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I'm a person who writes trash, is trash, and talks trash. I like cats. And anything cute. Slightly depressed, but who isn't? Doesn't update projects on a schedule.
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    Michael Vargas
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I am now in love with the judge, almost as much as I love Nim, Harold, and Cocos
Seems like something reasonable and calm that I would say in this situation...
*silently ships it*
Dat face for harold tho...

Ok... I have a theory. These--I'm gonna call them "full colors"-- are not very common, are they? I have a theory that they might have a genetic mutation of the Inverse that makes them full color, and have different hair, as Inverse is the only verse having to fully do with color. Or... There's a Colorverse.
People say that he's not developing as a character, but I say, if anything, he's fully developed! "Don't say anything bad about me" could be a way of showing his insecurity and guilt over doing stuff he regrets! He actually is a FABULOUS guy, he just needs a bit of seriousness to bring it out!
*gets up*

*flips a table*
I make no promises either.
The dark lighting really fits with such a tense moment, and it's super nice how you cant hear or see any thong else other than the hat and assistant. Really sets the mood! Well done!
Ohhh mmaaannnn the feels for me.
So lighthearted one moment... Now THIS shit.