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Hello :) I'm Rebecca, a new comic artist to the crowd. I love drawing, photoshop, animals, comics, and most nerdy stuff.

Feel free to talk to me, I don't bite :P

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Thank You!
With the advent of KH3, KH:GS has gotten so much traffic over the last few weeks! So, hello to everyone who's been reading, I can't believe anyone is still stumbling on my old passion project. This comic will never be finished, but if you want to see my current work you can follow me on twitter/instagram at!

Ryuki has never been closer to being an anime boy before...
Thank you Santa, this looks amazing!!
In case you didn't see the news posting yesterday, KH:GS is now on hiatus until further notice. More information can be found here:
Aw thanks Santa, this is great! I love it ^^
100 Pages (and QnA)
Merry late Christmas to those celebrating, and merry 100 pages to KH:GS! The QnA will be uploaded tomorrow - get your questions in while you still can!
Almost at 100 pages! Don't forget to submit your questions for the QnA next week - last chance!
Remember to submit your questions for the QnA at 100 pages! The team will be answering as many as we can
To celebrate KH:GS' 100 pages, the team will be having it's first QnA session! So... ask away! We'll answer whatever we can
I don't know why this didn't come out at the right time, but I'm re-uploading it here now to see if that fixes the issue. Sorry if this confused anyone!
@BDLKH: Huh, that's strange, thanks for letting me know. What about now?
Back to making new pages - summer break is finally over.
This could probably be seen as mature content, so I'm not sure if it should be filtered or not: viewer discretion is advised at your own risk.
A spin-off of the Kingdom Hearts games, this series focuses on a set of unlikely heroes who have found themselves in a strange predicament: They've become the guardians over the worlds, fighting against a new set of monsters and villains while trying to figure out why they were chosen in the first place. How are these characters connected? What will they do with their new titles?

Read it here:
I love this so much, thanks!!! It looks amazing!
Wow, 50 pages! Be prepared for something special Dec. 31!

(Sorry if it's still off when this comes out, the website has been giving me a hard time >_<)
Covering a mistake from the last page: the gun is now the right size.

This is also a warning to the violence that will be coming. If you're not into that, I've let you know now.
Thank you for 1 Year of KH:GS! I hope there are many more years to come :) I hope all of you have enjoyed the comic as well, and you will continue to read on.
Sorry if the page size is wrong, I'm still trying to dance around the file size limit here. I'm also working with styles in all this. Anyone think it's working?
Back to the normal schedule.
Sorry for all the spam, most of the comic thusfar was made almost a year ago. I wanted to get everything out today, and then get to the actual schedule.

KH:GS comes out every Tuesday!