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@Guest: Everyone: WE'RE ALIVE

Evets and Cirrus: but why
Probably Wrong Prediction
I'm betting that story she told of how she got her eyes was just a ruse for intimidation, like she said to Indigo about putting on a front. She probably actually got them a different way. Or maybe she's a reverse Evets, pretending to be Inversian and she just told that story to everyone in Inverse when they started asking questions.

Also can't help but notice the dialogue box differences, like in chapter 20...
"Your accusation of us using magic with our wands in our sleeves is blasphemy!" he says, his hand immediately flying to his sleeve as he uses magic.

I like how this is going haha
*spongebob narrator voice*
Six years later...
Wait, does this mean that there's one color person from each country? We have Orange, from Inverse; Green, from Ecoverse; and now Indigo, from Stratoverse; but that still leaves Purple, Red, and Blue, who are all supposedly from Gloomverse? Maybe I'm reading into this too much...
She's either about to make a joke, or completely shatter his already low self-esteem. Let's take bets.
Still not convinced she didn't just poison him, but also still just as confused as to what she meant behind force-feeding him like a baby.
I can't help but notice that Assistant's face in that third panel doesn't seem to be expressing... anything I would expect her to be expressing. Actually, I don't know WHAT that expression is. She's not crying, she's not mad, she just looks... tired.

This does not bode well.