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beep beep d e a t h

prof pic was made by midnightfox uwu
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can we get an f for susan and pandora they were good dumbasses while they lasted-

but fr this page is fucking gorgeous, i love the way you drew yvetal's move :0
happy to hear from you!! wb! :0
!!! thats rlly nice!!!
@ShadowStalker1128: oh my god that song-
this line right here is pretty much the general fucking theme of the comic-
@TheLatiKing: aaa tysm!! i'm happy you're looking forward to it!
@Silvertheumbreon: yeah, i hope too!!!
@Ultra Umbreon: oh yeah def dont blame u, i havent updated in while! im updating again now tho
@Midnight-fox18: IT LIVES B I T C H
@Midnight-fox18: SHE WILL FUCKING VORE EVERYONE AND KILL EVERYONE THAT BREATHES <s>exceptforcodyshelikescody</s>
its back bitches

reboot time im hyped, as long as i dont lose motivation and follow the damn script everything will go well!! so yeah!! :0

i'll fix the site soon since it looks pretty,,,, s h i t t y and the first page will hopefully be up on the weekend!! ty y'all for sticking with me!
aah yeah school's rough, wish you luck with that!
take your time! your mental health should be above all
woah thats a lot of time for shading/lighting
it def shows tho!! it looks amazing!!

also susan in the last panel is a mood
@pixlyJolt: *himself,,, it says on his prof-
oh god oh fuck they know-

and oo myu's eyes were red