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I love art and music. I wish to learn to play violin and get better at drawing. I also love anime, web comics, and other such things. Over all I'm a mut and fandom trash. >u<
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He's such a cute lil babyyyyy
September 10th, 2017
The cats face
Will forever be on my phone
Its gorgous
When you just found this and read it an hour ago and it up dates
"FuCK YeaH!!¡!"
So far in love with this
Probability isnt that hard when the person whos writing the question actually knows it
I love youuuu
I love this *drools* I've longed for it two~
These dorks are the life of me. But they will be the death of me.
Somehow looks really jumbbled to me.
Ahhhhh okay, well still do it to a pace you wont crash and burn half way through. Gotta enjoy, it and not force it k?
Much worry for the great artist thats you =3=
Amd yeah its so awesomeeeeee
Omg!!! I just figured out Lungs is almost 3 years old!!!~~~~
You're doing great!! Don't worry about deadlines, you're the artist, do it to your pace!!
He's so innocent..i love 'im
Its evil!! Don't fall for it!!! Its gonna hurt youuuu
My babs!!! Im gonna cry!!! Its too beautiful ahhhhhhh *internal screams*
I want an ugly squek!!!!!!!!!!!! With a cute luka still trying to get money tho ;~;
@CrowWingedAngel: i am!!! ^-^ hope you have funnn!!! ((Lov the comic btw, great art)
@CrowWingedAngel: i am so so so sorry!! I always get it confused >•<
Happy Pride Month to you as well!!
Ahhhhhhh! *inturnal squeeling* I'm so happy that Devon has the Bigender flag!!! It always seems to go so unnoticed ;~;
I also enjoy the Abby has the Bisexual flag!!
I'm both!!
Wow i wouldn't've guess you were so!! Nice!!!
@Tuxie: But Sai is a math teacher, hes a big nerd XD bu da tsh
And Jaren and Trent are soooo small for 18 year olds (right???)