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yay!! i love this comic and get up and go so i'm winning no matter what haha
wow, this was such a beautiful comic, all then detail in the backgrounds was gorgeous and i liked that you put in that things looked to us how caesar imagined them to look. and the end was so happy and hopeful despite the fact that caesar had to leave and i just loved with this with my whole heart i will definitely have to check out more of your work
yes sooch! give howie a chance!!! and kisses, lots of kisses
i totally have been thinking this from like the minute liam was introduced!!!! i figured he and howie had or were hooking up lowkey. plus sooch was always so jealous of him and their relationship idk i totally think you're right
i'm totally feeling sooch's struggle right now; college is so hard, but he's got howie to help him and i love that howie isn't gonna let sooch just get frustrated and give up!! honestly i need a friend like howie; he's so supportive, probably cause he's a little in love with sooch but still
omg i love takashi's blush in the first panel, but he needs to chill; like hiro likes you, you don't need to get all crazy possessive calling him property... but seriously i absolutely adore this comic, i come back and re-read at least some of it like everyday, it's too good!!