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I like video-games, cartoons, anime, and drawing.
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    Az or Spacey
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Yo man, that king hella dead.
You see a dead body(?)! What do you do?!?!?

Better poke it with a stick.
*poke**poke**poke**poke**poke**poke**poke**poke**poke**poke**poke**poke**poke**poke **poke**poke**poke**poke**poke**poke**poke**poke**poke**poke**poke**poke**poke**pok e**poke**poke**poke**poke**poke**poke**poke**poke*
If the Krabbys are blowing bubbles does that count as bubble beam?
How rude!
If it were me, I wouldn't trust a wooden grate to support all my weight.

-Going to try and become an explorer fills you with determination-
There is always enough time for cookies. Especially when they are "FREE" cookies. Someday that's gonna come back to haunt Amie.
Expect a lot of this comic to be Amie getting to know the ground.
Dat Sharpedo tho. Every time I say that Pokemon's name all I can think of is the movie Sharknado...
It's crazy to think about how long ago we first started this comic... ugh...

It makes me feel like an old man...
Comic, comic, comic, comic.
Well let's go!