I'm Sophie and I love to draw all sort of things, and comics are one of my favourite things ever! ^^ I hope you'll anjoy your stay here! Thank you for the visit! <3
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That is so true!
Everyone! Enjoy while you can!
Awww! That is sooo cute!
But well, Assistant is not so much okay. I wonder is she gets to keep her job.
This couldn't be more adorable!
I'm in a train trying not to laugh and you're not making it any easier! ?
Assistant, now I'd be a good time to tell us your name!
I don't think they know that Wallis is with Purple right now, dunno, they might be tired, but they don't seem too excited, maybe Purple just told them to come, maybe he didn't say why! Which makes this whole thing even more exciting! :D
Ama? What is the end of that word?! Ama-what?
She looks a lot better if you ask me
And this is so sad! ?
Well shoot, that's the most horrible nightmare I can imagine :O
Valuable lesson for life! ;D
I'm so looking forward the reaction of the green hair dude, sorry I dont remember his name, after all of this :D
Man! What is up with her eyes?! Why are they normal?! And I am so freacking cureous about Wallis!!!! And Harold and assistant! What about them?! So many questions! I love the comic so much!! x3