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I like praising the sun and jolly cooperation.
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Sadly still waiting
Is there something I'm not getting with the hat?
Really hope you haven't dropped this
Interesting way of splitting land
See ya then.
>after grabbing the bottle follow hosen downstairs.
(Vampires I'm calling it now)
Damn Jack...
@gentlehosen: hey it's good to see you back.
>pick up the bottle on the shelf and wait for Ian before exploring further.
The thing in your inventory is a flute i believe. And about the flag hmm...
I don't know about a bullet since the hex logs said hexkin dislike anything to advanced​ but we should ask hosen when he gets back. (i suggest a sun maybe)
>hand Ian the pot for the well and investigate the inside of the house.
>Say "Well if our snail friend was able to get in and unlock it we can assume it's empty."
>Investigate the key shaped hole the slug dug.
>While listening to anything Ian has to say.
(It's good to here people are coming back)
(yeah you're back)
>Explore the field of flowers to my left.
Were dropping readers where are you guys at?
@GamingNinja: maybe the slugs are slowly getting their revenge
>enter the shack with my sword in hand.
>say "well if we're to claim this shack as our own it would be best to search it for anything noteworthy."
(Aggressively :-) )
So the title is continent 1 does that mean we need to get a boat or some way of transportation to continue our journey?
>cautiously open the barrel, cautiously, and carefully.
(Does the slug have soup for hair or is it carrying it?)
>pet our new slug friend and wait for an explanation from Ian.