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My main internet passion lies with the online game Pardus. (find it under

In the outside world I like to read the books of Neil Gaiman, Terry Pratchett, Allen Dean Foster, Frank Herbert and Douglas Adams.

My favourite comic artists include Hergé ("Tintin"), Jean-Baptiste Andreae ("Mangecoeur"), Christophe Blain (together with Lewis Trondheim always a good artist but my favourite is "Donjon"), Jean-Claude Mézières ("Valerian & Laureline") and many many others.
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January 28th, 2015
Old days
Always seem to be just a little brighter. I think the Universe really looks bigger when you are sitting in your spectre and politics are being made in closed door meetings with yourself firmly on the outside.
It certainly is also fun to be the one pulling the strings but I have come to realize why magicians do not enjoy their own show.
It just looks a little different when you know how it was done ^^
*full on nostalgia mode*
January 24th, 2015
Sadly we won't be getting the workers upgrade most likely. I still think it would be pretty cool to ship around the migrant workers from stations to planets.
It would give a more interconnected feel to the whole thing I believe. I mean we already ship the galaxy's packaged mail, why not the work-force?
For the Territories of the Gap
Not many people in the galaxy think about the sectors of the Gap. Even less of them are aware that at the heart of this cluster lies an economically viable miniature faction. Under the Divinity government of Fadaphi and the heavy financial support of the industrialists of Silaad I with their pleasure resorts and refineries on the moons of Silaad II the people of these systems could secure for themselves the resources of Greenso and its petrified forest. The Silaadians secure under their defense grid of highly advanced drones and with the power of a strong economy realized they were critically dependent on the food imports from struggling and troubled Fadaphi. It was they who proposed a free trade agreement and a unified military defensive pact. They also fronted much of the expenses to field a joint army and fleet. It was here that Na Sonkq first came into her own. Originally a Rashkir mercenary she was hired to train the untested troops of the SFCDF (Silaad-Fadaphi Common Defense Force) and in due time proved herself invaluable, especially in cutting down the multitude of covert attempts of the major Factions to get a foothold within these territories. After defeating a large pirate fleet in the orbit of planet Propus, outgunned and understaffed, by masterfully maneuvering her enemies through a space dragon den her talents were noticed on a galactic scale. Also it is rumored that Propus will soon be integrated into the larger economic and military situation of Silaad and Fadaphi. But all is not good news. With greater success also comes more attention to the small and peaceful territories of the Gap. Na Sonkq now spends most of her days travelling the universe and hiring with many pilots of all factions in order to gain allies for the future, when inevitably she will be called back to defend the places she has learned to call home.
I am the spirit of the voyage
Earliest records mentioning Norr Ptoll go back to pre-imperial times around the era after the First Great War. He is mentioned as an ascetic monk from a western Rashkan tradition that set out to explore the universe. Historical details are sketchy but Norr Ptoll is mentioned to be present at the consecration of the great temple of Ioliaa and it is rumored that an individual named Norr Ptoll helped Researcher Goron and his crew find their way to planet Aniphex. In the philosophical treatise "Vragroth's Tale" by the Ska'ari Scholar Retrobulbar from planet Ioquex the "Voyage of Norr Ptoll" is interpreted by many as a parable for the indomitable will to seek out the unknown. Other anecdotes place him at planet Cemiess at the time the current Emperor was born, but those stories are many and unreliable. His first certain mention in modern times goes back to the Aperture event and the subsequent discovery of many new and long lost sectors of space when he is noted as a freelance explorer in what is today called the UNRC where he first charted the nebula cloud that would coalesce into planet Zeaay shortly after his departure.
It is unclear whether Norr Ptoll hails from one of those blood-lines that know no natural end to their lifespan and truly is hundreds upon hundreds of years old or if he is just the latest in a long line of occult mystics that roamed the galaxy since time immemorial, both theories concerning his person enjoy their fair share of supporters and even though it is possible to hire his services as a navigator and prospector this tall and lean Rashkir remains a mystery.
