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komae akabane
German/English/Spanish, interested in comics.
Enjoying my time here :)
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    komae akabane 火災
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komae akabane
November 28th, 2017
@Alamino: So this is the man from "I'm sorry Simon" ;'(
Ich wusste nicht, dass du Deutsch bist :o
@DaughterOfOwls: haaaa i love this so much, so sad that the updated are rather slow cuz i just can't stop wanting to read more x3
Insane, it's almost been a year. And Hey Alex ;3
waaah my heart wants a kiss
still excited for the announced wing action btw the first panel looks awesome!
i'll miss the old artstyle but im happy u relaunch it <3
but, i kinda like ur new artstyl without the heavy outlining everything looks a lot smoother
i know that the following/past pages are/were more story related, but i must admit that i kinda miss them being all lovey-dovey ;3
@KaiY2K: lol sry if i sounded agressive, just wanted to make a joke sryyyy dude
@KaiY2K: nah. i'm not talkin bout the hand but the thing between the hand. if ur hand looks like that u should better go see a doc lol xD
in the first panel's a color mistake;p Taavi's pants are black but they're colored white
@nox-ambulare: my thoughts haha
Oh gosh.. xD
your comment made my day
miss this comic daaammnn
Creepy how much the father changed...but i think it's also because the way Arii's mother treated her Breatherchild(Liv) much better than Arii and the father has a grunge on breathers through that or something..?
Liv's face when he explained the situation...omg xD
I. LOVE. THIS. PAGE. Omg, its gorgeous.