komae akabane
German/Englisch Woman, interested in comics.
I prefer BL-Storys, but fantasy is great as well.
Enjoying my time here :)
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    komae akabane 火災
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Im confused rn, why r u all talking 'bout lingerie? Did i miss something? :o
Oh gosh.. xD
your comment made my day
miss this comic daaammnn
Creepy how much the father changed...but i think it's also because the way Arii's mother treated her Breatherchild(Liv) much better than Arii and the father has a grunge on breathers through that or something..?
Liv's face when he explained the situation...omg xD
I. LOVE. THIS. PAGE. Omg, its gorgeous.
Wow. This monolog was so touching, i love it. The last panel is so mind-blowing
Haha :D Wanna see the clothes Liv piicked :D
Thanks again for the giant update! Such great pages and i really love how the background stories are slowly crawling till the surface, haha
Her daddy's so pretty
Feeling sad now :c
Giant update, yaay! :)
@Raichi: i know you.
Uii, das ist toll :'D Dann weiß ich schon worauf ich mein Geld sparen muss ;D
uuh, i'm already exited :'D
uuh, i'm already exited :'D
i don't really get it... where's this boyslove?
This page made me my heart explode, read it more than ten times already xD