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I'm just an Italian that hates pizza with pineapple.
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Til Electrike's French name is Dynavolt. Interesting
I just though about this but is the broken clock a joke about the internal battery being dry?
Mrs May? She's not married Dylan lol...

At least I hope she isn't. You never know in a world where 10 year olds are allowed to catch beings so strong they were worshipped as gods...
@Pang: thanks, never bothered with the contests tbh
Glad I was wrong last time
Calling it, Nostradamus will survive the Surf but die to Leech Seed
Now I'm curious about who the boy is... Guess I'll have to wait
It's been a rough evening for me, but this update made it a bit better! Thank you!
@Kagura-chan: the anime is fine and at the beginning I'd say it's actually really good, but the manga's current arc has just gone downhill (the original ending will always be fantastic at least)
Oh god it reminded me of when Food Wars used to be good and that made me sad
You posted pages 1, 2, and 3 twice and that confused me for a moment lol.
Thanks for answering the questions, I'm looking forward to the next batch!
A few more questions on the final day!
Ivan: Glad you weren't fighting May now?

Bea: Just how much did you eat at that restaurant?

Serge: I love your poker face!

Karima: how can Shroomish use Focus Punch if they don't have amy hands?
Ok, a few questions incoming
- Why is May the only human with her english name?
- If May had a Stand, what would its name and abilities be?

- What's the best way to cook chicken?
- Jackie Chan or Bruce Lee?

- What's your favourite music genre?

The Taillow Petter roasted in chapter 3-66:
- You alright mate?
Only level 42? In Victory Road?
Sorry Gold, but this was to be expected.
Wait a minute...
Green eyes.
On a black and white page.
How'd he get the Berserk? Is he Norman's illegitimate son or something?

Also I'm now worried for Gold's team.
For a moment I thought Kato was dead