i love anime manga and... video games!!!!!!!!!!!! talk to me on yahoo if you can k
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i like the older aguy and virgi!!!!!!!!! genus and i like the other boy hes cute like a girl but i love him
i like it like i said i love this comic im so glad you updated!!!!!!!!!
the title says it all..^_^
how do you do that?
i mean like i like the story (even thought im not really into this kinds of manga or anime) it reminds me of negima ,marhbo,and highschool rumble and leaders high.... but oh well sorry but i just love the drawings not much of a fan of the story but the guys cute ^^ no offense
i love this comic!!!!!!!
nice its funny how they have alot of charrecters
i like it
actually it reminds me of leaders high but i love comedy like vg cats anyway nice ill fav im just mad im so late to find this comic!!!!!!!>_<
very funny
i like it ive never been good with comidies i need more training or something but very funny i like it it reminds me of st.lunitic high ^^
i like itz!!!!!!!!
nice so its a yuri manga? i say its drawn good especially the cover im HORRIBLE AT COUPLE PICS! and 5 stars!!
i loove it and your drawings are so.. kawai!!!!!!
i really want you to update and reply.. to my E-MAIL!!!!!!!! RAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWW he he
i cant wait to cute pic looks like link
i can wait for this comic 2 but what do you mean buy illastrate ? does that mean to edit? 0-0 well please reply and tell me what that means.
please reply to your email its been forever!
you haven trepled agian
did something hhappen you havent reply to my e-mailz in 2 days!!!!!!!!
omg FAV FAV im savin this pic hot so hot i wish i was as good as you... no fair!!!!!!!!!!! and sorry i havent sent you emails i was babysittin even on new years but i drunk lots of apple sider well keeep up the good work
omg i just noticed
sorry but i just noticed that your loosing fans....not gaining any id worry if i where you..
okay im saving the tone now and so there gonna pic onm here now?
omg there boys! oops my bad but im bad at drawing boys 2 so..
this sucks my comic is in shambles i need to edit and i was going to put 2 more pages on there but i got picked up early but i dint get to scan on the last day of school i can be on the web for somes days but this computer dosent have a scanner!!!!!!! i have ot wait till school opens agian

ow and nice page her sister is cute compared to thoses mean girls
thanks for the coment he he i like to be the first to comment to but i kinda sad i dont have that many fans...but ow well - -
nice and hi
hi actually ileft a comic on the contest page on shojo ai or something and i like this ears comic to how do you make the page your comic on so good!!!!!!! im jelous and i new still dont have my comic scanned but ow well i like both your stories^^