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i'm a space monkey :D
well i'm a hillbilly redneck, i think that's a perfect description.

fun fact: did you know the term red neck came from coal miners? Yep! It's true, all you cowboys calling your self's rednecks are lairs. Well not 100% lairs, more like you guys twisted the term and now everyone thinks redneck means cowboy.

i like food, my laptop, my friends.
i eat i sleep i site on this couch and me and my brother do the mowing and weedeedting (i have no i idea how to spell that word.) for my home, my grandmothers home, and sometimes our uncles home. (That is a LOT of work.)
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Well I guess I could save you, if you swear life long servitude to me in return.
well id have to say that answer is that two completely ridicules things happening at the same time and not be connected is unlikely.
it's probably whish to cuss out anyone it doesn't like. XD lol
it would be so funny if the panda ran off. but I have no clue what's going to happen.
Where did he get the glove?
sorry I haven't been on, I was away from my computer for the past few days.
you know what I bet that's what happened.
for some reason these last few pages look familiar like I've seen them before somewhere.
not really the art or characters but more like the layout and what's happening.
I just noticed that green on his elbow, or on his tail. Was it always there?
There is no way this won't backfire in some way or form. XD

(I had to go back and look at other pages to see the difference in the art and ya there is a big difference.
Your pencil art is more likable, that's the biggest difference I think. I mean your Photoshop looks a lot like your pencil, but I just feel that the pencil has more character, or the Shoped work feels fake to me either way its the same difference.)

ps I'm sorry if I confused you, but I don't exactly know what the differences are about them so I just had to be vague about thair overall effect. :/
Ouch,I don't know if he just has that much love for the cat or is just that much of a idiot.
But either way he definitely isn't cut out to be a villain. XD

(Also I really hope you find the page. Good luck. :)
@MR.Zoet: (-_-) Mhmm, yeah your not being vary convincing there are ya?
if it wasn't for just one thing I would probably be telling you I like the art and wich panel was my favorite. But instead I'm going to ask about the dead dog hanging in the background.
(>.<) sooooo creepy...
May 27th, 2018
If it wasn't for the creepy way he has his hands that smile would look harmless and adorable. XD
I'd also add that a cat or cat like person owning a cat, let alone a stolen cat sounds wrong. XD
heheh the blue ones an idiot. XD
I really like the art in panels 2 and 3.
>tell rat to fallow me west.
>wail heading west I fire a magic bolt at the water to see what happens
>Agree that this island would be a good place to build my fortress of darkness. but unfortunately i first have to explore this new world to learn all i can about it and to also become stronger.

>cross the stream and meet op with ratrat.

(If i don't reply to the next page i just want you to know that i want him to go south west.)
(Sorry guys but i won't be able to reply much anymore.)

>Go south across the creek before the slugs notice that you have one of there tasty treats.
(Thx, now I know not to waist my time with it.)

>Grab a mushroom ask EDNA to scan and tell me if it's poison or not.

>As EDNA does that run south so that I can regroup with Rat.

>"I'm lucky that I like to run or else id be miserable right now."