fault he was blind

and please go to therapy
i've been and personally it doesnt work on me (probably because i lied so much hah) but if it works on you, then please do it
you deserve to be happy

i love you
please take care
@WiispNightmare: you weren't
i swear

i can fill you in what i remember if you want in pms
he's just...stupid ig
it aint called the void for nothing uwu
and :0
wingdings are cool but i always need a translator to translate because i dont speak wingding uwu
@WiispNightmare: or maybe they're just grumpy because their kids suck
my parents certainly are grumpy because of that-
@WiispNightmare: its close enough and everything else is good-

and happy because it was good-
but also kinda just like curious and vaguely unsettled (because of the phrases like "blood spattered")
@WiispNightmare: true considering how nobody has the time to oversleep lol-
i read it and its really good wow-
and you said you couldn't rhyme
@WiispNightmare: oh huh
at least there arent that many bad things to oversleeping
undersleeping tho-
@WiispNightmare: late reply since i slept but hhh fine, but please dont make the same horrible life decisions ive been making because wow im tired-
keep doing that nightmare uwu

I lied when I said I was about to go to sleep oops but I’m gonna sleep now so ty <3
but you need sleep though-
I don’t need sleep I run on the pure energy of death uwu