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Hey my name is Jr and a spriter I sprite in all style and make my customs and make custom poses I also draw you can see my drawings on my DA not only that but Im a flash animator Im just geting started but I do my best to submit something good anywho thats me maybe we will talk somtime. This is my YouTube:
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The Reapers Game: End Game Preview
Hey guys here is my small preview for The Reapers Game: End Game. It is so awesome to be working on this project and I hope to finally put this series to rest with a nice cool animation. I'll announce when its being worked on again on my youtube or skype so stay tuned and I'' keep you guys post it.
If anyone has Ani's noise form sprites pls send them to me I'm gonna animate the whole Ani Battle
Guis I have officially moved to animations, I don't think I can finish this comic but I will be working on other sprites series so if your interested in watching sprites animations here is my youtube stop by!
For anyone who reads this I have moved to animations so if you want to see cool SMBZ like animations here is my youtube!
Guis I'm officially moving to animations, you can see my skill level here and I'll most likely do my updates in forms of animations. Is Week 2 over yet and does anyone have my sprites? lol
Should I bring back this comic?
Just added you elernalstorm, Im KiidXIII
You guys can add me on skype
Oh hai!
Hey like I said I was going to update soon and here it is! WITH DRAWINGS! Yes, I'm going to draw sometimes to update and set my comics to be more different. I mean I think it really compliments the drawing. So what do guys think?
Back again
Hey Authors of TRG, its SRXIII again back from the Grave :3, any who I'm sorry for not updating sooner I just got college now and I started animation(living the dream of making flash movies) and xbox of course takes up all my time but I'll be sure to be around till the end of this comic before I retire from comics but hey you'll see me more with flash so that's good. This is my update, there's a second part to this fight so wait for that to be out sometime today or tomorrow. Anyway I got to restart my pc so comments and questions and of course I love you all. P.S - RG please pay what you owe, I had to edit this comic to shit to upload because of the 500kb limit.
This seems like an upcoming boss battle is about to happen.
I update but RG said he would a long time ago. I think I'll just post up another comic.
Been awhile
Hey TRG authors who probably thought I died. Here is the update for today that took forever to make,I hope you guys enjoy and sorry for the lack of speech bubbles you know me and dialogue don't mix.
Gee thanks RG :D thanks a bunch
Theres a sheet to that little sonic ?
I love this comic.
I know I lived the explosion.