First among equals
Not many Pilots or people on the planets and stations notice the multitude of scavengers who are flitting about in self made short range craft around the rims of Wormholes sorting through the debris for anything valueable or combing the depth of space for the Tranquil Boxes (on which the Brain-image of unfortunate spacefarers have been copied upon death) to bring them to the faction cloning stations for a hefty reward. Though what they do is at best tolerated in faction space and neither regulated nor protected throughout much of the Neutral Zone, these Scavengers are an important part of the socio-economic make-up of the galaxy. But every once in a while one of these people steps out of the shadows and into the lime-light of galactic interest. Jenk Dirrhind was born to a scavenger family from a hybrid-blood line, a Keldon with Rashkriri DNA interspersed in his genetics. like many other scavengers his specialties range over a wide variety of fields. He's a software expert, a scanning engineer and medical doctor which all served him well when he spend his youth searching ship wrecks and wayward escape-pods for survivors and scraps he could turn in for a reward. His luck changed when he recovered the remains of three diplomatic envoys whose mission fatally failed when their meeting place was attacked and raided by unknown perpetrators. It was his actions that lead to the successful cloning of the victims and the subsequent completion of the talks that brought on diplomatic improvement between all three major Factions for a while. Due to this dramatic feat he is called upon again and again for his services by many people of influence and means when they require something of an outsiders touch. Yet a scavenger he remains at heart and it is said that much of his commissions support his extended clan and friends.
Trust me 36 is my lucky number.
The Union today, the third major faction of the galaxy is controlled by an intricate system of contracts and alliances, planetary governments, clans, cults, labor movements and corporations all ostensibly democratic and unified in the Grand Assembly, where elected representatives debate policies and the Inner Assembly where the bigwigs and leaders decide upon pressing matters of the faction. Sometimes people nowadays forget that just below that modern surface lies a world governed by its own dark rules. That the illusive Dons and Donnas which had lead the faction from the shadows since, some say even, the days of Shepard and his gang, are not elected into office by the Grand nor the Inner Assembly and that they lord over not only the official faction business but a veritable cornucopia of cartels and organized crime. As clandestine a structure as this one only the very select few get access to the people behind the curtain. Hizzv Krr was one of those individuals. He was personal doctor to a Union Mogul and eventually his skill and savvy in the production of the exotic matter stimulant that pilots call Candy he caught the eye of the Don. He would have enjoyed great wealth and fortune if that was the end of the story but alas it wasn't. It's unclear whether Hizzv always had worked for the TSS or if they contacted him during his service to the Don but he managed to stockpile huge amounts of Candy and have it shipped to unknown locations all across the galaxy. When he was found out the Union decision-makers wanted to make an example out of him, His shell was crushed and his claw cut of, Some of his eyes gauged out until he was finally dumped into space and left for dead. He did survive though and no one is quite clear on how and why he is able to sell out his skills to pilots all around the galaxy without the hounds of the Don coming after him to finish the job, and at this point most people are too afraid to ask.
It can be arranged
Zazxana Zabtok was born subject to the Kingdom of Epsilon Indi where she lived her early years and was trained as a Royal Guard. For indeterminable reasons however she had to lay down her post and leave the planet to find her place in the galaxy elsewhere. While many potentially scandalous stories surround her origins no kind of misconduct could ever be proven. After travelling the galaxy for some years she finally arrived at NEX0002 Station where slaves from all around the galaxy are being brought to live what ever measure of liberty the mental and technological torture they endured would allow. Since these slaves are classified as unable to live independently they are forbidden by several treaties and intergalactic convention to leave. It is here that Zazxana made her name as the Cunning Overseer. She was charged with keeping the stations slave population in check but it became known in certain circles that slaves could be smuggled off the station and into planetary work forces, that new unregistered ones could be brought in and there were even whispers of some owners who reclaimed their lost "property" all while ostensibly under Zazxana's watchful eye. For a small fee she could facilitate all this and more and she made consequently many good friends on both sides of the slave conflict which came in handy when she was found out by the Station owners and lost her position. At the moment she has taken to wandering the galaxy again but many pilots value her services as both an able fighter and a well connected business partner.
Eye in the Sky
It is an open secret that the inhabitants of the Ras Elased system have been those among the Federation citizens that have come into closest contact with the Lucidi strain. It is also well known that the Federation invested heavily into an elite task force to meet the threat of a full fledged Lucidi assault on planet Elased if need be. Donna Ortega was one of the recruits of this program. Trained as a combat-strategist and astro-navigation officer she and her fellow soldiers endured the most rigorous and stringent training imaginable to face a brutal invasion... that never came. Years after the opening of the Pardus Core through the PEAC program the Lucidi threat is undeniably there but the organized raid on the Faction Contingents never played out the way the strategists predicted it. Instead the troops on Elased grew, first restless and then unruly. At last they had to be relocated to another base and another mission. This happened several times until the operation was finally dismantled. Donna, who had made herself a name as a superior operative resigned in frustration as her mission ended and has hired on many ships helping to fly them through the most dangerous parts of space. Some say she lies in wait till the Lucidi finally strike in earnest.
