I love art and music. I wish to learn to play violin and get better at drawing. I also love anime, web comics, and other such things. Over all I'm a mut and fandom trash. >u<
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Its evil!! Don't fall for it!!! Its gonna hurt youuuu
My babs!!! Im gonna cry!!! Its too beautiful ahhhhhhh *internal screams*
I want an ugly squek!!!!!!!!!!!! With a cute luka still trying to get money tho ;~;
@CrowWingedAngel: i am!!! ^-^ hope you have funnn!!! ((Lov the comic btw, great art)
@CrowWingedAngel: i am so so so sorry!! I always get it confused >•<
Happy Pride Month to you as well!!
Ahhhhhhh! *inturnal squeeling* I'm so happy that Devon has the Bigender flag!!! It always seems to go so unnoticed ;~;
I also enjoy the Abby has the Bisexual flag!!
I'm both!!
Wow i wouldn't've guess you were so!! Nice!!!
@Tuxie: But Sai is a math teacher, hes a big nerd XD bu da tsh
And Jaren and Trent are soooo small for 18 year olds (right???)
Just let us see the sexy bab
Same!!! I missed youu
Awwww its not that bad of a dye job.
Im waiting for the roots to show at some poinr
@Tuxie: ohhh goshhhh!! Oh!! Maybe Sais mom and Jarens too!! Or draw trent as a mom and Jaren as dad!!! Thatd be cuteee
They all look so tortured!!
@yasha.queen: oh well they're wrong, its cool tho not many people can understand tone and flucuation of voice through text XD
@yasha.queen: really?? I dun think so
Lemme just say, knowing thats a girl cotusme makes it 1000000000% better
@yasha.queen: ohhh gosh i love this comment
Even i cant believe trent!! ;-;