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OMG It's not a dream??? AHHHHH I'm really happy you be back <3 I miss that boys.
Omg what? D:
November 14th, 2016
Look very interesting, I think you have a new follower right now .w.

Nice work, your style is awsome. <3
Latin Fan~
I think I was fall in love right now. That guy is so hot.

I love your style, I love the story, it's amazing your hard job.

Sorry, my english is bad (I speak spanish) but, I can't leave now, i'm slave of your comic xD
Omgash <3 <3

I just discovered this!
And I loved it !!
I need moreeeeeee plz
OMG Yoosung xDDDD
Lo acabo de encontrar, lo acabo de leer y maldición estoy muriendo!! Son tan bellos <3 porqué me dejan cortada en la mejor parte?? ;W;
Gracias por la traducción espero con ansias lo que que continúe~