Can't pin him down
The Shadow Syndicate's far reaching infiltration through even the highest levels of faction governments keeps their names and activities cleared from official records but even then sometimes they require more. Frederik Ownsworth is the man they will call if an especially pesky database is in need of a scrub-job or highly placed agents need to be shielded from implication. He also is famous for fine tuning TSS target computers but by far his biggest coup must have been the corruption of the Lanner-series subsystems designed to prevent the craft from the capability of being used as a missile platform that would eventually lead to the development of the Blood Lanner. Who This man is and where he came from are questions that may interest many people in the galaxy but that most likely never shall be answered since information about him has a tendency to disappear. Only the legend of his exploits is ever growing being whispered by cyber criminals and pirate engineers. For the right price paid to the right people any pilot can hire Ownsworth's services, to do the wrong thing.
Because I care
Xkrt Zbhtlommk is the scion of an ancient family on planet Rigel in the PEC and like many of his people he is visually easily distinguishable from Ska'ari elsewhere in the galaxy as well as culturally a lot more independent while still an official and even revered part of Ska'ari society. It was the long generations of isolation from the rest of galactic civilization that lead to the proud noble houses of Rigel becoming physically and culturally distinct and even after PEAC re-opened the Core they somewhat remained separate from the new-comers. The heir to a large mining consortium in Rigel sector Xkrt Zbhtlommk he spend his early days acquiring a reputation to be one of the finest business negotiators in the Pardus Core and both an industrialist and collector of fine wares that never failed to get what he wanted. He was a being that never had a worry in his life but his kindheartedness and empathy - hugely boosted by the superior telepathic abilities of Rigelian Ska'ari, no doubt - left him dismayed at the state of things in the Universe at large and he set off to join the EPS eventually. Nowadays he uses his influence and resource extraction expertise to further the EPS goals and those of honorable pilots trying to make a difference in a hugely indifferent galaxy.
Let them fight
One of the many moons of Zeaay, an icy rock called Nerflong is known to be a hub for mercenaries, smugglers, gamblers and disreputable characters of all sorts. Especially known for its many gambling dens where the space beasts that are so common to Zeaay are made to fight each other and while many may condemn the practice of beast fighting as cruel the Union considers it just another profitable business. It is here that Shrozz Abkanwus arrived after spending his time as a drifter, a hired gun a bookie and, at one time, even a bomber pilot. It didn't take long after his arrival on Nerflong that he had assembled a crew and took over business, soon calling all gambling, prostitution and illegal trade on the moon his own. It looked like another robber-baron had carved out his hole in Union space had it not been so close to the headquarters of the third division of the Union Armada and Space Marines that safeguard Union interests in the cluster, on Zeaay's capital moon Metron, nearby. Abkanwus made the poor decision to fleece many Union Fleet higher-ups which made him popular with some of the people in the Zeaay sector but eventually lead the Authorities to smoke him out, claiming they couldn't abide by having Nerflong controlled by Abkanwus. He was forced to escape with the aid of intergalactic contacts he had won during the course of his short yet famous reign over the Moon. It is said that he sells out his services and connections with one goal clear in mind, to someday return to Nerflong and take his bloody revenge on those that helped to oust him.
Death to Old Perry
Soon after the Aperture opened the way into the Empire West Ska'ari Core, the Globbs, an intrepid family of Keldon explorers, rushed to satisfy their innate Keldon curiosity. The Globbs were renowned throughout the Empire and even the Galaxy for their expertise in navigation and map-making. Named for their deceased leader, Watibe Station serves the family as a base of operations in the WSC and into the Split-Cluster. It was given into their stewardship by the Empire for services rendered during the Aperture exploration and to honor those Globbs that perished during those times. Many of the family's most prominent members died to an incident with a Preywinder including the old Watibe himself. Only his cousin Uco survived the attack and rose to become the Chief Navigator and head of the family. While he, like many of the Globbs, hires out his services to those who want to brave unknown space on a regular basis he is known to work towards finding a specific and especially cunning Preywinder he calls Old Perry. For among those Keldons lost on that fateful day was not only Uco's cousin but also his only daughter.
