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He's kind of bipolar, isn't he? :/ Aww, poor little Alain with mood swings.
And a big YAY for Monty Python and purpleness! <3<3
Just realised, that i always thought/said Alain is a wimp, but actually it takes a really strong man to take care of a wife like Sophie properly. Sigh. :(
Yay! Update! :)))))
Oh, Donald, TMI. -_-" Alain's expression is hilarious in the first panel! :D

I vote for Alain&Ivan, 'cause true love is true love. ^_^
April's Fool? :(
Yay! An update! I missed these weirdos so much! <3 Aw, Donald is so caring, like a mother to Alain. :) A mocking, sarcastic troublemaker mom. XD
Donald attacks with 'sudden embarrassing question'! Critical hit! XD
Uh-oh, Alain makes the Glare Of Doom, run for your lives! D:
I like this coloring, somehow I find it more comfortable for the eye than b&w, but yeah, Alain's blush is a little too much. :)
Wow, either Alain's too obvious, or Henry has some kind of telepathic/medium talent. S-scary!
By the pricking of my thumbs... Donald is back! :D
Henry's inner dialogue: Wife, WTF? God, NO! D:<
Alain's face is like a traffic lamp XD Damn, pal, you're so easy to read! :P
Pencil pages? If that means more frequent updates, then yesplz. :)
I think the backgrounds are really nice, especially the one in panel four! :3
Oh, Henry you asked a dangerous question! XD I'm always afraid to talk about religion of any kind with people who I don't really know, somebody usually gets offended. And it's not me. :P
For the Q&A:
to all: What kind of superheroic ability would you like to have (e.g. being able to fly, super strength)?
to all: In what historic age would you like to live(and where)?
to all: If you had a time machine, what would you change in your past?
to all: What's your best memory?
to all(except Alain, because we know his :P): What's your biggest secret?
to all: What are you afraid of most?
to Donald: Would you go on diet/give up on drinking if somebody asked you to?
to Alain/Henry/Donald: Why did you become a teacher?
(Sorry for HUUUUGE post... -_-' )
Eternal gift, definitely! :) <3
Alain's face in the 3rd panel is epic! :D
And Henry looks just fine here, you highly self-criticising meanie! :P Your brainchild will have issues if you say stuff like that about him! :P:P
I <3 awkward dialogues (not IRL of course ;)) so BRING IT ON!! >:D (dear God, too much caffeine in the morning =_=)
Aww. Haunted Alain. :(
Questions: To Donald & Alain: How did you become friends?
To everyone: What is your hobby?

I'm not sure about the exam's result, I was so nervous I thought I'd vomit in front of the teachers... :/ But eh, in the writing part I scored 95%, so this won't change much on it(I hope).
<3<3 Moar funny dialogues pls. :D
Gah. D: It's exam time for me too, I'm having the most serious one on this Saturday, so I TOTALLY feel your pain! :(
Don, I admire your calmness. o_O Aww, BFFs. It's so cute! ^_^

Actually I liked your previous style better, but don't let this bother you, do what you'd like to. :)
Mr. Denial -_- Ouch. If i were Don, I'd totally punch him after an insult like that! :@
o_O Th-this hair! Sorry, but...ew.
Last 2 panels are hilarious! :D :D And a big hurray for the new banner! <3
April 25th, 2009
Hey guys! Sorry for the long absence, too much schoolwork! :( But here's a page in full color to make up for it! :)
Thanks for waiting not abandoning me!
Edit: Yes, he's an albino. Will change the header soon. :P

*non arresti mi bastardo = you don't stop me, bastard
You're cruel. -_- I begged for that stubble...
OoOh, can't wait for the excitement! ;)
(now some predicting: on the next page Henry'll jump him fondly :>...or not :P )
Tones FTW. ;)
Noo, please don't let him shave/have his hair cut!!! He's more handsome like this! :)
Pyjamas rock. I have Snoopy pyjamas. ;)