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i love anime manga and... video games!!!!!!!!!!!! talk to me on yahoo if you can k
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i like the older aguy and virgi!!!!!!!!! genus and i like the other boy hes cute like a girl but i love him
i like it like i said i love this comic im so glad you updated!!!!!!!!!
the title says it all..^_^
i love this comic!!!!!!!
nice its funny how they have alot of charrecters
i like it
actually it reminds me of leaders high but i love comedy like vg cats anyway nice ill fav im just mad im so late to find this comic!!!!!!!>_<
very funny
i like it ive never been good with comidies i need more training or something but very funny i like it it reminds me of st.lunitic high ^^
i like itz!!!!!!!!
nice so its a yuri manga? i say its drawn good especially the cover im HORRIBLE AT COUPLE PICS! and 5 stars!!
i loove it and your drawings are so.. kawai!!!!!!
i really want you to update and reply.. to my E-MAIL!!!!!!!! RAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWW he he
i cant wait to cute pic looks like link
i can wait for this comic 2 but what do you mean buy illastrate ? does that mean to edit? 0-0 well please reply and tell me what that means.
please reply to your email its been forever!
you haven trepled agian
did something hhappen you havent reply to my e-mailz in 2 days!!!!!!!!
omg FAV FAV im savin this pic hot so hot i wish i was as good as you... no fair!!!!!!!!!!! and sorry i havent sent you emails i was babysittin even on new years but i drunk lots of apple sider well keeep up the good work
omg i just noticed
sorry but i just noticed that your loosing fans....not gaining any id worry if i where you..
okay im saving the tone now and so there gonna pic onm here now?
omg there boys! oops my bad but im bad at drawing boys 2 so..
this sucks my comic is in shambles i need to edit and i was going to put 2 more pages on there but i got picked up early but i dint get to scan on the last day of school i can be on the web for somes days but this computer dosent have a scanner!!!!!!! i have ot wait till school opens agian

ow and nice page her sister is cute compared to thoses mean girls
thanks for the coment he he i like to be the first to comment to but i kinda sad i dont have that many fans...but ow well - -
nice and hi
hi actually ileft a comic on the contest page on shojo ai or something and i like this ears comic to how do you make the page your comic on so good!!!!!!! im jelous and i new still dont have my comic scanned but ow well i like both your stories^^
sorry i cant send a message right now but what are you doing for thanks giving^^