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i'm a space monkey :D
well i'm a hillbilly redneck, i think that's a perfect description.

fun fact: did you know the term red neck came from coal miners? Yep! It's true, all you cowboys calling your self's rednecks are lairs. Well not 100% lairs, more like you guys twisted the term and now everyone thinks redneck means cowboy.

i like food, my laptop, my friends.
i eat i sleep i site on this couch and me and my brother do the mowing and weedeedting (i have no i idea how to spell that word.) for my home, my grandmothers home, and sometimes our uncles home. (That is a LOT of work.)
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>tell rat to fallow me west.
>wail heading west I fire a magic bolt at the water to see what happens
>Agree that this island would be a good place to build my fortress of darkness. but unfortunately i first have to explore this new world to learn all i can about it and to also become stronger.

>cross the stream and meet op with ratrat.

(If i don't reply to the next page i just want you to know that i want him to go south west.)
(Sorry guys but i won't be able to reply much anymore.)

>Go south across the creek before the slugs notice that you have one of there tasty treats.
(Thx, now I know not to waist my time with it.)

>Grab a mushroom ask EDNA to scan and tell me if it's poison or not.

>As EDNA does that run south so that I can regroup with Rat.

>"I'm lucky that I like to run or else id be miserable right now."
(So, is that body of water to the east of us an ocean?)
Welcome Esper, I hope you don't get yourself killed to soon. XD
@SteamingBullet: It is possible for him to jump that right?
>Tell EDNA not to talk ill of RatRat again.

>Pay the Slug no mind as I jump over the thinnest part of the creek to the other side and continue East.

>"Haha, I've always wanted to be an explorer and discover the unknown"
You know this is making me start to wonder what it'd be like to have a sister. All I got are older brothers.
This'd better not be the ending.
BEW BE BEW BEW, Really? ('_')

And yes it does look more real then them. XD
February 28th, 2017
Long time no see!
Ok so that's what it is. XD Cool.
I'm going to ask you something but I'm like 50% sure you'll tell me that you can't answer.
Are you Focusing the EDNA chip more on me then anyone else?
@GamingNinja: What's is a edna chip?
(lol, what's this killing off all Hexkinkind? XD)

>"Ok Ratrat, let us split up and later meet back up east from here" Give ratrat a good pat on the back before running North East from here.

>The plan is to explore as much as we can as fast as we can. And to also become stronger. Epic re-equips his sword and staff as he runs North East as fast as he can.
XD I Have no words.
>"NO, your not doing it right RatRat! You need to separate it from the others and train it to be your 100% obedient pet. Letting it grow up with other slugs will give it to much a free will to be a useful pet. Here, bring the baby up here and away from the others."

>put away my equipment so that I can help bring both Rat and the baby out of the hole.
Cool idea. XD
February 16th, 2017
:D Aww they all looks so quit in this page.
Ok I just have to ask, What will happen if one of us walk back into the portal?