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i'm a gay little alien. i like rainy autumn days and have severe anxiety.
@Bad Luck: i know whatcha mean it can be hard to make the time to focus on something even if you really enjoy doin' it. always come here at noon to see the updates, lookin forward to the winding roads this story will take. knowing you i have no doubt it'll continue to be unique and interesting!
i have been reading with such anticipation to where this is heading
i'm loving this so far. so his brother Might be psychic or something and robert is wondering about his beard.
trickster mode...

@Bad Luck: idk if there's a word for it either but i liken the feeling to the time i had sleep paralysis and saw my dad's decapitated head staring at me
your backgrounds are top notch!
ohhh i love maddie already
i adore the design!
July 3rd, 2017
cant wait to see more!
NICE that joke genuinely never gets old
keep up the good work!
covers look nice! lookin forward to seeing where this goes
oh these guys got some SICK STYLE
i love this already. reminds me of the early 2000s internet humor.