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I've been described as a mixture of Mel Gibson, Jonathon Swift and three week old milk. But that was by a homeless man who told me I had magic shoes and that I was the only hope to stop Regionalisation.

Essentially I'm a typical teenager who dislikes schoolwork and likes hanging out with his friends so tried to invent a machine to turn homework into friends but found this process so time consuming it was taking to long and decided to halt development on the device and then build a time machine instead on which production is slow because of the assumption that if a time machine is built the future me would already have gone back in time to save me the effort.

I like long sentences.

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    Gary Chadwick
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If this is really the comic edition of Frozen it shoulda ended with loving fixing everything.
Ah, this picture takes me back to that story. Thanks Secret Santa! :D
My magical transformation turned me into a douchebag, so now I can't even get a refund because I aggravate customer service so much.
A short fiction comic I was inspired to do when musing on love.

Make sure to start from page 1 here:

It didn't come out as I really wanted, but that's not really news. XP
I was surprised by how fast I made these though when I just got down to it, and without really affecting how well I did them. So I ought to get more into doing these short comics for practice and then eventually I can do one where I actually think it went entirely the way I wanted it to.

Expect them to be posted here, cause of attention whoring and wanting the existing audience among you to see it when you're really looking for insight into my life for the purpose of stalking me.

Until next time.
A short fiction comic I was inspired to do when musing on love.

Make sure to start from page 1 here:
A short fiction comic I was inspired to do when musing on love.

Make sure to start from page 1 here:
A short fiction comic I was inspired to do when musing on love.

Make sure to start from page 1 here:
A short fiction comic I was inspired to do when musing on love.
SuperBiasedMan Returns
I'm trying to get back into this for reasons this comic hopefully makes clear.

It's not my best work but if I get back into the swing of comics again I'm hoping I can improve it enough to justify my arrogance.

Thank you very much Earthfield.
It is an awesome avatar, drawn by a friend and since then has been made as a real jacket too. This is another awesome addition to the collection. :D
I was your secret santa, glad to know you liked it. :D
This is great XD

A little too biographical too considering my own tablet died out on me before I could make one.

Thank you my secretive Santa ^^
Some people just wanna watch the world burn.
@mitchellbravo: That's how it's going, but I don't like leaving big unpredictable gaps. But if the scanner's still not there next week...

I feel like my hand and brain never really did get off to the best start, and I'm slowly trying to get them to work things out and enjoy each other's company again...but it ain't easy.
Sorry about the huge delay on this, evidently my college decided not to have the scanners connected up and it even had a type of plug I'D NEVER SEEN BEFORE.

But yeah before that I was actually just being a bit lazy.

Anyway, the story continues soon, but um I'm not sure how well I'll keep to the schedule from now on.
@H0lyhandgrenade: Thanks ^^ Was almost worth the week gap of a break...almost.
And those damned zombies will feel my wrath!

@xkrazydog: Sorry I didn't respond earlier, I first saw your comment on my phone internet, not a good place for responses. <.<

Thanks for the feedback, Looking back, I can see what you mean about the first panel and hopefully I did a bit better with it on the next page. Lighting is something I need to work on more, I've never really done much with it so I'll make more of an effort with that.
Thanks again. ^^
@Molly-sama: Eureka, you've got it!
Have some awesome points.
Apologies for the week of missed updates, but this arc will actually explain the main reason pretty well.

But also, Plants Versus Zombies is pretty damn addictive. Thankfully I've broken free from it now to update this page!

New update coming soon, now I'm gonna go play PvZ...
Today's page guest stars Google images!
This page was inspired by the works of Picasso. He taught me that you don't have to draw actual things like they're things, you can draw them like they're nothings, or somethings elses.
(I was paraphrasing him there)