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I'm Sophie and I love to draw all sort of things, and comics are one of my favourite things ever! ^^ I hope you'll anjoy your stay here! Thank you for the visit! <3
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'My lord'? OH! Remember when Harold was trying to summon the lord at the hospital with Seaweed and nothing was happening? WELL LOOK AT THAT, Hobo came while that was happening! So, that's, wow, I just, wow
@HamVerse: thank you! I made it myself :)
@Guest: hehe, one year for each color of rainbow
@That Blobfish Girl: *GASP*
It's an acronym! :O
That's clever!!
June 9th, 2018
Oh nooo
Can't wait for next update!!
Don't beat yourself down like that Wallis, you can fly and fart rainbow at the same time as well! :))
Darn it, it was supposed to be a response, using smackjeeves on a phone is weird
@Guest Hmmm i think it's his nose, CQ has always been drawing funny noses from time to time, for example when the queen of Stratoverse (I don't remember her name) was introduced, I think that was the first panel she was on but I'm not sure, her nose was so weird no one really knew what it was. Or even this page, Harold's nose is a sharp zig zag and Seaweed's nose is a cute little triangle, so I'd say that it's pretty reasonable to assume that the thing is Wallis's nose
@starrysans i think this is Wallis' way to be there for someone :/
She just couldn't decide. She has too many colors in her hair as it is xd
I wonder if Blue and Red have these nightmares too and if they know that about each other. Maybe that's how they became friends? I wonder that about Indigo as well. If that's the case then I feel even more sorry for our cloud boy :(
Well, Indigo's pretty big 😅
But, Assistant isn't a color person
Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!
Does Harold have those too?? :O
November 11th, 2017
this comic is just... amazing
I love it so much, one of my favourite comics ever
Not to mention, Dement09, you are, like, my faurite artist, please keep doing what you love because these stuff are the best! Thank you so much for that!
How did Crayon Queen made this douchebag such a loveable character?!... I LOVE IT!
Ooo charakter development!
To be fair the one on the left looks a bit as Sadie
I'm in a car with 4 other people, I'm trying so hard not to laugh! xD
Wallis, good thinking! :)
Oh hobo, so confused hobo
Oh uh.
I reeeaaaaly hope his fight isn't serious