Spirit of the early Union
Birthplace of the legendary masterhacker Kyle Grey, compatriot of Union founder "Mad" Max Sheppard and High-Tech wonderland of the modern Union, planet Quexce is the location of the Grey College of Cybernetics the most important education center in the URC. Not only did many of the Unions best and brightest receive their training here but also the Grey family itself had their fair share of influential prodigies that since the very beginning have been instrumental in shaping the Union as it is today. So it was of no surprise when the twins Silvia and Max Grey showed very early signs of genius and grew up to be capable computer engineers. Max, the younger was always less creative and more reliable than his older sister but Silvia was always considered a technological whizzkid. It was widely assumed that she would not only take financial but also educational control of her families legacy but in her early years, overseeing the Unions mining operations in the sector she began running with a crowd of purists that believed Keldon appeasers and Rashkir theocrats had ruined the spirit of the early Union that unabashedly dealt in stimulants and that kept the Empire-Federation war hot to profit off of it. Many of these people turned to be TSS eventually and Silvia herself became an agent for the syndicate. Her political stance was unacceptable for Union authorities who forced her to forego her inheritance. Her younger brother Max Grey took control over the family estate and eventually became dean of the College. Silvia however, now hires out her services to those who, as she puts it, haven't lost the spirit which once forged the Union.
Spacing pride
Nshrrah Tkpimkk was among the very first Ska'ari explorers that arrived on Hource Station after the Aperture opened up space lanes to previously unknown or long lost sectors. Her services have been instrumental in the settlement of much of the West Ska'ari Core but nonetheless she remained relatively unknown as stories of her exploits were drowned out by the news and rumors following the universe changing event. She didn't rise to prominence until an incident where she, alongside many hundreds of other early WSC explorers, was offered land to settle in the new imperial colony of Ayinti, refused right to the countenance of the Imperial Crown Prince who was in charge of the ceremony. Even though she explained that she, a scion of an old spacing family, would never consider to settle on a planet, her outrageous behavior earned her the ire of many imperial loyalists. While never losing sight of her Ska'ari heritage, she too would never forget that she was shamed for standing up for her families way of life. Nowadays many know the unapologetic spacefarer and value her skills. Especially Ska'ari have taken a shine to the way she defended her culture and proud traditions.
January 11th, 2015
No quarter
The Bikbiehr are a minor family originally of the Durgo Clan but during the revolt on the prison planet of Wainze some 120 years ago they joined with the Kurgans, that were driven out of Sophilia, and followed them to Taurais where the clan's pirate fleet holds their own to this very day. Most of their genetic line was mutated together with the rest of these pirates but due to the efforts of the bio-engineers on Wezen the Bikbiehr emerged as a hardy, cruel and most importantly stable blood-line that came into prominence as the Kurgan's chief enforcers. Tarra of the Bikbiehr is no exception. She was trained from childhood to be unforgiving and heartless raiding traders and colonies for loot and slaves. She also was trained to break into data-banks and accounts to both evade the Union authorities and perform electronic robberies and though she was never the most creative of hackers she soldiered on without complaint. The Bikbiehrs are as ruthless as they come but Tarra is even more than that. During her time with the Kurgans she was known to, without hesitation, take part in all kinds of missions from theft to genocide and her path is littered with the blood of the "contracts" she fulfilled. Naturally the TSS found her to be very interesting and they eventually managed to recruit her. Nowadays the legendary henchwoman can be hired by any pilot willing to associate with the likes of her, if they have the credits to spare, but whatever their plans may be, with Tarra on board it will be the Shadow Syndicate's bidding they will do.
Pretty good? No, phenomenal!
If Quexce is the high-tech capital of the Union, the planet of Lezebe II is its darker more seedy twin. Referred to as Gadgetopolis, the residents of the moons and factories surrounding this massive gas giant acquire anything that is new and electronic and take it apart in the pursuit of making it better, faster, stronger, and smaller reselling and re-acquiring the goods if opportunity presents itself. It is here that Peknana Aborginorpand was born and made a name for herself. She took to electrical engineering like no other even at a very early age and was known to run with a pack of station urchins dealing in stolen electronic components. Like many children in the wards of this colony Peknana grew up dreaming of attending the Goron Institute of Technology, which is a cloaked station in the upper atmosphere of Lazebe II. She dedicated herself to become the best artificer around with ever an increasing penchant for the spectacular and surprising in hopes to be noticed by the Union engineers, and notice they did. However all was not well after she realized her dreams beginning her training in the Institute in earnest. She was already well ahead in terms of skill and the only real benefit would have been access to the secret Union projects and resources there, but the higher ups of the Union authorities didn't trust the fickle gadgeteer with this information knowing very well her tendency toward the grand and melodramatic. More annoyed than anything else she left Lezebe II in search for a greater challenge and better access, not shying away from the morally dubious in order to get it.
