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Black Adder
Alive but screaming.
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Black Adder
November 9th, 2017
That shirt on the prince is adorable.(matches really well too.)
If only we could be true to ourselves.
Oh... Wow. Somebody is trying to break the cycle. So many new questions... I don't even know where to start.
Who! Jen?!!!!! or someone else....
Oh my, A villian who talks in third person? This could be trouble. May his narcissism be his downfall, I mean just look how well he takes care of the curls. It's inevitable.
God, that Houndoom has a terrifying face.
Fighting against your self and the shadows of your fear. Hmm... makes me wonder if the transfer from human to pokemon is determined by personality type like it is in the explorer games... would that mean that all gengars are cowards at heart? It also curious that he (I think gengar is a he) never give his name out, like he's running away from himself.
@Shadow Leafeon: Sooo... your keeping the collab open but no longer drawing for it?
Wow. That is a really awesome title page.
The Lucario isn't much for tact, is she? I suppose when you can beat everyone meet into submission nobody really wants to point it out.
Thanks for making me laugh, reminds me of my disappointment when winning that boulder given out at the trading card tournament when Toy R Us had them.
Well, I would have updated with a page but.... I came down with a fever that lasted for days. (Never knew I could get a stomach ache and the flu at the same time...) Anyhow I updated with a quick sketch instead. Hope you like it.
Wow. Your art really has improved.
Heh. I can't shade period.
Sad way to start. There will be a shower in the near future form the look of it.
Just a random idea but should we post what our characters are planing on doing this particular night to make it easier for them to meet? (Ex: Anna, grocery shopping, dropping off a pie for a new neighbor, sacrificing the solstice newborn at the hidden altar.) I think it might help.
life has been kicking me pretty hard in the ass. Had a job that didn't work out and looking for another. I'll still interested so I'll do some art and maybe a page.
God... so many update. I... I... I think I'm tearing. So happy.
Well, this took a while and now I wish I put in some more back ground. Something for the next page I put up. You know... now that I think about it a scrap booking vampire could be scary thing. All those small facts you think people forgot about.