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I mean...
I like her, but. If she hadn't stabbed his throat, I would probably forgive her.
But she stabbed his throat, and that's just messed up.
April 24th, 2019
I have no idea how to participate XD

You've known her for ten years and you've never asked her where she goes? Also, watch the road, don't want to SQUASH one of those pumpkins.

Haha, "squash", I'm so funny XD
I kinda don't want to go to the next page XD
Great art
Wow -.-
Took me forever to find the "Post a Comment" button... Probably should have looked where it usually is, huh?

That's all :)
September 23rd, 2018
I just love this cover page.

Anyone else think Atticus looks like a cool (and shorter) version of Shaggy from Scooby doo? No? Just me? Yeah, I thought I was a weirdo...
This comic is beautiful :)
(I don't know why that's the word I used to describe it, or why I decided to post this comment on this page, but it just felt right)
September 23rd, 2018
Wow, I havn't read this comic in a year or two, probably two.
I loved this thing XD

... However, I don't remember almost any of the character's in this cover page though O.O

YAY! I get to enjoy reading it again, as though it was my first time!
The benefits of having a crappy memory XD
Apologies, Boredom, & Fun with Plants!
I also apologize in advance, I may not be able to comment very much (I'll be trying though!)

>Wait for EpicChild to arrive (we did agree to meet up later)
> "The Beach is boring.... Gardening is fun though! Time to test out my Super Fertilizer! With just the tiniest pinch of this stuff, plants will grow considerably larger!"
> And with blatant disregard to (if any) warning labels, I use the Fertilizer on the nearby tree, and yellow flower.
>Might as well pull up that barrel floating right there and open it/look inside. It could float away if I don't do it soon, and then I'll just look stupid......
>Use EDNA to examine... Basically, whatever it is that's inside the barrel (If nothing is inside it, examine the barrel to learn more about it's origin)
>Use EDNA to examine the water

(Is it possible to examine multiple things at a time?
Basically, I just want to know if it's fresh, or salt water.)
This info could potentially be useful..
Well there's not much to do in this area, and I can't continue east with the river blocking my path...

>Go southeast
>Use EDNA to examine (pet) Rock (for information about SLUGs).
I read the new page about the EDNA Chip!
It seems the EDNA Chip is already trying to work it's manipulation on some of the Hexkins. It's outright told EpicChild to slaughter everyone. It seems to be taking a more "subtle" approach with IanEvan and Praise.
I wonder if I should go back and check some of the older pages....... I probably should.
My pet Rock & I go East
BEST PAGE YET! I wonder what that skeleton belongs to ^.^
I really like how the Slug's shell matches my Hexkin!
And what are Microbits?! What is their purpose?! I must know, and most importantly, I must have one XD

>"I shall dub my new companion "Rock", for he will be a solid (strong) and dependable ally for years to come. He will be my left-hand man, my pet, Rock!"

>Agree to EpicChild's plan to split up and meet up again in the east. Hopefully we will learn a lot in our travel(s).

>Leave a marker in the dirt (draw an arrow pointing east in the dirt) so that the other Hexkins know which way we have gone, inviting them to follow if they desire to.
>Pic up what remains of Rock's eggshell


Okay, so, yeah. That's a lot of commands, but, in my defense, the first 4 (of 5) aren't "real" commands (At least in my opinion their not).
(To be honest, at this point right now, I have no idea what my Hexkin should do)

>Continue my efforts of coaxing the baby SLUG out of the shell.
This is a good page!

>"Gasp! It was an egg all along! Well, now I feel kinda guilty for using it as a shield..."

>Step in front of the egg so that I will be the first thing the baby sees (thus causing the baby to imprint on me).
>Smile and say encouraging things in a soft tone to help coax the baby out of it's shell.
>Now that the slugs seem to at the very least tolerate my presence, I can try and pet them to gain their trust!
>Inform Epic of what I intend to do, and to be prepared to pull me out of the pit at a moments notice.
>Slowly and gently place hand on SLUG, and begin to pet it.

By the way, I'm really excited your back!
... Is he, laughing?
Oh, now that I look twice, he seems to be concerned.
>Notice how the blue rock I found looks a lot like these creature's shells.

>Equip the blue rock/shell as a shield, then, (after safely lowering self into the pit) using the shield, see if they'll accept me as one of their own.

>in the case that they do not accept me as one of their own, be prepared to equip my sword, and to scream to help.

Am I in the safe? Technically, I only made one command. The other two are more like my Hexkin's thought process.
Also, I'm really happy that you updated!
>pick up the rock (adding it into the inventory, to investigate later)

>Notice the two creatures moving towards you and quickly make the existing hole twice as big, and then (try to) trick the two creatures into falling into it!

>"This plan has a couple holes in it, but I hope it'll work! LOL"

(I'm sorry, I know I'm only allowed to make one command each time, but I (personally) don't consider putting items into inventory, or equipping items, a "real" command.)
Wow, there's lots of little details in this that I didn't even notice until now (I was trying to see how you made the little pixel guys)! This is pretty good XD

Question, what is the little rainbow thing next to the hearts?