Ambition, diligence mastery
Qyopp Nrkzatxyx is the direct descendant of the famous Ska'ari general Kar'nork, designer and construction officer of the Urandack, Adaa and Kenlada Stations in pre-imperial times. Like many in his family, who followed into the footsteps of their famous ancestor Qyopp aspired to a career in the military but because of the relatively high standards for imperial armed forces his application was dismissed due to poor health. Not to be deterred he moved to Datiack where he joined the planetary militia, not uncommon for rejected millitary types of the Empire. Qyopp excelled in ranks quickly and confidently as a strategist and leader of a fighter squadron but it wasn't until he lead a rescue mission against a sheer armada of X-series ships that attacked Faphida that he became widely recognized and known as a true master among the stars. He and his squadron became famous in the WPR as they were dispatched to aid many of the colonies in the region. Upon completing his long years of service on Datiack it was widely assumed he had retired but around the time of the Aperture Qyopp Nrkzatxyx re-emerged as he probably felt he wasn't done yet carving out a piece of history for himself.
Father of StimChips
Decades ago a small group of scientists had established themselves in a remote corner of space and proceeded to secretly begin experimentation in the field of neuro-technology eventually culminating in the so called Neuro-Tech Innovation Drive that produced the StimChip as a viable alternative to the dangers of drug usage. It was widely speculated that the Esteemed Pilots Syndicate had a major role in the funding this new technology. Without a doubt this assumption is fed by the fact that EPS Doctor Kurt Radon was one of the lead scientists responsible for the creation of StimChips and the fact that the syndicate had openly funded his research into spatio-psychic altering effects of exotic matter for years. Originally from the FHC, Dr. Radon was dismayed by the fact that drug cartels reigned all but openly in the galaxy protected by governments and pilots alike. He is somewhat eccentric and his approach to research was long considered unorthodox giving him a reputation as somewhat "nutty" but his knowledge of the underlying science behind Exotic Matter based stimulants is unrivaled in the galaxy. Like many EPS Agents he accompanies all manner of pilots regularly, securing additional funding for his research while at the same time making the galaxy a better place.
Calibrating Hull Integrity
Sometimes a true legend isn't born in the crucible of some event or by overcoming great obstacles but out of the mastery of their craft and a true understanding of the nature of things. Hond Fullop is such a person. Originally from Exebur where he studied structural engineering he soon moved to Keldana Prime to receive his degree at the prestigious Keldon Polytechnical College where he was offered tenure but refused in order to work on micro-structural calibrations at the Grey College of Cybernetics on planet Quexce. After publishing his very well received findings he moved on yet again to work with designer Linda Lanner. Many people in the InterShip community expected him to come forth with his own ship design but it hasn't happened yet. Instead the calm and focused Keldon says something about collecting more data and fine-tuning the micro calibrations while hiring his skills out to every high profile pilot in the galaxy observing them fly, tending their ships. The fact remains that his ability to repair damage to a ships hull by simply re-calibrating its structural integrity is almost like magic.
Warrior-monk of the Temple
Sebnok Fient had spent his early days with the monks of the Omicron Eridani Base practicing Korung Zi martial arts and ancient philosophies and traditions of western Rashkan. He grew up with the stories about Lasveck Icav, who built the base as a sanctuary for the Rashkir warrior way, and Rosnak Vegas who lead the federation into many battles as a general of unrivaled prowess. And so as the time came he sought to bring honor for his order in serving the galaxy as those great Rashkir did before him. When the Aperture opened up, and new, unknown regions of space as well as re-opened passageways to colonies long thought to be lost became accessible, he worked tirelessly as a guide and explorer for many Federation missions, finding the safest routes and leading those who lost their way back onto the right path. After his many deeds in Aperture Space he was recognized by all factions and many governments for his great skill and honorable conduct and the Esteemed Pilots Syndicate declared him a bona fide member for his distinguished service to the galaxy. But all this hasn't been achieved without cost. Countless injuries and life-threatening maladies have left their mark on this great warrior-monk many of which would have killed a lesser being and sadly Sebnok Fient can only with great effort be without the medical systems in his specialized suit, that keep him alive. Nonetheless he is still a formidable and highly sought after member in any expedition.