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Hi there!
Wow. These kids are hitting upon some tough stuff.

Love it! Your backgrounds and color choices are awesome. ^_^
so cute!!

And it is not boring at all.'s so cool that you threw in French. Totally wasn't expecting "merde!"

Also, poor Joe! Holy crap!
ugh, bullying.

nice page.
ahh, shop buddies.

I never took shop myself. But it looks cool.
I like your narrative style, but maybe you should elaborate a little more in places like this---it needs some clarification, I think. Other than that, great page. I like how you threw in the color of his hair. :)
ahaha; like the teeth on the entrance.
aw, that's great. Love the little pic in front of the mirror.
lol XD I love his expression.
November 5th, 2008
looks good!
I love this comic so much. X3 Hope you find the time to update soon! ^_^
FF22 *gigglesnort*
oooh, cool. I hadn't guessed it was set in the future.
LOL! XD aha, that's cute.
So, not a page, more like...reassurance that I pay attention to this thing? Yes. Anyway, this guy (like him?) goes to Cyrus's school, and is possibly the only one there who will notice he is gone. I can't say anymore than that (highly important plot stuff. Yes, highly important.) but you may see his intro page coming up soon. Also: check it out, I revamped the banner.

Cheers everyone!
lovely poses and expressions!
September 27th, 2008
@ akari---

thanks so much! XD As to the bl, it is pretty much an almost-definite yes. I hope that doesn't bother you; but fear not, all shall be in good taste. Probably. :D
September 22nd, 2008
only really chic people read LP
it's a fact. That, and people who don't mind EXTREMELY sporadic style/updates.

Anyway---are you down with this coloring? Cause I am. New pages to follow at some point.


page five has been colored, take a look!
July 23rd, 2008
Very lovely.

Also: are you left-handed?
haha thanks, you, for always commenting. It's good to know LP has got a fan! :3