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January 2nd, 2012
oh gracious!! I absolutely LOVEEEEE your comic!!!! Beautiful art, design, and story!! Fav!!! Can't wait to see what happens next~
Hello hello~!
I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday! Have a wonderful New Year and enjoy~

[=>] NanaYuki::: I do have a tablet but I've only started using it this past semester for my digital illustration class...but it was mostly for coloring purposes. I actually have been using it for clean up work for my pages hahaha.

[=>] iamdea::: Yes, that last panel made me laugh when I drew it haha (^u^) Sometimes you draw something without having a good grasp of what you want and it works!
I hope everyone had a relaxing Memorial Day! Enjoy~!
Summer Break~!!!
Hi everyone!! I can't tell you how sorry I am for not updating for the past...SIX MONTHS?!!! Wow...I didn't think it was that long...School has been...more overwhelming than usual...then again I'll be graduating next year *GASP*...but I'm glad it's over for now and my hard work has earned me flying colors *yay*. I hope everyone has had a great summer so far. Of course now that I don't have projects and essays to do, I'll be updating!! Hurrahhh!! Enjoy~!

Hmm...I've been wanting to reply back to the comments but I couldn't find a convenient way I'll post it here! Thank you everyone for your thoughtful comments. You don't know how much they mean to me!!

[ => ] NanaYuki ::: The line art for the CR's Profile picture is done with the pen tool in Photoshop. I usually only use that for special pictures (^u^)
Nyah hah hah!! I made it in time for a Thanksgiving Day update!!! Hooray~! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving everyone!! Enjoy~!
haha! yeah. me too. this page makes me laugh every time i read it!
I just realized the previous page was scanned in at 100 dpi!! Gyah!! No wonder the quality came out so bad!! Why didn't I realized this until now?!! My old, rotting brain needs to hurry up and get back into gear haha! Anyway...enjoy~!
So sorry everyone for not updating for lonnnggg time!! I was actually about to update a couple months ago but then I come downstairs and find out the scanner's broken!!! (OAo)'' Not only that...I was crazy enough to take 4 classes in the first half of summer session!! *I'm amazed I passed them all. Second half...hmmm...what DID i do?! haha* Anyhoo, I finally got a scanner a couple days ago, so I'm back to updating! *hooray*. Enjoy~!
hahaha!! I love the ending! Mr. Devril is such a sad man....haha!
hahaha!!! ahh~ I love Richard!!!
GASP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he's soooo dead!!! hahaha! i love this page~!!!!!
OHHHH MYYYYY GOSHHHH!!!!! a k-k-k-kiss?!!! so bold!!! eeee~!!!!!! that made my day! haha!!
ahahaha!! I love Mr.Constantine! Sly fox!

Happy April 1st!!
<droollllll> I love it~!