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Am I a fan, too?
I have OM on my favs list. Does that make me a fan or do I have to click somewhere else, too? (On a "like" or "love it" button?)
This is why...
...I enjoy this comic. Thanks for the humor and honesty, Bridget. I will patiently look forward to the next issue of Osaka Melee. :-)
"sexy robot?"
I love this one, B. Keep up the work on this entertaining story!
enough already with the self-deprication
Hey, you are making a great comic here, so get back to the story and give us fans more of what we want!
nice use of light
(nuff said)
Cat! Cat!
Dah dah daaaaaah!
(That's the sound that I heard in my head when I read that final frame!)
chapter one?
Chapters? Cool! What is up for chapter two?
like the repetitious background announcement
That is exactly what it feels like to hear that same phrase over and over!
Thanks for the RPG nods!
Off to a great start!
I like the style of this comic. The choppy graphics are actually fine because your wit makes them fun to read anyhow.
Suspense is building!
What's going to happen next?
Love that last panel!
The aerial view in your last panel of this episode is terrific!
Stay tuned...
for the violent conclusion of "Dark Flowers: Flowers in the Mist"

This is my favorite episode so far!
Happy ending!
Is this really the end? Or are the flowers going to return for "Dark Flowers II: The Revenge of the Dark Flowers"?
"I've always"
...I've always WHAT? Wanted to visit France. Liked disco music? Hated that color?

Please correct this text error ASAP and check your entire comic for these errors BEFORE I find them. Thanks!
"stright" is not a word
Please correct this spelling error. (There is a spell-checker in ComicLife, by the way.)
"No one move or"
...or what?
Thanks for the humorous attitude, Olga!
I really appreciate the humor that you inject into your work (and the comments on this site). :-)
funny ending to your story
Thank you for injecting humor into your story, folks. The ending (where the "seal guy" is finally part of the story) was quite good.